Man Saves Choking Toddler During First Act As A Police Officer

An Indiana man saved a toddler’s life during his first ever act as a police officer.

Hobart police officer Richard Mayer was eating at a local Chick-Fil-A with his colleagues on Jan. 14 when he noticed a toddler was choking on her meal.

Melissa Hasse, urgently picked up her daughter, Charlotte, and started running towards the man in uniform for help.

“I looked over and she started gagging. I could see something kind of in the back of her throat, mistakenly reached in to try to grab it out, I think that pushed it back into her throat,” Hasse told ABC 7.

Mayer said the incident caught all of the officers off guard.

“She came running over… I grabbed her and Officer Ramos to my right flipped her over, we did back slaps on her and got food dislodged from her throat right away,” Mayer said.

Hasse couldn’t have been more grateful.

“This is what he was meant to do,” Hasse said. “To save lives in some kind of way.”

While an amazing story, this isn’t the first time police officers have been in the news for doing something spectacular.

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