‘Young And The Restless’ Star Shares Update After Suicidal Crisis

Kristoff St. John, best known for playing Neil Winters on the long-running soap opera The Young and The Restless, has been dealing with some heavy personal issues over the last few years.

St. John lost his 24-year-old son, Julian, in 2014 after he committed suicide while getting treatment at a hospital in Long Beach, California.


Following Julian’s untimely passing, the grieving father filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the hospital for failing to protect his son, who battled schizophrenia and was considered a high risk patient.

Since then, St. John and his ex-wife, Mia, have been trying to raise awareness for mental health, and they have also taken to social media on a few occasions to share tributes and celebrate Julian’s short life.

Despite the amount of time that has passed, and all the sweet tributes, St. John has struggled to come to terms with his loss. In an interview with ET Online, the actor said that he was “still angry.”

Unfortunately, St. John’s anger and pain forced him to take some drastic measures, and this past October, TMZ reported that the Emmy Award-winning actor was transported to a hospital after he allegedly threatened to kill himself.


According to the reports, the actor had allegedly threatened to commit suicide with a gun just a month shy of the anniversary of his son’s death. St. John allegedly sent photos of himself holding a gun to his head to a former lover, who then alerted the cops.

Police confiscated two guns from the actor and took to him to a hospital, where he was to be held under a 72-hour psychiatric evaluation.

At the time neither St John nor any of the parties involved have commented on the situation, but now, the actor himself has finally shared an update on his health.

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