With A Hurricane Threatening She Asked Her Professor For A Favor, And He Didn’t Disappoint

When Hurricane Irma was threatening the south-eastern seaboard, many people took the advice of government officials an decided to evacuate.

When Jessica Lewis felt the danger was too much, she knew she needed to pack up her belongings and head home to Atlanta for the weekend. But there was no way she was leaving without her best friend, Luna.

As the storm approached, it became obvious that Jessica was not the only one who took the warnings to heart. Traffic was already beginning to back up on the highways throughout Georgia and it seemed like it would only be worse .

With her Friday schedule cancelled, she only had one class remaining on Thursday before she could go to the safety of her parents. She decided to reach out to her professor to see if he would allow her to bring Luna to class so she could make a speedy get-away.

Fortunately, Professor Joshua Kennedy is an avid dog lover, and understood her situation, and so responded accordingly.

Normally professors would worry about the extra distractions that an animal would add to the classroom, but Luna had other plans.

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