Natural Solutions To Soothe Your Back Pain Without Going To The Pharmacy

For many, the idea of taking a ton of pills everyday to help with pain doesn’t seem appealing at all. Horror stories of addiction and all sorts of negative side effects leave many looking for a more holistic way to get rid of that unending ache.

While it seems daunting, there are actually quite a number of tried and true practices that many healthcare professionals are prescribing instead of a daily dose of pills. Here are some great ways to take the edge off of that deep pain and be in control of your body while doing it!

Your body is already teeming with hormones that are capable of dulling even the worst recurring pain symptoms, the trick is activating them yourself.

Low-Impact Exercise

  • Short Walks
  • Stairs, Not Elevator
  • Occasional Swimming

Studies have shown that these easy to perform activities actually do quite a lot to stimulate the bodies healing process. The point however to to slightly elevate the heart rate without having the exercise become too physically jarring, take it slow!


  • Quick Sessions
  • Comfortable Atmosphere
  • Relax, Then Focus

For millennia, meditation has been the prescribed treatment for all sorts of bodily ailments. You will want to begin with 5-20 minute sessions, somewhere you can relax and then let your mind wander and orient itself. Routine practice will lead to overall pain reduction, not simply during meditation.

Keep reading to find out more insights into how to naturally keep your body pain-free!

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