Nanny Struck By Car After Saving Toddler From Oncoming Traffic

Trusting someone else with your child is a big responsibility. You know if anything were to happen when you were around, you would protect your little one with your life, but would someone else do the same?

Thanks to a nanny’s selfless act, a 2-year-old boy’s life was saved after she deliberately put herself in harm’s way.

Caroline Maurer, who is a student, had been Fox’s nanny since he was only four months old. She had stopped working full time for the family a few months before the accident, but was asked to watch Fox for a single day when the incident occurred.

“He’s a wonderful, sweet little boy. I love him so much,” she said.

Maurer was taking the toddler out for a walk in his stroller when a car ran a four-way stop sign and was barreling right towards them, only a block from the child’s home.

“It was going to be him hit since he was kind of more in front of me. So, as the car turned in – I was screaming, ‘Stop! Stop!’ – and pushed him as hard as I could to get him out of the way,” Maurer said.

That’s when she placed herself between the car and the boy’s stroller.

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