9 Signs The Person You Love Isn’t The Right Person For You

We have all been in a toxic relationship at some point in our lives, a lot of us have even been in more than just one. But why do we do it? It seems simple looking from the outside in, if you’re relationship is making you more sad than happy, just leave.

It is not nearly as simple if you’re the one in the relationship. You could stay in a relationship that isn’t working for a million reasons. Maybe it’s your first real relationship and you just assume that’s normal, you could be scared of being alone, or maybe you truly love them and don’t want to hurt them.

There comes a time in any relationship that we need to take a step back, and ask ourselves how happy this relationship is making you.

If you think your relationship may be toxic but you don’t want to end it for whatever reason, you need to remind yourself that you deserve happiness, and you will find someone that can give it to you.

But what really counts as a toxic relationship, and how do you know if it’s unhealthy? Here are nine signs your relationship may be toxic or just not working.

1. There is no trust.

A relationship without trust is not one that will ever work out in the long run. Even if every bone in your body is a jealous one, you should still be able to trust your partner and know they would never do anything to break your trust. If you don’t trust them, there is obviously a reason for that.

This could be because you have been hurt in the past or they have done something to wrong you in the past. It is definitely something to work on, but you also have to listen to your gut and trust your instincts.

2. They make you feel small or unworthy.

This can be shown through a number of ways. Basically, it’s not healthy if your partner makes you feel like you are lesser than them, and constantly puts themselves above you, at all times. Your partner should make you feel like you matter the most at all times, and you should do the same for them. A one-sided relationship is an unhealthy one.

3. You can’t picture a future.

This doesn’t necessarily mean you’re in a unhealthy relationship, but it could be a clear sign that they aren’t the one for you. This doesn’t mean that you can picture getting married on the first date, but you are in a relationship and you can’t see a future with them or even can picture your life without them, you’re not on the right track.

4. You’re more often sad than happy.

This one seems obvious, but to someone that’s in a toxic relationship, it may not always be so obvious. If you find yourself more sad in a relationship than happy, it’s time to move on. When we’re in toxic relationships, we usually latch on the the times we are happy and don’t acknowledge how often we are actually more upset.  

5. You lie about parts of your relationship to your friends.

I once found myself in a relationship that I felt I needed to hide certain parts of it to my closest friends. In this case, my friends knew it was toxic and often tried to tell me I deserved better. I never listened to them about it. I found myself beginning to hold off telling them about certain fights we had and things I wanted to tell them, but felt I couldn’t.

After the relationship was over I realized how wrong it was that I felt like I couldn’t talk to my friends, because deep down I knew I was being treated badly.

These next four are often seen in unhappy relationships…

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