Casey Anthony’s Father Claims To Have Seen Dead Granddaughter In Their House

In June 2008, 2-year-old Caylee Anthony went missing from the house she shared with her mother, Casey, and her grandparents, George and Cindy, outside of Orlando, Florida.

Shortly after the toddler’s disappearance was announced, strange details began to emerge. For starters, Cindy didn’t report Caylee’s disappearance for over a month after she vanished.

As more information about the case became available, it was clear that Casey wasn’t as distressed as a missing child’s parent would be. In fact, her Facebook photos showed her to have been partying and going on shopping sprees with a friend’s stolen checkbook while her daughter was gone.

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Law enforcement spent months searching for the little girl, and on December 11, 2008 they found remains a few hundred feet from the Anthony’s residence. Soon after, the remains were identified as Caylee’s.

Casey was charged with murdering her daughter, and her trial was broadcast across the nation. Her attorneys tried to pin the crime on her parents, but that did not stick. At the time, Casey was facing the death penalty.

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However, to everyone’s dismay, Casey was acquitted for first degree murder, aggravated child abuse and manslaughter in 2011. Instead, she received minor charges for interfering with the investigation by lying to the police.

Although the legal case has been closed for six years, new information about the Anthonys is often leaked to the public. Casey and her parents have occasionally spoken to the media over the years, but none has raised more brows than a recent interview with Geroge.

The grieving grandfather appeared on an episode of Crime Watch Daily, hosted by Chris Hansen, and claimed that he has seen Caylee in their house since her death.

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