Experts Warn Not To Put Your Hair In A Ponytail If You’re Going To Sweat

During the summer or when you’re exercising, it’s not ideal to have your hair all over your face.

Once you start to break a sweat, your forehead starts to dampen, and the last thing you need is hair sticking to your face and clouding your vision.

The easy solution is to just pull your hair back.

However, hair and scalp specialists say although pulling your hair back in a ponytail would make sense, it’s not the best thing to do.

When you break a sweat, it’s not just your underarms, back, and forehead that turn into faucets. The fact is that your whole scalp sweats like any other part of your body, and interestingly, it’s usually the place that sweats the most.

Sweat causes pores to open up and let out oil, salt, fat, and water.

Studies have shown that when these liquids are secreted, they mix with the keratin in the hair, leading to some devastating consequences for your hair, and possibly, self-confidence.

Hair and scalp experts warn that constantly adopting this hairstyle causes too much traction in your hair, which exponentially increases someone’s risk of early hair loss.

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