Uh-Oh: More Than 50 Brands Of Hot Dog And Hamburger Buns Recalled

Instagram – JD Scott

It’s been a scary year for the Scott family but none of us have known until now. Fans were shocked when JD Scott and his fiancé, Annalee, announced that for the past 14 months, JD has been suffering from a mysterious illness, and still doesn’t know exactly what it is. Scott is the older brother of the famous renovation twins Jonathan and Drew Scott who have the show Property Brothers.Instagram – JD ScottScott and

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123 Tons Of El Monterey Burritos Recalled – They May Contain Rocks


If you’re someone who shops at Costco, then you definitely understand its appeal. The wholesale chain offers a variety of home, grocery and car products at super affordable prices.In addition to their great stock, the stores also offer great customer service and return policy. These are just a few reasons why around three million shoppers visit Costco every day. If you happen to be among these people, then you may want to check your

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