Woman Who Gouged Her Eyes Out While High On Crystal Meth Says She Needed To Do it To Get Off Drugs

The South Carolina woman who gouged her eyes out while in a crystal meth-induced psychotic state is speaking out on why she did it.

On February 6, Kaylee Muthart, 20, was found with her eyes ripped out of her head outside of outside of South Main Chapel and Mercy Center. She fought off help from the locals and had to be sedated by paramedics before she was flown to the Greenville Memorial Hospital trauma unit.

Doctors were unable to reattach her eyes and and was forced to tell Muthart’s mother, Katy Tompkins, her daughter had become completely blind.

After a month-long stay at the hospital and a psychiatric facility, Muthart was finally released on March 1, where she returned to her mother’s house. She said while it’s an adjustment to living without sight, it’s significantly better than living on drugs.

“It’s the same life, but I’m just learning everything in a new way,” Muthart told PEOPLE. “Life’s more beautiful now, life’s more beautiful than it was being on drugs. It is a horrible world to live in.”

Muthart said she started smoking pot when she was 18 years old, but because she suspected she was prone to addiction, she tried to stay away from hard drugs.

She said when she was 19, she was given marijuana that was laced with either cocaine or meth. Furious at the person she thought was her friend, she quit her job and to distance herself from negative influences.  

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