Cory Booker Said His Fight To Legalize Pot Is About “Restorative Justice” For Communities Hit By The War On Drugs

Sen. Cory Booker is reintroducing legislation that would legalize marijuana, expunge possession convictions, and invest in communities hit hardest by the United States’ war on drugs.

“I think we’re calling on people to be about justice, not just about adult use, which I support,” Booker said Thursday on BuzzFeed News’ AM to DM. “But to do that and not correct what has been a bigoted impact, a drug war that’s been a war on people, that over-incarcerated the poor, over-incarcerated minorities, over-incarcerated veterans.”

The Marijuana Justice Act, which was first introduced in 2017, would make marijuana legal at the federal level by removing it from the list of controlled substances. The bill would also reach further than any current marijuana legislation by clearing convictions related to marijuana possession.

“We need to be about restorative justice,” Booker added. “That means reinvesting in those communities that have been hurt by the war on drugs. That means expunging the records of people who have been unjustly convicted of things that two of the last three presidents have admitted to doing, doing things that so many members of Congress have admitted to doing.”

Booker, who recently announced that he is running for president, is joined by four other presidential candidates in the Senate who are cosponsoring the bill: Sens. Kamala Harris, Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, and Kirsten Gillibrand.

Booker said the bill would also incentivize states to rethink their approach on marijuana laws and how their policies impact low-income communities and communities of color.

Booker explained that he’d never smoked marijuana because he feared what might happen if he were caught possessing marijuana.

“I grew up with two parents who were really concerned that their young black kids were going to encounter a justice system that they knew was not fair,” Booker explained. “From the earliest ages I was just schooled by parents, ‘you’re an athlete, you’ve got so much going for you, your margins for doing things that are illegal are a lot thinner,’ and I feel that and I’ve seen that.”

In a recent interview on The Breakfast Club, Harris reaffirmed that she supported marijuana legalization after backing Booker’s bill in 2017 and said that she had smoked weed while she was in college.

House Passes Landmark Gun Control Bills To Expand Background Checks, But Trump Has Vowed To Veto Them

WASHINGTON — The House of Representatives passed two bills this week that would vastly expand background checks, but they will likely be blocked by the Republican-controlled Senate and President Trump.

On Wednesday the House voted 240-190 to require background checks for private gun sales, with eight Republicans joining most Democrats to support it.

Before the vote, Republicans proposed an amendment to the bill to require Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials be notified any time an undocumented immigrant attempted to purchase a firearm. Typically, last-minute amendments from the minority party are voted down, but 26 Democratic members voted with Republicans to pass the amendment.

It was a rare and embarrassing loss for the Democratic majority and appeared to be unexpected, as party leaders huddled over what to do next. The party ended up voting for the bill to pass it despite the amendment.

On Thursday the House voted 228-198 to close the so-called Charleston loophole that allows a gun sale to go through if a background check is not completed within three days. Three Republicans voted with Democrats. Taken together, these two pieces of legislation would be the most significant gun control reforms in many years.

But the bills are expected to stall in the Senate. Senate Judiciary Committee chair Lindsey Graham has already said he will not hold hearings on the background check legislation. President Trump has also said he would veto the bills because they impose unreasonable requirements on gun owners.

There have been several attempts to take up gun control in Congress in recent years as a string of shootings across the country, at schools, churches, and concerts, focused public attention on the issue. Congress ultimately did not pass any new gun restrictions, but in 2018 did pass a bill to improve data entry to the national background checks system.

The House bill passed Wednesday would expand mandatory background checks to nearly all gun sales. Currently, federally licensed firearm dealers must perform background checks on a customer before selling a firearm, but about one in five gun sales are exempt from background checks. These are private sales, online sales from nonlicensed dealers, and sales at gun shows through what’s known as the gun show loophole.

The bill would expand background check requirements to most private sales, though firearm transfers between immediate family members would still be exempt.

The bill to be voted on Thursday would give authorities more time to perform background checks. It is inspired by the 2015 Charleston, South Carolina, shooting where white supremacist Dylann Roof killed nine people inside a black Methodist church.

Roof had been arrested for possession of narcotics and should not have been able to purchase the .45-caliber handgun he used in the attack. But the background check system was rife with data problems and could not be immediately completed. After three days, the background check remained incomplete and the dealer transferred the gun to Roof, as is legally allowed.

Federal laws still allow firearm dealers to adopt this “default proceed” policy, whereby the sale goes through if the background check is not completed within three days.

FBI data show that in 2017, 1 in 10 background checks were hit with a delay. There were 6,000 cases where investigators realized only after the three-day window that the buyer should have been rejected from purchasing a firearm. This includes over 1,000 successful gun sales to people convicted of domestic violence offenses, 500 gun sales to people who were fugitives, and 120 gun sales to people currently under a restraining order for domestic violence.

While Graham is so far refusing to pick up either bill at the Senate Judiciary Committee, he has said the committee will study “red flag” laws that allow law enforcement to seize an individual’s guns if they are deemed to be an imminent threat. Several states have passed red flag laws in recent years.

I (28) think my girlfriend (26) has been using my gym socks to wipe after going to the bathroom.

Throwaway, because reasons.

TL;DR: Found my gym socks in the garbage covered in poop. Asked girlfriend about it. She started yelling at me and crying and left.

I don't even know where to start with this. I'm dumbfounded. She just stormed out the house and I'm sitting on the bed asking myself A LOT of questions.

I live a pretty normal life, and I thought so did my girlfriend. We've been together for a few months and after things got serious, we moved in together. We started sharing a lot of the household responsibilities, but the one thing she was adamant on doing was the laundry. She would come home and find me in the bedroom getting the laundry together and would quickly ask me to go do something else. I'd come back to finish the laundry and she would have already started it. I always thought it was sweet and never her job to do it alone, but hey, if it makes her happy to do it all the time, I wouldn't stop her.

This is where it takes a turn for the weird. I keep all my socks and underwear in the bottom drawer of my dresser. I also go to the gym frequently, so I always keep a good supply of clean gym socks ready to go. I never kept count, but I know by just a visual glance I several pairs. This morning when I went to grab a fresh pair to pack for the gym, I noticed there were several dress socks, but no gym socks. Again, not weird, they must have been in the laundry. I went to check the laundry basket and it was empty, so I checked the washing machine and dryer. Both were empty. I couldn't figure out where all of my gym socks had gone. So, I did the very natural thing of asking my girlfriend what had happened to them. After all, she is the one who does the laundry all the time. She went silent, turned red and ran out of the room. When I went after her to see if she was okay she wouldn't talk to me. I told her I wasn't mad, I was just looking for my socks. She kinda mumbled "I'll don't know." I still wasn't mad, of course, but I was super confused. Socks just don't disappear. So I asked her again, even laughed about it and she just looked at me and got mad and said "I'll buy you new ones!"

The first thought that went through my head was she had somehow managed to destroy my socks while washing them. I thought the sight of that was actually pretty funny, so I joked with her about ruining my socks. Wrong. Thing. To. Say. She started immediately crying. Like, full on sobbing. At this point I don't care about the socks anymore, I want to know what's wrong with my girlfriend. I sat down next to her on the bed and put my arm around her and asked her of she was okay. She just kept saying she was sorry and that she would buy me new socks. I tried assuring her again it was okay. Even went so far as to say I would buy new socks and she didn't have to. I sat with her for a few minutes trying to calm her down and eventually had to get ready for work. I told her loved her and got my things together to leave for the day.

On my way out I grabbed the garbage to take outside. When I got outside I lifted the lid off the garbage can and I noticed a small plastic bag sitting on top of the garbage already in there. I could see through the bag (kind of the semi see through ones) there were socks in the bag. Since I was sure she had somehow managed to ruin the socks washing them, I wanted to see for myself. I opened the bag and immediately regretted my choice. There, inside the bag, were several pairs of my gym socks covered in what looked like poop. As soon as the smell hit me I knew it WAS POOP.

  1. We don't own any pets.
  2. We don't have any kids.

Work could wait. I couldn't go the rest of the day wondering why my gym socks were covered in poop and inside a plastic bag in the garbage can. I grabbed the bag and walked back inside. As soon as my girlfriend saw the bag she flipped out and started yelling at me. She said I shouldn't be going through the garbage and that I was disgusting for bringing it back into the house. I asked her to calm down and that I just wanted an answer as to why there was poop on my socks. I wasn't blaming her of anything, but she started accusing me of blaming her. That's when it clicked. I don't know what it was that lead me to ask this, but everything leading up to this moment had just been so crazy. I asked her "Is this your poop?" She started sobbing again and ran out of the house. I didn't go after her this time.

So, now I am sitting on my bed with a bag a poopy socks on the floor and a lot of questions in my head. The only conclusion is that she used them after going to the bathroom. Which that alone has its own set of questions above everything else. I sent her text asking her to come back. She hasn't responded yet. I don't even know what I'm going to say when (IF) she gets back.


I had to leave for work and am now at work. Yes, I threw away the bag of poopy socks. She texted me back and she's clearly embarrassed, but felt she owed me an explanation. She said she didn't want to talk about it in person and that we could discuss it over texting and to NOT bring it up in person. I'm condensing the conversation and filling in some gaps as best as I can. Her responses are super short, but I'm getting the idea.

I flat out asked her if it was a fetish. It is not a fetish. She confessed to using the socks after going to the bathroom. I found the reason she always does the laundry is because she was hiding the fact that she uses socks to wipe with, primarily her own. I had no reason to question the amount of socks she ever has because who pays attention to that kind of thing? She thought I would notice and think it was weird since she doesn't own many socks. She admitted she has done this for a long time. Her reasoning, as best as I can understand, is that because she is a germaphobe (her word) and she is afraid toilet paper will tear and is afraid of getting her hands messy in ANY WAY. She uses socks because it covers her entire hand. After she's done with them, she throws them away. She used mine because she didn't have other socks.

So, my girlfriend has a fear of getting poop on her hands so she wipes with socks, and has done so for a lone time. It could be worse, I guess. I hope we can laugh about this later. I'm trying to find the humor in it now, but I'm still weirded out.

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I am the guy caught on TV eating pizza during the Michael Cohen hearing, AMA!

Hey everyone, I'm the kid in that gif that blew up on /r/gifs and on twitter. A lot of people in that thread wanted to see an AMA from me so here I am! I was catching a quick break during recess to eat and just started eating in the wrong place. You guys can ask me whatever.

Btw, I'm not actually a congressional intern/staffer, I'm just a college kid who got up early to get into the hearing. I am on the hunt for summer internships however so if anyone knows anything about that let me know!!


I'll start responding to questions like 10 minutes from posting this

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Beverly Hills, 90210 Star Suffers Massive Stroke


When the controversial true crime documentary Making A Murderer premiered on Netflix in 2015, it became a nationwide phenomenon.The case of Steven Avery, a Wisconsin man found guilty of murdering photographer Teresa Halbach in 2005, captivated the nation as fans debated whether or not he was truly guilty.Avery was convicted of murdering Halbach in 2007.NetflixNow, newly discovered evidence has earned Avery the right to appeal his sentence, and possibly win his freedom,

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Chris Pratt – Instagram

While we all dream of a glamorous life in Hollywood from time to time, a surprising number of stars are keen to leave the glitz and glamour behind.Many actors and actresses own a plot of land out in the country, where they can escape to nature and forget about their celebrity status.But for Chris Pratt, and his new fiancee Katherine Schwarzenegger, their life on the farm is the real deal.Pratt shared this

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Trae Patton – NBC

Earlier this month, music’s biggest stars came together for a special tribute to one of America’s most beloved artists:  Elvis Presley.The event on NBC marked the 50th anniversary of Presley’s ‘68 Comeback Special, and brought together talented artists from all genres to cover the King’s biggest hits.But the highlight of the night was a duet featuring Presley himself, as modern technology let Blake Shelton “share the stage” with

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Flying has its headaches. Long lines through security, cramped planes, delays and cancellations, the list goes on and on. No matter how many complaints we’ve heard about travelling, however, none will top Bradley Button’s.Button was returning home to Melbourne, Australia after taking a short trip to visit his friend in Wellington, New Zealand. He was flying Singapore Airlines, which normally has a reputation for quality service and cleanliness.PixabayAlthough it’s only a short trip,

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Ariel McRae – Facebook

While some men keep the engagement ring they picked out for their fiance a surprise until the very last moment, others let their new brides choose the jewelry for themselves.It’s not as traditional, but this method guarantees your new fiance will be satisfied with their ring, and choosing one together is like picking out your future as a couple.But all it takes is one nasty store employee to spoil the effect, as

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Driving, and parking in particular, seems like it’s one of those things that just brings out people’s inner selfishness. Looking at all the cars that are parked in front of driveways, blocking traffic, taking up multiple spots, or parking in front of fire hydrants, it’s hard not to get mad. It seems like every other driver in the world thinks: “This is illegal, but it’s okay.”Well it’s not okay and the Anaheim Fire & Rescue

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Easy Desserts You Can Make Using Cake Mix

How many times have you baked a cake only to find out when you take it out of the oven that it’s stuck in the pan? It’s basically the last thing you want to have happen when you’re in the middle of making a decadent dessert. Next time this happens to you, don’t stress! You can transform your cake into an equally delicious and easy sweet treat – cake pops! Here’s how you do it.

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Cake decorating isn’t just for the pros anymore! With a few simple tricks you can take your next birthday cake from drab to fab.If you don’t have time to bake a cake, don’t worry! The bakery section in your local grocery store will sell you finished cakes covered in a basic vanilla or chocolate frosting so that you can customize with your own designs. Sprinkle Number CakeHow cute is this? The sprinkles add a

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Icing cupcakes has never been easier or more impressive! Russian piping tips will take your frosted desserts to the next level. Each tip has a slightly different pattern that helps you to create beautiful flowers on all your cakes and cupcakes. The best part? You don’t need any special cake decorating skills – the piping tips do all the hard work for you!Below you can find an easy buttercream recipe along with photos of

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If you haven’t tried making fancy donuts then you’re seriously missing out! They’re delicious, easy to whip up, and totally adorable for any occasion. There’s a good reason that these decorated donuts are a trendy party staple – they don’t take a lot of effort to make and are guaranteed to leave a lasting impression with your guests. All you need are store-bought donuts, a few tubs of vanilla icing, food coloring and sprinkles. Yup,

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Just when you thought you tried all the superfood trends, along comes maca to supercharge your healthy lifestyle. But, for those of us that have never heard of it, what exactly is maca? siobhandolezal from PixabayMaca powder comes from the root of a Peruvian plant grown in the Andes Mountains which is believed to increase energy levels, boost fertility and help balance hormones. It’s part of a group of plants and herbs called adaptogens, which

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Pixabay – RawPixel

Listen, I know that Christmas cookies are a crucial step in getting ready for the holidays, but they take so much time to make! It’s hard to find the right time to actually get through all the recipes you need to in one day, so many of us try to spread it out over a couple of weeks. The only problem is that by the time we make it to Christmas we are completely out

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Joe Rogan’s subreddit is divided over his recent guest, Alex Jones.

Sort by controversial and you'll quickly see what I mean.

"If you like this guy you have brain damage."

"Man, Alex really doesn't want to lose his lawsuit to those Sandy Hook parents."

These responses are particularly interesting but check the rest of the thread out.

EDIT: I should say, the second comment I linked to had ~15 downvotes and the explicit reply to him had ~20 upvotes at the time this thread was made.

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Cultured meat, also known as clean, cell-based or slaughter-free meat, is grown from stem cells taken from a live animal without the need for slaughter. If commercialized successfully, it could solve many of the environmental, animal welfare and public health issues of animal agriculture.

Cultured meat, also known as clean, cell-based or slaughter-free meat, is grown from stem cells taken from a live animal without the need for slaughter. If commercialized successfully, it could solve many of the environmental, animal welfare and public health issues of animal agriculture. submitted by /u/mvea to r/Futurology
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“In His Way, He Was Telling Me To Lie”: Michael Cohen Testified On Trump Moscow Cover-Up

In a public appearance before the House Oversight Committee, Cohen apologized for lying to Congress, and noted that, at that time, he was trying to protect the president.

Last updated on February 27, 2019, at 1:58 p.m. ET

Posted on February 27, 2019, at 1:58 a.m. ET

Mandel Ngan / AFP / Getty Images

WASHINGTON — Michael Cohen, President Donald Trump’s former attorney, told Congress on Wednesday he lied to them after Trump told him — “in his way” — to conceal negotiations to build a Trump Tower in Moscow.

“Mr. Trump did not directly tell me to lie to Congress. That’s not how he operates. In conversations we had during the campaign, at the same time I was actively negotiating in Russia for him, he would look me in the eye and tell me there’s no business in Russia and then go out and lie to the American people by saying the same thing,” Cohen told the House Oversight Committee in a public hearing. A copy of his remarks was first reported by Politico.

“In his way, he was telling me to lie,” Cohen said.

Cohen pleaded guilty in November to lying to Congress about when discussions related to the Trump Tower Moscow deal ended, both in testimony and in a two-page statement to the Senate Intelligence Committee. Special counsel Robert Mueller, who is investigating Russian interference in the 2016 election, noted that Cohen’s false claim that the project discussions concluded in January 2016 was an attempt to “minimize links between the Moscow Project and Individual 1” — which Cohen confirms is Trump — “in hopes of limiting the ongoing Russia investigations.”

On the campaign trail, Trump repeatedly and vehemently denied having any business interests in Russia. But BuzzFeed News reported in January that he in fact received at least 10 updates about the plans, and then directed Cohen to lie to Congress about when those negotiations ended in order to obscure his own involvement.

Mueller’s office issued a statement disputing unspecified elements of that report. “BuzzFeed’s description of specific statements to the Special Counsel’s Office, and characterization of documents and testimony obtained by this office, regarding Michael Cohen’s Congressional testimony are not accurate,” it said.

In a statement, BuzzFeed News spokesperson Matt Mittenthal said Cohen’s public testimony “reaffirms what he claimed in private to investigators, as we reported last month: President Trump directed him to lie to Congress about negotiations to build a Trump Tower in Moscow in the heat of the 2016 campaign.”

A spokesperson for Mueller declined to comment on Cohen’s testimony.

Trump, while currently in Vietnam meeting with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un, accused Cohen on Twitter of lying.

Michael Cohen was one of many lawyers who represented me (unfortunately). He had other clients also. He was just disbarred by the State Supreme Court for lying & fraud. He did bad things unrelated to Trump. He is lying in order to reduce his prison time. Using Crooked’s lawyer!

09:08 AM – 27 Feb 2019

Cohen’s lawyers have said in court filings that he acted out of “fierce loyalty” to Trump. “[T]he conduct was intended to benefit Client-1, in accordance with Client-1’s directives,” they wrote.

Cohen apologized for lying to Congress, and noted that, at that time, he was trying to protect the president.

Cohen said that between January and June 2016, Trump asked him at least six times “How’s it going in Russia?” in reference to the project.

Cohen also alleged that Trump’s personal lawyers “reviewed and edited” his false statement to Congress “before [he] gave it.”

“To be clear: Mr. Trump knew of and directed the Trump Moscow negotiations throughout the campaign and lied about it,” Cohen said. “He lied about it because he never expected to win the election. He also lied about it because he stood to make hundreds of millions of dollars on the Moscow real estate project.

“And so I lied about it, too — because Mr. Trump had made clear to me, through his personal statements to me that we both knew were false and through his lies to the country, that he wanted me to lie. And he made it clear to me because his personal attorneys reviewed my statement before I gave it to Congress.”

Timothy A. Clary / AFP / Getty Images

During Wednesday’s hearing, Cohen said his false statement to Congress was provided to the White House in advance of his testimony “pursuant to the joint defense agreement that [they] were all operating under under,” and named Jay Sekulow, one of Trump’s lawyers, as someone who had edited the statement. “There were several changes made, including how we were going to handle that message which was […] the length of time that the Trump Tower Moscow project stayed and remained alive,” Cohen said.

Moreover, Cohen said also he believed his false statement was “viewed by Abbe Lowell, who represents Ivanka [Trump] and Jared Kushner.”

“The goal was to stay on message, which is limit the relationship whatsoever with Russia,” Cohen said. “It was short, there’s no Russian contacts, there’s no Russian collusion, there’s no Russian deals. That’s the message. That’s the same message that existed well before my need to come and testify.”

Cohen also said that Trump spoke with him personally before his false testimony to the House Intelligence Committee — something Trump’s current lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, has denied ever happened.

“He wanted me to cooperate,” Cohen said of Trump’s message to him in that meeting. “He also wanted just to ensure by making the statement — and I said it in my testimony — there is no Russia, there is no collusion, there is no deal. He goes, ‘it’s all a witch hunt’ and he goes, ‘this stuff has to end.'”

“Did you take those comments to be suggestive of what might flavor your testimony?” asked Virginia Rep. Gerry Connolly, a Democrat on the committee.

“Sir, he’s been saying that to me for many, many months, and at the end of the day I knew exactly what he wanted me to say,” Cohen replied.

Connolly later asked if Trump coached Cohen in any way on how to respond to questions from the committee.

“Again, it’s difficult to answer because he doesn’t tell you what he wants,” Cohen said. “What he does is, again, ‘Michael, there’s no Russia. There’s no collusion. There’s no involvement. There’s no interference.’ I know what he means because I’ve been around him for so long.”

Pool / Getty Images

Trump and his team have repeatedly sought to distance the president from the project, which was unfolding behind the scenes of his presidential campaign, and paint the plan as a meaningless proposal pursued largely by Cohen, Trump’s longtime personal attorney and fixer, with minimal oversight.

Trump and Giuliani have claimed that the Moscow tower was barely more than a notion. “No plans were ever made,” Giuliani said in January. “There were no drafts. Nothing in the file.” BuzzFeed News has since published plans revealing the tower to be a richly imagined vision of upscale splendor on the banks of the Moscow River, expected to yield profits in excess of $300 million. But Trump recently told the New York Times that Trump Moscow was never a serious proposition. “This was a very unimportant deal,” he said. “I didn’t care.”

“I don’t think they had a location,” he said later in the interview. “I’m not even sure if they had a location.”

In fact, hundreds of pages of business documents, emails, text messages, and architectural plans obtained by BuzzFeed News show that the Trump Organization was scoping at least one prime location for the luxury glass skyscraper. The signed letter of intent includes a proposal to build the tower in Moscow City, a former industrial complex near the edge of the river that has since been converted into an ambitious commercial district clustered with several of the tallest skyscrapers in Europe. It is not clear whether any other locations ever came under consideration.

As part of the Trump Moscow deal, Cohen and his partner in the negotiations, Felix Sater, made plans to give Russian President Vladimir Putin the tower’s $50 million penthouse, BuzzFeed News first reported in November. The House Intelligence Committee pledged to investigate the plan following the report.

BuzzFeed News has also published a trove of secret files detailing how negotiations for the project unfolded behind the scenes while Trump and Putin publicly heaped praise on one another. California Rep. Adam Schiff, the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, has said the story’s findings are of note, adding that Trump expressed support for easing sanctions on Russia during the campaign. “That, to me, is of seminal interest and concern, because it means that Donald Trump stood to make hundreds of millions of dollars from this deal with the Russians,” Schiff told MSNBC. “The Russians stood to make billions of dollars if those sanctions were relieved.”

In his false statement to Congress, Cohen lied about when the deal ended, falsely stating that discussions stopped in January 2016, months before Trump secured the Republican presidential nomination. BuzzFeed News had previously revealed that the Trump Moscow project lasted until at least June that year. Giuliani has since suggested that the effort lasted even longer, through the November election, though he later described that characterization as “hypothetical.”

Mueller’s team has confirmed in a court filing that the project continued after January and that discussions in fact continued until June. The filing noted that Cohen had “discussed the status and progress of the Moscow Project with Individual 1 on more than the three occasions” Cohen had claimed to congressional investigators and had also briefed members of the president’s family about the project.

Trump has previously defended his involvement in the negotiations during the campaign. “There was a good chance that I wouldn’t have won,” he told reporters. “In which case I would have gotten back into the business. And why should I lose lots of opportunities?”

But speaking to the Times earlier this month, he said, “You know, you think a deal — I was running for president, I was doing really well. The last thing I cared about was building a building.”

Joe Biden Says His Family Wants Him To Run For President. But He’s Still Making Up His Mind.

Joe Biden indicated Tuesday that he has cleared a significant hurdle as he decides whether to run for president in 2020.

The former vice president — in a freewheeling discussion with author Jon Meacham at the newly christened Biden School of Public Policy and Administration at the University of Delaware — said there’s a “consensus” among his family that he should join the Democratic primary race.

“I’ll just tell you straight up,” Biden said, responding to a question from Meacham during the livestreamed event. “I know the people of Delaware may not be surprised by this, but others might. We do everything by family meetings, because no man or woman has a right to run for high public office without it being a family decision. And from being pushed — pushed, prodded — by my son Hunter, and my wife Jill, and my daughter, there is … we just had a family meeting with all the grandkids, too. And there’s a consensus that, I should, they want — they, the most important people in my life — want me to run.”

Though Biden is confident his family is on board, “the second piece,” he said, “is that I don’t want this to be a fool’s errand. And I want to make sure, if we do this — and we’re very close to getting to a decision — that I am fully prepared to do it.”

Biden, 76, would join a large field of Democrats looking to challenge President Donald Trump. More than a half dozen prominent candidates have already launched campaigns or exploratory committees. Others are likely to join the race soon.

The Democratic Party, and the political environment at large, has changed since Biden was vice president under Barack Obama. “For example,” Biden noted Tuesday, “from the last time Barack and I ran … the whole issue of social media and the use of social media has fundamentally changed. And so we’ve been getting briefings from the most advanced people in the country who run these major platforms.”

Funding a campaign “on my conditions” is another challenge, Biden said. Long a fixture of the Democratic establishment, he said to applause Tuesday that he will “not be a part of a super PAC” and indicated he would not accept money from such organizations — a progressive stance adopted by many candidates already in the race. He added that he’s received offers from Democratic donors and some Republicans.

The exchange came near the end of a 90-minute forum with Meacham, who was at the inaugural Biden School event to promote his book, The Soul of America. Biden, ostensibly, was supposed to interview Meacham, but Meacham, a journalist, at several points tried to steer the conversation to Biden’s future plans.

“I would be remiss in not asking this,” Meacham finally ventured. “There are a number of people in this room and around this country who would very much like to see your character back in the arena. So what are you confident— what are you able to tell us at this point about your thinking?”

Biden appeared to speak off the cuff and had one long pause as he began his long and winding answer. At one point, Biden, who has made two previous presidential bids and nearly ran in 2016, said he could “die a happy man never having lived in the White House” and that he would not want to waste people’s time if he doesn’t have a clear shot at the nomination.

A moment later, a member of the audience shouted “Just say yes!” Others joined in applause.

“But I’m not there yet,” Biden said. “I don’t want to mislead you. I’m being straight-forward. Look, no one’s ever doubted I mean what I say. The problem is I sometimes say all that I mean. And so this has to be — we’re in the final stages of that decision. But it would, you know, be the greatest honor of my life to be president of the United States, but also it’s something that I have to make sure that I could run a first-rate effort to do this, and make clear where I think the country should go and how to get there. That’s the process going on right now. That’s as straightforward as I can be. I have not made the final decision, but don’t be surprised.”

The Chief Justice Joined The Liberal Justices In Allowing A Death Row Inmate’s Dementia Claim To Move Forward

WASHINGTON — Alabama cannot execute Vernon Madison if his dementia prevents him from rationally understanding why he is to be put to death, the Supreme Court ruled on Wednesday.

Chief Justice John Roberts joined his more liberal colleagues Wednesday in the 5–3 decision, clarifying how the Constitution limits the execution of people with mental illness.

The court held that the Eighth Amendment prohibits the execution of any mentally ill person who “cannot understand the societal judgment underlying his sentence” — regardless of the underlying cause. In Madison’s case, his lawyers argued that the Alabama court had only considered whether delusions, and not his dementia, were sufficient to prevent his execution.

“The Eighth Amendment doesn’t care about the particular diagnosis — schizophrenia, dementia, or something else entirely,” Justice Elena Kagan announced for the court from the bench. “If a person suffering from any mental disorder — dementia included — is unable to rationally understand why the state wants to execute him, then the Eighth Amendment doesn’t allow the execution.”

The court stopped short of ruling that Alabama cannot execute Madison, however, instead sending the case back to the Alabama court for further consideration of Madison’s competency to be executed in light of Wednesday’s ruling.

The court ruled against the claim that first brought Madison’s case before the justices. His lawyers initially had argued that Madison’s execution should be prohibited because he no longer remembered committing the crime — his 1985 killing of a police officer.

The court held that the lack of a memory about the crime alone is not sufficient to bar execution because, as Kagan wrote for the court, “a person lacking such a memory may still be able to form a rational understanding of the reasons for his death sentence.”

Kagan was joined by Roberts, as well as justices Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Stephen Breyer, and Sonia Sotomayor, in her decision for the court.

Justice Samuel Alito, joined by justices Clarence Thomas and Neil Gorsuch, dissented, arguing that the court’s decision “makes a mockery of [court] rules,” noting that Madison’s initial argument — and the argument under which the court granted review in his case — solely focused on that question of whether a person who no longer remembers their crime can be executed.

When Madison’s lawyers “abandoned” that argument to focus instead on the issue of the lower court’s treatment of Madison’s dementia, Alito wrote, Madison’s case before the justices should have been dismissed.

Alito continued that, regardless of that, he would not side with the court’s majority because, in his view, “there is little reason to think” the Alabama court actually made “an erroneous distinction between dementia and other mental conditions.”

Justice Brett Kavanaugh had not yet been confirmed as a justice when the arguments were held in the case and did not participate in Wednesday’s decision.

The importance of Roberts’ vote in death penalty cases — and more broadly — has been on full display this month, with Roberts casting the key vote to allow another execution in Alabama to proceed on Feb. 7 over a strong dissent from Kagan that was joined by the three other more liberal justices. Less than two weeks later, however, Roberts joined the more liberal justices — again over the objection of Alito, Thomas, and Gorsuch — in sending a Texas death-penalty case back to the Texas courts because “it is easy to see,” Roberts wrote, that the state court there had “misapplied” the standards for assessing intellectual disability in death-penalty cases.

Survey: 51% Of Tech Industry Workers Believe President Trump Has A Point About The Media Creating Fake News

A new study by BuzzFeed News and Lucid surveyed tech workers on their attitudes toward the media. The results show deep skepticism toward the press, and concerns about the role of identity politics in coverage.

Posted on February 23, 2019, at 12:01 p.m. ET

Ben Kothe / BuzzFeed News; Getty Images

It’s been a bruising few years in the media for the world’s biggest tech companies. One by one, many of the industry’s most prominent firms and their leaders have come in for unprecedented levels of scrutiny from the press: over disinformation during the 2016 election, over hate speech and targeted harassment, over the treatment of workers, over discriminatory advertising practices, over the spread of conspiracy theories, over sexual misconduct, over business ties to the repressive Chinese government, and over perceptions of political bias within the companies themselves.

Sustained critical coverage of Silicon Valley is both a natural consequence of these powerful companies’ dominant and growing role in American life and a correction to what many observers feel was years of insufficiently rigorous reporting on the way their products and practices are reshaping contemporary society.

Tech’s newfound place under the media microscope has led to grousing among tech executives, in public and private, that the press has overcorrected, going too far in its antagonistic coverage toward the industry, blaming it for problems it didn’t create, and ignoring its successes.

To gain a fuller understanding of how Silicon Valley understands its changing relationship with the press, BuzzFeed News conducted the first-ever survey of attitudes of tech workers toward the media. The survey, of 1,000 professionals across a broad range of companies ranging in size from 500 to more than 10,000 employees, reveals an industry with deep skepticism toward the media and significant concerns about the role identity politics plays in press coverage of technology.

Indeed, more than half (51%) of tech industry professionals “somewhat agree” or “strongly agree” with the statement that “President Trump has a point when it comes to the media producing fake news.” A separate survey conducted by BuzzFeed News, of 1,000 Americans representing the national population, found that only 42% somewhat or strongly agree with that statement.*

This finding puts in new context Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk’s much-publicized desire to build a site for tracking journalists’ credibility — a campaign many dismissed as eccentric grandstanding but which appears to arise from a pervasive sentiment in the industry, one that appears to be stronger than in the country at large. Older employees (over 55), employees of larger tech companies, and employees of companies with over $1 billion in revenue were more likely to have a negative opinion of the media than younger employees (18-49), employees of smaller companies, and employees of companies with less than $1 billion in revenue. In addition, women in the tech industry are less likely to hold a positive opinion of the media than their male counterparts.

Tech workers’ mistrust of the press seems to stem from several sources, one of which is the perception of identity-based bias in the media’s coverage of tech companies.

Nearly 4 in 10 of tech workers (38%) and nearly half of men in the industry (45%) surveyed believe “the media has become too feminist.” (A separate survey conducted by BuzzFeed News* found that the national percentage of people who believe the media has become “too feminist” is 39%.) Over the past several years, dozens of stories have focused on the relative dearth of women working in the industry — specifically in technical jobs — and the difficulties faced by the women who work in tech.

Similarly, more than a third (34%) of survey respondents, and more than 4 in 10 male survey respondents (41%), believe the media is unfair to white men. Last year, former Google engineer James Damore sued his old employer, alleging a company-wide effort to increase the number of women and underrepresented racial minorities that discriminated against white male conservatives.

Another source of tech worker skepticism toward the media comes from the perception that when it comes to covering their industry, members of the press often don’t know what they’re talking about. Only 50% of tech industry professionals surveyed think journalists are knowledgeable about the companies they report on, and only 43% believe the media has a strong understanding of technology itself.

(The survey asked respondents to select outlets that they felt covered the industry most fairly; TechCrunch, CNN, and Wired led the way, with 12%, 11%, and 11% of respondents selecting them, respectively. Conversely, respondents selected Fox News, CNN, and Fox Business News as the outlets that are most unfair in their coverage of the tech industry, with 17%, 13%, and 8% selecting them, respectively. BuzzFeed News ranked next, at 5%.)

Much of the recent critical reporting on tech companies has been enabled by corporate leaks. This topic strongly divided survey respondents. Fifty-two percent of those surveyed “somewhat agree” or “strongly agree” that employees of tech companies “should freely speak with the media”; meanwhile, 49% “somewhat agree” or “strongly agree” that employees of tech companies “should not share information with the media.” (The statements were presented to respondents as two separate queries, which is why they add up to slightly more than 100%.)

One clue as to when tech workers might believe such leaks are justified came in the form of a question about China. Less than one-third (31%) of tech workers “somewhat agree” or “strongly agree” that US-based tech companies should operate in China. Dragonfly, Google’s secret initiative to build a censored search engine for the Chinese market, stalled after its revelation by the Intercept led to internal complaints. Meanwhile, 59% of tech workers “somewhat agree” or “strongly agree” that “tech companies should work with the US government on military projects,” another source of recent controversy in the industry, which also came to a head when reports exposed Google’s Project Maven, a drone AI imaging contract with the Pentagon, which it subsequently did not renew. (Only 38% of American consumers feel the same way.)

In addition to questions about tech workers’ attitudes toward the media, the survey asked subjects’ opinions on the major companies in the industry. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the company that has faced the most lacerating criticism from the press over the past two years, Facebook, was also the most negatively judged by tech professionals. While 80% of tech workers believe the industry has had a positive impact on society, only 46% of tech workers believe Facebook has, and 32% believe Facebook has had a negative impact on society — the most of any company listed.

Meanwhile, respondents were asked to select words or phrases that applied to a variety of tech companies. The vast majority of the responses were positive — for example, Google was most commonly described as “Dependable,” “Innovative,” “Leader,” “Stable,” and “Respectable.”

Of the companies listed, only Facebook’s top five descriptors were all negative. They were “Controversial,” “Secretive,” “Exploitative,” “Arrogant,” and “Frustrating.” ●

Graphics by Ben Kothe / BuzzFeed News; Getty Images

The BuzzFeed News & Lucid Tech Industry Perceptions study was conducted between December 27, 2018, and January 10, 2019, and questioned 1,000 US Representative Sample of Tech professionals aged 18–64. Results in this article are based on responses from tech professionals who work more than 30 hours per week and are employed by a tech company with 500-plus employees. For comparison purposes, a probability sample of this size has an estimated margin of error (which measures sampling variability) of +/- 3%. Click here to view the detailed data tables.

*Consumer Sentiment Tech Poll (via Pollfish, n=1000, US Census representative among those aged 18–64)

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Nurse Saves Her Own Life By Spotting Heart Condition Before Doctors

Katie Barber from Long Island has an interesting credit to include on her resume: she’s seen medical professionals at work from both sides of the hospital bed, as both a nurse and a patient.

Plus, Barber managed to save her own life by identifying a medical emergency before her doctors.

The 25-year-old put her education to good use after being treated for a hip injury in 2018. While it was an old wound, the hip fracture started bothering her last year and Barber went under the knife to repair it.

After the surgery, Barber was told to rest for two weeks before starting physical therapy. That’s when she noticed her shortness of breath.

“Being a nurse, I started to wonder if this could be deep vein thrombosis (DVT) or pulmonary embolism (PE),” Barber told MDW Features.

“I never thought something like this would happen to me, but I went to the hospital just to be safe. Well, I’m glad I went because it turns out I had a right leg DVT with bilateral PEs.”

Deep vein thrombosis is a type of blood clot that’s associated with slowed blood flow, and it often strikes patients after a hip surgery.

If left untreated, the clot can block blood flow in the lungs and cause a fatal blockage called a pulmonary embolism.

Barber’s self-diagnosis turned out to be 100% correct, and spotting the symptoms early may have saved her life.

After more symptoms like dizziness emerged, doctors realized she also had a heart condition called junctional rhythm. Soon, Barber was back in the hospital, and an x-ray showed her lungs were filling with fluid.

In the end, doctors were forced to put Barber through surgery again, this time to install a pacemaker in her heart.

While 25 is awfully young to get a pacemaker, Barber says her health has improved dramatically since her surgery earlier this month. Now, she uses her pacemaker to illustrate how getting one can improve her patients’ lives.

Not many nurses can share firsthand knowledge about such a serious operation with their patients, so Barber’s case is really special!

You can follow Barber’s story on her blog, Nurse Katie, or her Instagram account.

[H/T: Fox News]

Follow Barber’s example: if you notice serious symptoms, tell your doctor!

Man Makes A Disgusting Find In His Airplane Meal

Flying has its headaches. Long lines through security, cramped planes, delays and cancellations, the list goes on and on. No matter how many complaints we’ve heard about travelling, however, none will top Bradley Button’s.

Button was returning home to Melbourne, Australia after taking a short trip to visit his friend in Wellington, New Zealand. He was flying Singapore Airlines, which normally has a reputation for quality service and cleanliness.


Although it’s only a short trip, passengers onboard flight SQ248 were served a meal. That was when, as he took a final bite of his rice, Button heard a “sickening crunch.” He pulled a small, hard object out of his mouth and immediately realized what he was looking at: somebody else’s tooth.

Bradley Button

“I threw my guts up,” he said to AAP news.

“For the rest of the flight I was not well, just the idea of having someone else’s body part in my food is not nice,” he continued, in the understatement of the year.

AAP managed to contact the passenger sitting beside Button on the flight. They verified his story.

“The flight attendant that attended to me was adamant that she needed to take it away for testing and was trying to tell me that it was a small rock, when it was without a shadow of a doubt a tooth,” he said.


Singapore Airlines has issued an apology regarding the incident and Button received a $75 voucher to spend on the Duty-free.

“We are currently investigating this incident and have sent the object for analysis,” they said in a statement. “Once the results of the analysis are known, we will determine what the most appropriate course of action to take is.”

Considering the publicity he’s now getting, I think the “appropriate action” will be a check to Button.

Woman Slams Clerk Who Called Her Engagement Ring “Pathetic” To Her Face

While some men keep the engagement ring they picked out for their fiance a surprise until the very last moment, others let their new brides choose the jewelry for themselves.

It’s not as traditional, but this method guarantees your new fiance will be satisfied with their ring, and choosing one together is like picking out your future as a couple.

But all it takes is one nasty store employee to spoil the effect, as Ariel McRae learned while picking out a ring with her fiance.

Ariel and her husband Quinn were picking out engagement rings when an employee critiqued their choice.Ariel McRae – Facebook

The couple from Nashville, Tennessee were shopping for rings at a Pandora Jewelry location when a store clerk trashed their engagement ring. And the insults were said out loud right in front of the happy couple.

The employee called their rings, a $130 set with several stones, “pathetic.”

“Y’all can you believe that some men get these as engagement rings?” she asked the couple.

McRae said her fiance second guessed his choice after the woman insulted their rings. “Are you sure you’ll be happy with these? Are you sure this is okay?” he asked.

Pandora has since apologized for how the McRaes were treated at their store. “Their experience is not in keeping with our brand values or what we expect from those who sell our products,” the company said in a statement.

Ariel said nothing to the employee at the time, but when she returned home she shared the upsetting incident on Facebook.

“My husband doesn’t have a lot, neither of us does,” she explained. “We scrape and scrape to pay bills and put food in our bellies, but after almost two years of dating we decided that we couldn’t wait anymore, so we didn’t.”

McRae says she “wasn’t even thinking about rings,” but her boyfriend insisted on picking them out.

“He scraped up just enough money to buy me two matching rings from Pandora. Sterling silver and [cubic zirconium] to be exact. That’s what sits on my ring finger, and I am so in love with them.

““Old Ariel would have ripped that woman a new one,” she added. “Mature Ariel said, ‘It isn’t the ring that matters, it is the love that goes into buying one that matters.’ We bought the rings and left.”

The McRaes eloped and married at a courthouse just a short while after their encounter with the crusty clerk.

Many women were moved by McRae’s Facebook post, and shared their own stories about inexpensive engagement rings that meant the world to them.

“Mine was $20 at a pawn shop,” one woman said. “I wore it like it was [worth $5,000].”

In an update to her original story, McRae wrote that she would have married her husband even if he proposed with “a 25 cent gum ball machine ring.”

“Here I am. Courthouse married, $130 ring set, the love of my life by my side and happier than I could ever imagine.”

[H/T: Bored Panda]

Do you agree the employee acted rudely?

Fire Department Shows Exactly Why You Should Never Park In Front Of A Fire Hydrant

Driving, and parking in particular, seems like it’s one of those things that just brings out people’s inner selfishness. Looking at all the cars that are parked in front of driveways, blocking traffic, taking up multiple spots, or parking in front of fire hydrants, it’s hard not to get mad. It seems like every other driver in the world thinks: “This is illegal, but it’s okay.”

Well it’s not okay and the Anaheim Fire & Rescue Department just showed us all why.

“Ever wonder what happens when a car is parked in front of a fire hydrant and a fire breaks out?” they asked on Twitter, showing a silver car with both rear windows bashed in, a fire hose running through the vehicle.

“Is a closer parking spot worth the broken windows and the citation and towing fees?”

The post was an immediate hit, with many commenters saying the illegal parker got what he deserved.


Some suggested that the firefighters should have hooked the hose over the car, or under it, and that the broken windows were unnecessary. The department responded.

“The weight would have caused even more body damage and the angle down to the hydrant would not allow appropriate water pressure,” they said. “We do not intentionally damage people’s property unless absolutely necessary.”


Water from a hydrant is pumped out under tremendous pressure and the hose itself weighs over 100 lbs. This requires a straight line from hydrant to nozzle, meaning windows must be broken.

Just in case anyone out there isn’t clear, it’s illegal to park within 15 feet of a fire hydrant.

With all the attention they received, Anaheim Fire & Rescue wanted to ensure the owner of the car didn’t feel victimized.

“We posted this incident to illustrate and educate, not to humiliate anyone,” they said.

Kind words, but the driver should be ashamed of themselves. We hope Anaheim Fire & Rescue’s brace post helps prevent others from being selfish and risking lives and property just for an easier spot.

‘Making A Murderer’: Steven Avery Could Go Back On Trial In New Appeal

When the controversial true crime documentary Making A Murderer premiered on Netflix in 2015, it became a nationwide phenomenon.

The case of Steven Avery, a Wisconsin man found guilty of murdering photographer Teresa Halbach in 2005, captivated the nation as fans debated whether or not he was truly guilty.

Teresa Halbach
Avery was convicted of murdering Halbach in 2007.Netflix

Now, newly discovered evidence has earned Avery the right to appeal his sentence, and possibly win his freedom, in an upcoming court case.

Avery and his nephew Brendan Dassey were sentenced to life in jail in a pair of trials for Halbach’s murder, after the woman’s charred remains were found in a car salvage yard owned by Avery.

Dassey’s conviction was overturned in 2016 after a federal judge ruled he had been coerced into confessing to the murder, but prosecutors in Wisconsin appealed the decision and he remains behind bars.

Steven Avery
Avery was previously convicted of rape, before being exonerated by DNA evidence.Manitowoc County Sheriff’s Department

After spending 12 years in prison for Halbach’s murder, Avery still insists he was found guilty for a crime he did not commit.

Possible human bones found in a gravel pit near the property turned out to be the key evidence that earned Avery an appeal. His lawyer, Kathleen Zellner, claims the bones were not DNA tested before being given to Halbach’s family, a potential violation of state law.

Zellner also says the bones undercut the prosecution’s theory that Halbach was killed on Avery’s property.

“This evidence has the potential to undo the whole case,” she told Newsweek, “so it is a big win.”

Avery will return to the circuit court for new criminal proceedings which could include a hearing or a new trial. If the circuit court does not grant a new trial, the case returns to the appellate court, which could also grant a new trial or reverse Avery’s conviction.

If Avery does get another day in court, his defense attorneys can now submit the bones or other news pieces of evidence.

Zellner is obviously confident in her case, tweeting, “The DREAM LIVES ON for Steven Avery to be FREE AGAIN. The WRECKING CREW IS ON IT.”

Steven Avery
Avery could get a new trial, where new evidence could prove his innocence.Netflix

While Zellner’s theories about who killed Halbach were explored in Making a Muderer’s second season, she teased that there is even more evidence, including blood found on Halbach’s car, that points away from her client.

Avery previously spent 18 years in prison for a rape he claimed not to have committed, before being exonerated by DNA testing.

[H/T: Newsweek, BBC]

Have you watched Making a Murderer? What do you think of Avery’s case?