Postal Service Lost His Mother’s Ashes, And He Is Demanding An Explanation

Losing your mother is never easy. It doesn’t matter how old you are or how old they are, she will always be your mom. Donald Mink experienced this loss back in February when his 77-year-old passed away. She was in a hospice in North Dakota, but her home town was all the way in Indiana. Her son thought that would be the best to bring her home to be laid to rest.

Donald Mink

He intended to have his mother cremated in North Dakota and then shipped to Indiana so she could be buried between her own parent’s graves. He started the process and paid the $65 fee to ship his mothers remains to her home town, but that’s where things went wrong.

Mary Louise Mink’s remains were shipped on February 28th. They were expected to arrive at their destination within two days, but Donald Mink never received the package.

When he called the crematory to see why his package hadn’t arrived yet, Mink was left with more questions then answers. “His exact words were, ‘The post office is supposed to get a hold of you.’ I was like, why? ‘Well, they’re going to call you and explain everything to you, and they’re going to make it right.’” Mink recalled.

Donald Mink

He was forced to go in between the post office and the crematory, with both sides telling different stories. The crematory claimed that they weren’t allowed to give out the tracking number, but the post office said that wasn’t true. Eventually, after many phone calls, one of the crematory employees said that “I didn’t want to be the one to tell you but your mom’s remains have been lost.”

He was finally able to look up the tracking number online and found that it was listed as “Dead Mail”.

This is when Mink launched a lawsuit against the postal service…

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