Almost A Decade After Her Abductors Were Caught, Jaycee Dugard Is Helping Victims Heal

Her kidnapping made headlines in the ’90s, but now Jaycee Dugard is attracting attention for a totally different reason.

Dugard was famously abducted while walking to a school bus stop near her home in Tahoe, California.


A woman pulled the 11-year-old into a passing van, and even though her stepfather chased after Dugard on his mountain bike, she wouldn’t be seen for another 18 years.

The woman, Nancy Garrido, later admitted that Dugard had been targeted by her husband Phillip because she was “cute.”

Nancy and Phillip Garrido, Jaycee’s abductors.AP

Phillip Garrido was a registered sex offender, who had already spent time in jail before kidnapping Dugard. He and his wife kept the teenager in sheds and tents on their property in Antioch, California.

The Garridos’s backyard in Antioch.EPA

During her time as Phillip’s prisoner, Dugard was sexually assaulted by him, and gave birth to a pair of children.

“I can’t fathom how I kept it together,” Dugard remembered about the ordeal years later, “or, you know, I must’ve been checked out, you know, on a different level.”

“You know, [I was] present, but not present for, you know, some of it, because it’s terrifying on its own. But being alone, how did I even do that?”

This cover photo of Dugard was the first image of her as an adult.People

Of course Dugard was rescued in 2009, but since then she and her daughters have kept out of the public eye.

But it turns out Dugard has been very busy making the world a better place for victims like herself and her daughters.

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