After 15 Miscarriages, Omaha Couple Finally Welcomes Home Their First Baby

After 13 years of heartache, an Omaha family finally had their prayers answered.

Starting a family can be a difficult decision for some couples. Making sure you are financially stable to afford the new addition, prepared to give up a lot of luxuries you have as individuals and as a couple, growing your family is one of the biggest changes you can make in your life.

For Lindsay and Brian Vargas, they would stop at nothing to finally complete their family.

They were married in 2004 and had a strong desire to become parents.

“We have spent $150,000. I’ve had 15 miscarriages. We’ve had one ectopic pregnancy,” Lindsay said.

Fifteen miscarriages. She would get to week eight with each pregnancy, by week nine, there was no heartbeat, and doctors couldn’t tell her why.

“He’s put my case out on multiple medical boards, we’ve tried different things, but no one has any answers for me,” Lindsay said.


The couple has tried to adopt a child after failing to successfully carry their own biological baby to term. Unfortunately, the financial burden they have taken on with fertility treatments has negatively impacted their finances, and as a result their application for adoption.

“We’ve been to several different agencies. A couple of them said our credit scores weren’t high enough,” the couple said.

Other attempts at adoption have fallen through when the biological parents decided to keep their children.

“I know in my heart at one point I would love to be a mom. I don’t care how it happens,” Lindsay cried.

But the couple has refused to give up, and their commitment has finally paid off.

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