Martina McBride’s Daughter Is All Grown Up And Heading To Hollywood

Being a parent is by no means easy, but it is certainly a very rewarding experience. However, there comes a time when every parent has to let a child go and give them a chance to navigate the world on their own.

Country singer Martina McBride had her turn recently when she said goodbye to her 19-year-old daughter, Emma, who is moving to LA to pursue her dream of becoming an actress.

While Emma’s move is a big deal to her family, it isn’t really a surprise. About ten years ago, Martina admitted that although her daughters, including Emma, have inherited her singing talent, they aren’t keen on making a career out of it.

“They’ve both got great voices, but I can’t get them to sing in front of anybody,” explained the mom. “They won’t go onstage and sing. I’ve offered and asked and begged and pleaded. They’re just not interested in that, so we’ll see. I’m sure there will be some aspect of performing in their future. They’re just not interested in singing right now.”

McBride also revealed that her daughters were interested in other aspects of the entertainment industry. At the time a 12-year-old Delaney was taking dance classes while a nine-year-old Emma was hoping to pursue acting. Her youngest child, Ava, was only 2-years-old at the time.

The McBride sisters are now grown up, but one thing still remained the same: Emma’s dream of acting in Hollywood.

Just like most mothers, McBride was emotional about saying goodbye, but nonetheless supportive of her middle daughter’s decision. The award-winning singer penned a heartfelt note to her daughter on Instagram and you might want to grab some tissues before you read it.

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