Woman Opens Her Home To Heroin Addicts

Addiction is a disease, and it’s not something you can kick overnight. For many people, struggling with drug and alcohol abuse is a lifelong battle. If you are lucky enough to find support to get clean, remaining sober is a daily battle that requires constant attention.

Currently, over 25 million Americans suffer from drug addiction, which is almost equivalent to the population of Texas. Sadly, only 11% of people who suffer from addiction receive treatment.


Some drug addicts have experienced trauma, which makes them hesitant towards treatment, like Meghan DiGiacomo.

“I lost the love of my life, we both overdosed, and when I woke up he was dead,” she said. “I’m not really afraid [to die from drug addiction], and honestly, sometimes it just seems easier.”

But one woman in Sarasota, Florida, is opening her home to these addicts with the hopes that it lends the support they need.

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