A Firefighter Saved A Baby’s Life By Catching It After A Two-Story Fall

Firefighters are some of the bravest first-responders in the world. Seriously, it takes a certain type of person to consciously make the decision to run into a burning building knowing that there is the potential for them to never make it out alive again. They are a group of tough people, and occasionally their job calls on them to improvise in order to save lives.

A video has surfaced of a firefighter taking part in one such improvised lifesaving action. During a dangerous fire in an apartment building just outside of Atlanta, Georgia, firefighters were rushing to try and get people safely evacuated from the building as the fire roared.


It took a combined effort from 45 firefighters in order to get the blaze under control and make sure everyone got out of the building okay. As people were clamoring to escape the flames, one parent who was stuck on a third story balcony with their child decided to take a risk in order to make sure their kid survived. As you see, firefighter Scott Stroup stepped up underneath the balcony, and the parent dropped the baby to be caught by Stroup. It was a touchdown grab, and both the child and their parent are now safe.

CBS News

They had their work cut out for them during this late night blaze, it wasn’t all catching and kissing babies.

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