Hillary Clinton’s Family Struck By Tragedy

Hillary Clinton is mourning the death of a beloved family member this week.

The former first lady of the United States and Democratic presidential candidate took to Twitter to announce that her youngest brother, Tony Rodham, passed away.

The politician did not divulge the details surrounding Rodham’s cause of death, but she did reveal that he died on Friday, June 7. He was 54 years old.

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“It’s hard to find words, my mind is flooded with memories of him today,” Clinton wrote. “When he walked into a room he’d light it up with laughter.

The 71-year-old former secretary of state described her brother as “kind” and “generous.” She added, “We’ll miss him very much.”

Rodham was part of the Democratic National Committee that helped Clinton with her 2008 political campaigns. While he didn’t play a significant role in Clinton’s 2016 campaign, he made a few appearances alongside his sister. He also held a variety of jobs over the year, including working as an insurance salesman, prison guard, private detective and repo man.

Rodham, along with his older brother Hugh, made headlines in the late 90s when they became involved in shady international business dealings. The brothers planned to export hazelnuts from the former Soviet Republic of Georgia in partnership with a political rival of then-Gerogian and Clinton ally President Eduard Shevarnadze.

In 1999, the White House released a statement, clarifying that the government of the United States is not affiliated with the business venture.

“If in fact this project is still going forward, we don’t approve and will continue to make clear to Georgian officials that this venture has no connection with or sanction from the U.S. government,” White House spokesman Joe Lockhart said at the time.

Shortly after the controversy, Rodham revealed that having a sister and brother-in-law in the position of power was bittersweet.  

“It can go both ways,” Rodham said. “There’s some wonderful things that have happened to me because of my relationship with Hillary and Bill, and there’s been some really terrible things that have happened to me.”

As for his personal life, Chicago-born Rodham married Nicole Boxer, the daughter of former U.S. senator Barbara Boxer, at the White House in 1994. Unfortunately, their marriage ended in divorce seven years later. The pair had one son, Zachary.

Tony Rodham and Nicole Boxer
Tony Rodham and Nicole BoxerGetty Images

In 2005, Rodham wed Megan Madden. The couple eventually welcomed two children, Simon and Fiona.

Rodham is survived by his wife, children and siblings.

Our thoughts and prayers are with his family during this difficult time.

Mom Urges Caution After Daughter Dies From Using Toothpaste

Think about your daily routine: if you’ve got good hygiene, you’re brushing your teeth at least twice a day. But have you ever actually looked at the ingredients in your toothpaste? I know I haven’t. But now that I’ve heard this story, I just might start.

Monique Altamirano shared her concerns after her 11-year-old daughter, Denise, died after using a new toothpaste recommended by her dentist to help strengthen her enamel. The problem, however, is that Denise was severely allergic to dairy products, and no one thought to look at the ingredients on her toothpaste.

Monique used to read all the labels on toothpaste when Denise was younger, but she never saw any that contained dairy, so she didn’t continue to do so as years went on. Had she read the label on this MI Paste One, Monique would have seen that it contained Recaldent, which is derived from milk protein.

“I did not think to look at the product ingredients,” Monique told Allergic Living. “Contrary to what everyone’s telling me, I feel like I failed her!”

When Denise went to use the toothpaste, Monique said her daughter was “so excited to use her ‘special toothpaste.'” Within seconds of using it, Denise knew something was wrong. She couldn’t breathe and her lips started to turn blue.

“She said, ‘I think I’m having an allergic reaction to the toothpaste,’ and her lips were already blue,” says Monique. “I picked her up and put her on my bed. I ran to the living room, told my daughter – ‘Call 911!’ – and I grabbed the EpiPen. She was saying, ‘Mommy, I can’t breathe.’ I was saying, ‘I love you, yes, you can.”

Monique administered her daughter’s EpiPen, but it was no use. She also began administering CPR, but the reaction was too severe by that point.

“The toothpaste was all over her teeth and gums and it cut off her oxygen,” Monique said.

Sadly, Denise died two days later in hospital.

Monique still feels responsible for her daughter’s death, but she knows there’s nothing that will bring her back. That being said, the family intends to use Denise’s legacy for good.

“We can’t bring Denise back but we can help others in her name,” Monique said. “We are so grateful to people who take allergies seriously. Denise wanted to change the world, but it’s heartbreaking how she’s doing it.”

The grieving mother had a strong message for parents of children with allergies.

“Read everything. Don’t get comfortable, just because you’ve been managing for several years,” she implores parents. “You can’t get comfortable or be embarrassed or afraid to ask and ensure that ingredients are OK. Be that advocate for your child.”

None of my kids ever had allergies, and I’m so grateful. I can’t imagine the stress it adds to parenting, and I really can’t comprehend how awful this mom must feel. My prayers are with the whole family.

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