“Time Traveler” From 2030 Takes Lie Detector Test, Makes Strange Predictions In Viral Video

The internet is buzzing about a new viral video that claims to be an interview with a time traveler.

In the video, a man identified only as “Noah” has his face and voice disguised.

Noah agrees to take a lie detector test while answering questions about the year 2030, when he claims he traveled back in time.

The mysterious figure makes a number of bizarre predictions about the next 12 years that have viewers wondering if he’s telling the truth:

  • Noah says that President Donald Trump will be re-elected in 2020.
  • He also reveals that the president in 2030 is a woman named Illana Remikee.
  • Noah says technology like smart homes, Google Glass, electric cars, and bitcoin will all be common in the future.
  • He also says some diseases, including types of cancers, will be cured.
  • Finally, Noah says that humans will walk on Mars in 2028.

The video was shared by the YouTube channel ApexTV, which also released long interviews with Noah.

The channel describes itself as “one of the biggest voices of paranormal content on YouTube.”

But some viewers are criticizing the video, and pointed out a number of questionable facts.

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