The Government Wants To Replace Food Stamps With A “Blue Apron-Type” Delivery Service

Millions of people across the country could see their monthly food stamps shrink if President Trump’s administration gets its way.

As part of their 2019 budget, the government unveiled a surprising plan to replace some benefits with a “Blue Apron-type” home delivery program.

Currently, food stamp recipients can use an electronic benefits card (EBT) to buy food at grocery stores.

If the new program is approved, it would replace some monthly benefits with a box of food delivered to the recipient’s door.

Blue Apron delivers boxes of ingredients to its customers at home.Blue Apron

The program, currently named “America’s Harvest Box,” would include non-perishable foods like rice, pasta, and canned goods.

The program was developed by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, and the proposal says that all food included in the boxes would be locally grown or sourced.

Sonny Perdue, the Secretary of Agriculture, calls the plan an “innovative approach to providing nutritious food to people who need assistance feeding themselves and their families – and all of it is home grown by American farmers and producers.”

Mick Mulvaney, the Office of Management and Budget Director, compared the plan to Blue Apron, a subscription service that mails fresh ingredients to customers each week.

But some people are already skeptical about the new plan.

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