Khloe Kardashian Took Extra Steps To Get Her Driver’s License And It Shows Just How Out Of Touch She Is

On the show that everyone hates to love to watch, the youngest member of the Kardashian clan has taken some very public steps to prove that she is moving past her divorce.

Since their official split, Khloe has announced news of her pregnancy with new boyfriend Tristan Thompson, and is now getting her affairs in order to reflect the transition.

In December 2016 the reality star and NBA athlete Lamar Odom separated after four years of a marriage that was often turbulent and difficult to bare.

Odom was in the headlines when his drug addiction and cheating scandal came to light in 2013, with his wife of four years fling for divorce. They eventually reconciled, but the former Lakers player soon relapsed and was sent into a coma following a near-death overdose.

Both have come out to say that they are still cordial and hope for the best in each others lives.

But with everything that has happened in her life since the divorce, the latest expecting-Kardashian decided to prove she is well and truly a new woman.

Here’s how.

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