Oreo Wants To Mail A New Flavor Of Cookie To Your House Every Month

Oreo cookies are arguably the best pre-packaged cookie around. They are a classic treat that has stood the test of time since their invention in 1912.

Mental Floss

Of course, as with anything, the sandwich cookie has had a few makeovers in its time. Flavors have been introduced over the past few years that are starting to make Oreo be known as one of the more creative products on the market.

There’s Blueberry Pie Oreos:

Banana Split:

Berry Burst:


Cookie Dough:


Chocolate Birthday Cake:


And classic Birthday Cake:


Some flavors are a hit, like Golden Oreos and Chocolate Oreos. However, there are some major fails, like the Peeps Oreos that turned people’s poop pink.


Now, the company is looking to test their new flavors, all while hopping on one of the hottest trends right now.

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