We Explain The Secret Behind The 7 Optical Illusions That Tricked The World

Some images just catch us off guard. You look at them expecting to see one thing, but then when you find out the truth behind it you are left scratching you head. Whether it’s an optical illusion, or the infamous couch centaur, people see these images all over the internet and no one can understand why they are capable of messing with our minds so much.

We’re here to help you out! These viral images have been circling the internet for a long time, but we can help answer the questions you have about them.

People on Reddit were calling the girl in the middle a “couch centaur” after everyone had issues finding her legs. But as it turns out there is a much more simple solution.

It’s just the way their black pants blend together that makes it look like there aren’t enough pairs of legs.

When this image was posted, a lot of people thought the legs looked very shiny, but they were wrong. Even though some people thought that they were either wrapped in plastic or covered in oil, it is just white paint.

How many dots do you see in this picture? Does it look like they are moving? Well, they aren’t, you’re brain is just having issues with the image. But look, if you add circles around each dot it helps your peripheral vision sort out the contrast between the grey and black.

There are still more illusions to explain…

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