Family Gifts Car To Daughter’s Boyfriend And It’s Just As Emotional As You’d Expect

When a teenage girl finds her first serious boyfriend, you expect the parents (specifically the father) to give the boy one of a few things: a stern talking to, a warning, or possibly even a threat. What you wouldn’t expect is for the parents to gift their daughter’s boyfriend with an expensive present, but that is exactly what happened in Texas last month.

Sixteen-year-old Christian Hunter had been dating 17-year-old Madison Duke leading up to Christmas last year, when Duke’s parents invited the young man out for lunch, but also told them they needed to make a quick stop somewhere else first. Little did Christian know that he was about to receive a truly life changing gift.

Daily Mail

When they pulled into a parking area, the Duke family then handed Christian the keys to his new car. Christian being the humble young man that he is, at first tried to refuse the gift as being “too much.” But after a little coaxing and a few tears, he graciously accepted. The video of the exchange has since gone viral, but not all people were as gracious about the situation as the Dukes.

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