The Definitive List Of Reasons Why Mushrooms Are Completely Disgusting

Mushrooms have to be one of the singularly most divisive foods ever discovered by humanity. For as many people that love them, there are just as many (if not more) who find them completely awful and want nothing to do with them. So, as a resident member of the second group, let me explain to you what exactly is wrong with mushrooms.

Seriously people, we need to talk about mushrooms.


They’re spongy and flavorless.

Harbour Life

And the second they get added to anything, you can tell.

Food Network

Did you know that mushrooms literally break down dead plant life?

Survival Gardener

They’re actually neither considered plant nor animal. SO WHAT ARE THEY?!


We don’t even know why they grow towards sunlight (seriously). You’re practically eating an alien life form.


Don’t believe me? Scientists actually believe their spores are capable of SPACE TRAVEL!


Not to mention that the spores can literally stay dormant for centuries. CENTURIES!

Gardening Knowhow

Not convinced mushrooms are the worst yet? Keep reading…

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