Images of California Wildfires Are Showing Just How Heartbreaking the Devastation Is

California has been dealing with wildfires that are destroying huge swaths of the state. The true level of the devastation is nearly impossible to gauge at this point. Firefighters and other emergency personnel are working around the clock in attempt to quench the fire’s thirst for destruction. So far it has been an uphill battle, and the fire shows no signs of slowing down at this point.


The photographs that have been coming out of California are both terrifying and beautiful. Fire is one of those things that will have you running for your life while starring back behind you to witness the unleashed beauty of dancing flames. Let’s have a look at the California wildfires as told by the photographers.

ABC News

This looks like a scene out of a end-of-the-world movie or video game. Entire neighborhoods have been left as a pile of ash in the wake of the fires. There is quite literally nothing left to come back to.

The Sacramento Bee

I am left wondering what the point of having a head-lamp on is, considering the light being given off by the fires that have set the western-U.S. alight.


As the evacuations were undertaken, some things had to be left behind, including pets and livestock. This horse is looking on as the fires rage. Hopefully the majority of animals managed to make it out or were rescued.


Driving into the region is not recommended. The smoke and flames make it difficult to know what is just around the corner. Safety is the primary concern at this point.


Firefighters have been working around the clock in attempt to get the fires under control. They have been working themselves to exhaustion in conditions that we couldn’t even begin to comprehend.  


Fire consumes everything in its path. Homes and vehicles have been reduced to ashes, twisted scraps of metal and wood charcoal.

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