The World’s Doomsday Bunker Holds The Key To Survival, But Not For Long

The Arctic “Doomsday” vault that preserves humanity’s food sources is having its own doomsday crisis.

The Svalbard Global Seed Vault, located deep within a mountain on the northern Norwegian island of Spitsbergen, was designed to protect the world’s most precious seeds from global catastrophe, but has had flooding issues since last year.

The seed bank officially opened in 2008, and contains millions of packets of seeds from almost every country in the world.

The idea here is that in the event of a major regional or global disaster, these seeds can be preserved and replanted if needed be.

However, no one suspected these seeds, which can last for up to 1,000 years, would be needed only a few years after its high-security doors were closed in 2008.

The civil war in Syria resulted in the first seed to be withdrawn to replace those previously stored in a gene bank in Aleppo, and now rising global temperatures are putting the whole structure at risk.

That being said, there’s still time to fix this issue, and the Norwegian government is already working on it.

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