Clinic Held Baby “Hostage” Until Mother Could Pay Her Bills

A health clinic in Gabon is facing criticism from around the world after keeping a baby from her parents for five months.

The newborn girl, known publicly as “baby Angel,” was kept in the Abora Nzoma clinic outside the country’s capital in Libreville until her parents paid their bill.

Angel was born prematurely, and needed to stay in an incubator for 35 days. The BBC reports that the clinic charged Angel’s parents $3,630 for the use of that device.

Gabon Media Time

But the clinic drew national outrage for refusing to release Angel until her parents covered the entire cost of her stay, which took them five months.

Angel’s parents had to raise money to cover their costs, and even the country’s President Ali Bongo chipped in to cover the bill.

While Angel’s parents are happy to bring their baby home, the investigation into the clinic’s behavior has already taken a strange turn.

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