Internet Bullies Turned Her Son Into A Cruel Joke, Now This Mom Is Fighting Back

Imagine how shocked AliceAnn Meyer of San Antonio, Texas was when she discovered her son’s picture had been turned into a heartless joke.

Another mother had seen the picture of Meyer’s son, Jameson, on social media. She recognized the boy’s face because she’s in the same Facebook group for parents of children with craniofacial deformities as Meyer.

AliceAnn Meyers / Facebook

Jameson, who’s now six years old, was born with a rare condition called Pfeiffer syndrome. While his face and skull did not develop normally, Jameson is an otherwise happy and healthy little boy.

His mother told ABC News that he can be “a little prankster,” and “very mischievous.”

“He loves to get a laugh out of people. We hear from his teachers and therapist how much he plays jokes and he’s just a super fun kid.”

AliceAnn Meyer

But Jameson’s online bullies didn’t see that. Instead, they compared him to a pug in a picture that went viral across social media.

“The first time I saw it I just kind of looked at it and said ‘It’s not even funny,'” Meyer told Today.

“Someone actually took the time to sit down and [create] it and I don’t understand that. I was shocked, for sure.”

But Meyer managed to turn the tables on Jameson’s bullies with a post on her blog that everyone needs to see.

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