Passengers Miraculously Saved As Plane Dangles On Edge Of A Cliff

A lot of people are nervous to fly, especially with all the stories in the last year that tell us that we are never truly safe when traveling through the air.

While it isn’t quite as dangerous as the media makes it seem, those who harbor doubts about this form of travel now have a new reason to be afraid of the runway.

The 168 passengers on a Boeing 737-800 were in for a bumpy ride as their flight touched down in Turkey. What was supposed to be a controlled landing for the commercial airplane turned into a chance at life or death.

As Flight PC8622 was coming in to land, something was definitely wrong. Some people on board managed to document the crash with their cellphones, seen below.

The airplane would hit the ground hard, but level, and then continue to slide before skidding off of the runway – right off of the cliff side.

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