Nurses Help Sneak Dying Man’s Dog Into Hospital To Say Goodbye And Their Reunion Will Break Your Heart

The bond you share with your dog is one that will last a lifetime. They want to be there for you no matter what it is you are going through. Whether it’s happy or sad, your pets want nothing more than to be by your side for all of life’s big moments. Having to be away from your animal for any reason is upsetting, but it’s even worse when you don’t have the choice.

David King had been in the hospital battling cancer, but he was not doing well. King’s granddaughter, Ellie Miguel, came up with a brilliant plan to try to bring him a little bit of joy in his final days, planning to sneak his beloved dog Lil Fee into the hospital.

She was going to have to be sneaky, but it was well worth the effort. Miguel knew that seeing his dog one last time would mean the world to her grandfather, but when the nurses heard what they were going to do they knew they had to step in…

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