8 Movies That Prove Acting Runs In The Family

“It’s not about what you know, but who you know.”

This expression rings true in the entertainment industry. It doesn’t necessarily mean they butchered the role because of their acting skills, but it didn’t hurt that they had a connection.

Most of us know of the famous Olsen twins, who starred for more than a decade in Full House.

Other famous family mashups include Will Smith and his children. Smith’s son, Jaden, played in the Pursuit of Happiness and Another Earth, and Smith’s daughter, Willow, played in I Am Legend.

Fred Schepisi’s 2003 comedy-drama move It Runs in the Family stars three generations of the Douglas family (Kirk Douglas, Michael Douglas, and Cameron Douglas).

Will Smith holding son Jaden in Pursuit of Happiness and holding daughter in I Am Legend (left). Kirk Douglas with his son Michael Douglas, and Michael’s son Cameron Douglas (right). NY Daily News and YouTube

Those were some more popular examples, but what about the family additions that are not so obvious?

Oscar nominated movie Boyhood‘s director Richard Linklater casted his daughter Lerolei to play the role of Samantha Evans. However, this isn’t the first time she appeared in her father’s movie. She also appeared in Linklater’s 2001 movie Waking Life.

The Godfather movies are considered one of the most loved movies in American cinema. What many fans don’t know is that director Francis Ford Coppola had a history of casting family members in his films. Although the character of Mary Corleone wasn’t supposed to be played by Sofia Coppola at first, she ended up taking on the role.

We may recognize the hilarious Wayans brothers in movies like White Chicks and Dance Flick, but did you know they have an older sibling? White Chicks was directed and written by Keenan Ivory Wayans, who casted his brothers Shawn and Marlon Wayans to play the main characters in the film.

The best way to portray the character of a father and a son is to cast a real life duo. That’s exactly what director Oliver Stone did in Wall Street. Despite having the same last name, some people are unaware that these two are related. Charlie Sheen plays Bud Fox, a junior stockbroker in New York City, and Martin Sheen plays Carl Fox, the father.

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