She Changed Her Big Day To Grant her Father His Dying Wish

It’s every little girl’s dream to have her father walk her down the aisle, but for one California woman, she didn’t know if hers would be possible.

Vieneese Stanton was planning to marry her husband, Douglas Stanton in April 2018, until she found out her 64-year-old father, Preston Rolan was diagnosed with cancer in February.

“My dad has acute leukemia … [doctors] were constantly giving us negative reports about my dad’s health so my fiancé – who’s now my husband – and I really wanted my dad to be a part of [the wedding],” Vieneese told PEOPLE.

Vieneese Stanton and Preston Rolan
Vieneese Stanton

Sadly, despite a courageous battle, Rolan would be told his disease was terminal. When Vieneese found out, she knew she had rework her wedding plans for her father’s attendance.

“My dad was really excited when we got engaged,” she said. “Then to find out he wouldn’t make it to our original wedding day was sad for us, so we wanted to speed the process up a little bit.”

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