8-Year-old Boy Raised In Homeless Shelters Receives A Gift That Makes Him Burst Into Tears

The stress of living in poverty can take a toll on young children. They see the world in a different light as they watch their single parent or parents struggle to make ends meet.

An 8-year-old boy from Detroit, Michigan was overwhelmed with emotions when surprised with a new bedroom, proving that it’s really the simplest things that make a difference in one’s life.

What Daeyrs’s old bedroom looked like. The Sun

Children raised in poverty must come to grips with the fact that their parents won’t have the money to pay for anything considered a luxury. Their lives consists of two main worries: where they’re going to eat, and where they’re going to sleep.

The contents of each of those don’t matter, only that they survive to see the next day.

For Daeyrs, he spent the majority of his life moving between homeless shelters after his mother, Dionna, lost her job and their house.

He spent several years bundling up as much as he could on the cold ground, but then something incredible happened…

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