The Scientific Reason You Don’t Like Cilantro

Cilantro, the most hated herb in existence.

If you’re wondering why when eating cilantro, it feels like you’ve just chewed on a bar of soap, there is finally an answer why this happens.  It has now been scientifically proven why so many people hate the taste of cilantro – it’s in our genes.

In a study done by 23andMe, 30,000 people were tested to find out why some people can’t stand the taste of this herb. The study showed that the reason why lies in our olfactory-receptor genes, which influence our sense of smell. Within, there is a gene called OR6A2, which makes people sensitive to the aldehyde chemicals which is found in cilantro, as well as soap.

Thanks to science, we can stop thinking we’re crazy because we hate cilantro. It’s not our fault, it’s our genetics.

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