Milo Ventimiglia Weighs In On Those Fan Theories About Jack’s Death On ‘This Is Us’

Since This is Us premiered in 2016, America has been obsessed with the show. From the drama, to the touching moments between family members, to the mysteries that have been teased since the first episodes, audiences are hooked.

But being a This is Us fan is a rough experience. There are laughs and smiles, but also tears and a lot of anxiety for your favorite characters. One of the major issues still giving us grief is how Jack will die.


Fans have come up with all sorts of theories to explain why Milo Ventimiglia’s character passes away between the flashback and present day segments.

Kate’s fear of flying and the fact that Kevin throws out his toy planes make a plane crash one of the most likely explanations.

Fans originally speculated Jack would die in the 9/11 attacks, but the show’s timeline makes the 1994 USAir jet crash more likely. He could also die in a fictional plane crash.

Kate’s fear of flying could be a major clue.NBC

But some fans have come up with truly bizarre theories to explain Jack’s absence. Ventimiglia joked that his “favorite” theory involved Jack being murdered by Miguel, so he could marry Rebecca.

In a new interview, the actor shared some details about Jack’s death, and warned fans to prepare themselves for a big surprise.

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