His Children Struggled To Get To School, So One Man Made It Possible With His Own Two Hands

With all the infrastructure we have in place to get our kids to schools safely, it’s a pretty brainless process nowadays. Stop me if this looks familiar: you get them out of bed, get them to brush their teeth and wash, get them dressed, cook them a solid breakfast, and then it’s out the door with the lunchbox and jacket before the bus gets there.


It’s pretty mindless, right? The thing is, it makes it really easy to forget that plenty of places don’t have it anywhere near that easy. There are still tons of places in the world where getting to school is a much, MUCH bigger ordeal than simply getting dressed and catching a school bus. We’ve all had adults tell us stories about having to “walk ten miles in the snow to school” but the truth is that there are still places where that’s a reality.

Terrific Parenting

In other cases, the route to the nearest school is so remote and dangerous that people just can’t make the trip for safety reasons. So, when a man from a remote village in India found out that his children wouldn’t be able to go to school easily, he took it upon himself to build a path there himself.

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