People Are Outraged As School Begins Selling Bulletproof Backpacks

After every mass shooting, which seems to be a monthly occurrence recently, the topic of gun control becomes front and center. Some people claim it’s “insensitive” to talk about gun control after a tragedy, while others believe it’s actually the exact time to discuss it.

Regardless of your stance on control, we all have one thing in common: we want our kids to be safe at school. No child (or parent for that matter) should have to worry about being attacked while in class.

Children are evacuated after a gunman entered Sandy Hook elementary school and opened fire. Los Angeles Times

Adding protection to schools has been a conversation since the Columbine tragedy. The University of Maryland purchased 200 bulletproof whiteboards as an extra level protection after the Sandy Hook killings.

Since January 1st to November 5th, there have been 307 mass shootings in the United States. That averages to 7 mass shootings per week. A mass shooting is classified as any incident that sees four or more people shot or killed in the same general time and location. The five deadliest shootings in the United States have occurred in the past 10 years.

Business Insider

One school in Florida has decided they’ve got to do something to protect their students, but it’s got people talking about priorities.

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A Parrot’s Cry For Help Led Police To Its Owner’s Door

UPS driver Lee Purdy arrived at a home in Oregon for a regular delivery, but when he heard a voice calling out to him from inside he didn’t know what to do. Someone was shouting “help me” from inside and he was the only one around.

“I wasn’t sure what to think at first,” Purdy said. He was suspicious of the calls because he could also hear a parrot cawing, but he couldn’t be sure. He called the police to get them to do a courtesy check and when they arrived they found a happy little parrot who was quite proud of himself.

Susan Baird

Sergeant Brian Jensen said, “sure enough it was Diego the parrot yelling for help. Nobody was in distress. Diego was fine.”

Purdy was still wondering why this bird knew the phrase, he said “there’s got to be a reason.” Diego’s owner, Susan Baird, was able to clear up all of his doubts when she heard about the whole mishap with a really sweet story…

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Cat Managed To Ship Herself Across The Country Without Her Owner Noticing

It’s a pretty well known fact that cats subscribe to the theory of “if it fits, I sits.” Any box, tub, bowl, or any vessel that will fit their body will become their new bed. They especially like hiding in boxes that are mostly closed, so they can jump out at their owners at the last minute.

One owner learned this the hard way after his cat got herself in a tricky situation. She was packing up some boxes in her home to ship to northern Italy, but what she didn’t know was that her cat had jumped inside.

She taped up the box while her cat slept inside and unknowingly sent it on a four day long journey, hundreds of miles from home…

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Born Before 22 Weeks, Premature Baby Has Beat All The Odds

Courtney Stensrud and her husband call their baby girl nothing short of a miracle.

The now 3-year-old girl was born at just 21 weeks, 4 days after conception and is defying all odds.

“She may be the most premature known survivor to date,” according to a case report about her birth published in the journal Pediatrics.

Born weighing less than a pound, this astounding three-year-old is now attending preschool, has no medical conditions and is scoring well on developmental tests.

“If you didn’t know that she was so preemie, you would think she’s a normal three-year-old,” Stensrud said.


In the United States, most doctors agree that 22 weeks of gestation is the lower threshold of viability and even recommend against resuscitating babies born younger than 22 weeks because of their low chance of survival. Typical full-term babies are born between 39 through 40 weeks gestation.

It was a medical emergency that led to the early birth of Courtney’s daughter being born in 2014. She went into early labor because of a premature rupture of membranes and a common infection of the placental membrane called chorioamnionitis.

After being told she had to deliver the baby to avoid losing her, she frantically searched for other stories of survival with an infant this young.

“There were stories of 22-weekers, 23-weekers, but nothing about 21-weekers. So I knew that there was little to no survival or viability at 21 weeks,” said the now 35-year-old mom.

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Three Men Robbed A Donut Store, Only To Give It All Away

Thieves have a habit of taking, not giving.

If a masked and armed group of people storm a store, their only motive is to get the thing they desire most, whether it be money or any other kind of valuable item.

A large selection of delicious donuts available at a Shipley Do-Nuts location.Shipley Do-Nuts

When customers at a donut store in Houston, Texas saw three masked men enter the restaurant on a Monday afternoon, they weren’t expecting a reward.

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Listening to Christmas Songs Too Early May Harm Your Mental Health

The most wonderful time of year may not be the most wonderful season for everyone. If you’re constantly around someone who loves playing Christmas tunes before you’ve even had the chance to take a bite out of your Thanksgiving meal, you may have found that you feel slightly irritated.

Some experts suggest that those who work in retail and are forced to listen to approximately 8 hours of repetitive jolly tunes will not feel so jolly during the holiday season.

Christmas music is supposed to get you in the spirit of giving, but some statistics have shown that what starts out as love for one of the most loved holiday seasons slowly turns to hate.

So hold off on that Michael Bublé or Mariah Carey Christmas soundtrack.

Here’s why…

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94-Year-Old Abducted Woman Frees Herself From Kidnapper’s Trunk

It’s not easy to gauge how your reaction would be to a kidnapping.

Imagine someone barges into your home and drags you into the trunk of a car. What would be your first reaction? Would you fight, think of a plan to escape, or would you freeze in terror?

Unfortunately, not everyone is lucky to escape such a frightful fate. Some are unable to free from their captors and others don’t have the chance to escape until decades later.

Early Tuesday, a man described to be in his 30s forced his way into a 94-year-old woman’s home in Scottsdale, Phoenix.

What happened next unfolded like a Hollywood movie.

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Jessica Simpson Slammed By Mom-Shamers For Halloween Family Photo

Mere months after Jessica Simpson got herself in trouble with the parent police, she has once again pissed them off.

Back in June, the singer was called out for being a bad mother after she posted a photo of her 5-year-old daughter, Maxwell, on Instagram.

In the post captioned, “safety first,” proud mom Jessica, wanted to share with the world the importance of children wearing helmets when riding bikes and scooters. However, the point was lost over her very opinionated followers because they were caught up with another detail of photo – Maxwell’s attire.

Instagram/Jessica Simpson

The With You singer was shamed for posting a photo of Maxwell wearing a bikini on a public platform.

“This is an account anyone can see. Jessica shame on you for exposing your daughter instead of protecting her!” wrote one user.

Another person remarked, “A child posing like that… that’s just creepy,” remarked another mom-shamer. “If I had a daughter that age I [wouldn’t let her] wear a tiny bikini like that and pose herself like a model.”

Jessica did eventually take down the controversial photo, but continued to share other pictures of her family on social media, including a recent snap of their Halloween outing. The proud matriarch once again took to Instagram to share a photo of her family in their costumes, but it ended up landing her in hot water with the internet mommy-shamers yet again.

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Mary Jo Buttafuoco Reveals Her True Feelings Towards Amy Fisher

It’s been twenty-five years since Mary Jo Buttafuoco was shot in the face by her husband’s 17-year-old mistress, Amy “The Long Island Lolita” Fisher, on the porch of her home in Massapequa, New York.  

Mary Jo ButtafuocoPeople

Miraculously, Buttafuoco survived the attack, and a few months later, Fisher pleaded guilty to first degree assault, a felony which put her behind bars for seven years.

The media frenzy surrounding the women helped turn them into household names. Their story even inspired three movies: Lethal Lolita (Amy Fisher: My Story), Casualties of Love: The Long Island Lolita Story starring Alyssa Milano and The Amy Fisher Story starring Drew Barrymore.

Upon her release in 1999, Fisher apologized to Buttafuoco in court and took full responsibility for what transpired that fateful day in May, 1992.

“What happened to you, it wasn’t your husband’s fault … it was my fault, and I’m sorry,” Fisher told Buttafuoco.

Amy FisherNewsday

But no amount of apologies, fame or money could make up for what Buttafuoco went through. The gunshot left her face partially paralyzed, and rendered her deaf in one ear. It wasn’t until recently that doctors were able to repair her facial paralysis.

“It’s the first time in 25 years that when I smile, I can see the side of my teeth,” Buttafuoco told Inside Edition.

Now, several weeks after Buttafuco’s interview with Inside Edition, she has once again opened up. Buttafuoco appeared on a recent episode of Dr. Oz and she didn’t hold back on her feelings towards Fisher.

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Elizabeth Smart Warns Parents: Tell Your Kids These 3 Things To Keep Them Safe

When Elizabeth Smart was abducted from her family’s home in Salt Lake City in 2002, it was the start of a harrowing nine month trial for the 14-year-old.

Smart’s sister Mary Katherine watched, pretending to be asleep, as a strange man wandered into their room. The knife-wielding figure guided Elizabeth out of the house while Mary watched, helplessly. Months later, Mary Katherine would remember that the strange man had done odd jobs on the Smart family’s property.

The man, later identified as Brian David Mitchell, took Elizabeth to a campground in the mountains where he lived with his wife, Wanda Eileen Barzee. For nine months, Smart was their captive in the camp, and was repeatedly abused by Mitchell. Meanwhile, her kidnapping case was attracting national attention.

In the end a stroke of luck managed to save Elizabeth. Her story had been featured on the hit TV show America’s Most Wanted, and a biker recognized her and Mitchell from the recent episode. Since then, her dramatic story has been featured in TV documentaries, movies, and books.


But now Smart is telling her own story, and using it to help parents keep their children safe. Recently, she shared the 3 things every parent should tell their children…

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He’s Dropped Out Of Service Dog School 3-Times, But Now He Has Finally Found The Perfect Job

Jake is a very good boy who was training to be a rescue dog. He went through several different programs, but it seemed like nothing was going to work out. He first went through a search and rescue training program, but by the time he was 15-months-old he was clearly not a good fit. His paws weren’t tough enough to handle the grueling work so he was reassigned.

He was then in training to become a service dog for veterans but even though he was a smart boy and very clever, his former training had instilled one interesting quirk in him. One of the volunteers said that “there would be something that would get his attention… Out of the clear blue sky he would alert to that and take off with you,”

His third chance was when he was brought in to be a medical alert dog, and he was supposed to bark if the breathing machine turned off. The problem was that Jake slept too heavily and wouldn’t realize if the machine was off.

They had to find Jake a new home because he wasn’t going to qualify for any of the programs they had intended him to. Rhoni Standefer had been with him through the entire training adventure, but she was never planning on him living with her forever. He was supposed to move in with a new family and help people, but her grandson pleaded with her to keep him.

She finally agreed, but 4 years later they finally found a job that works for the eager pup…

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You Can Now Deck Your Halls In Hidden Valley Ranch

Whether it’s a side-effect of the social media age or just this economy, our favorite food companies have been pushing the envelope lately to attract attention.

Hidden Valley Ranch

We told you (warned you?) about KFC’s new fried chicken-scented bath bomb. Compare that with Taco Bell’s new “naked” taco, the new Jimmy Fallon-inspired ice cream, and Dairy Queen’s lineup of holiday Blizzards, and it’s easy to see that these companies are trying to one-up each other to attract attention.

The ranch cozy keeps your dressing at the perfect temperature.Hidden Valley Ranch

Well, we think Hidden Valley Ranch has won this contest, because their new line of products is so weird and wonderful that we just had to share it. You may remember that Hidden Valley Ranch has already released a line of products for their devoted “ranch-head” fans.

The ranch fountain was last year’s must-have ranch accessory.Hidden Valley Ranch

Now the salad dressing company has outdone themselves by releasing a set of special holiday themed items, as well as an expanded clothing line. You need to be a serious ranch fan to rock these outfits, but we must admit they’re pretty funny.

Hidden Valley Ranch

And some of the Christmas items have already caught our eye…

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Bride’s Homemade Cake Destroyed On Route To Her Wedding, But A Stranger Stepped In To Make It Right

When you are getting ready for your wedding day, you tend to plan every detail. You know who will be in charge of flowers, who is transporting the clothes, and what times everything needs to be everywhere. However, things don’t always go as planned.

For Millie Maltby, she thought that her wedding would be less complicated because she was planning to do a lot of it herself. She loved baking and decided to make her own cake, but that was how everything went wrong.

Millie Maltby

Maltby did an amazing job on her three tiered cake. It had different flavors on each tier and was decorated beautifully. The problem was that the temperature inside the car was warmer than the couple expected, so on the drive to the wedding location the cake melted.

“We were quite cautious to drive carefully,” Maltby said. “However, when we arrived and opened the cake box, it appeared that the hot weather caused the buttercream to melt and the cake just gave up.”

Millie Maltby

“I was a very calm bride and it didn’t seem to matter as I was marrying the man of my dreams and everything else seemed so insignificant,” Maltby said, but she said that her future husband didn’t take it as well. “Matt, on the other hand, was heartbroken. He felt awful, as I had taken so long to bake and decorate the cake and I had been taunting him about how yummy the cake was going to be.”

Unsure of what they were going to do, it was actually a complete stranger who stepped in to save the day…

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Tom Bergeron Defends His Controversial Comment About DWTS Dancer

Dancing With The Stars is one of the most entertaining shows on television. It’s always fun to see your old favorites trying to learn a new skill, especially one as challenging as ballroom dancing.

There have been a lot of exciting moments on the show, with truly showstopping performances and emotional reveals, but unfortunately that’s not what people are talking about this week. It’s not even the performers that people are upset with, it’s the host.


Tom Bergeron is under fire after he made a questionable comment to one of the dancers, and even his fellow co-host, Erin Andrews, says she’s “still in shock”.

Bergeron’s comment about dancer, Witney Carson has fans asking if he went to far…

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7 Conjoined Twins Whose Journey Will Inspire You

According to the University of Maryland Medical Center, one in every 200,000 twin births worldwide are conjoined, but 40 to 60 percent are stillborn and 35 percent of the surviving babies only live a day. This makes conjoined twins living their lives together a rare anomaly.

Those who do survive have amazing stories to share, that will inspire us all. Take a look at these famous conjoined twins that are truly an inspiration to us all.

These girls are among the most famous twins born in the United States. Their lives were featured o TLC and they have spent most of their lives in the public eye showing the world what it was like to take on daily tasks as conjoined twins.

Born in 1990, Abby and Brittany share a body but have two separate heads and brains. They are two separate people in spite of sharing much of their physical body.

We watched Abby and Brittany grow up and go to school, celebrate their birthdays and even get their driver’s licence.

The twins are now teaching at Mounds View elementary school after graduating from Bethel University.

After finding out at their 11 week ultrasound that their twins were conjoined, Heather and her husband Riley took on the added task of not only being parents to twins but dealing with the medical complications of their babies being conjoined at the head.

The twins were delivered prematurely by cesarean section and weighed just 2 pounds and 1 ounce each. That’s when doctors took on the task of coming up a plan to separate the babies.

Now at only 5 months after their surgery the girls, who are 15 months old, are able to live their lives independently.

Born joined at the waist, these girls spent the first two years of their lives sharing a bladder, liver and parts of their digestive system.

After a 17-hour surgery they were successfully separated and are now living their lives as two separate people.

Neither girl seems to have trouble adjusting,” said Packard Children’s psychiatrist Michelle Goldsmith, MD, who has worked with the toddlers. “They’re both rolling with what’s going on very well.”

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Circle Of Life? Elton John May Be Cut Out From The New Lion King Movie

It’s the “circle of life” for Sir Elton John thanks to the new Lion King live-action remake that is currently in production.

The signer, pianist and composer is looking to head back to Pride Rock in the new live action feature of the Disney classic.

The 70-year-old idol wrote and sang some of the most iconic songs on the soundtrack of the 1994 animated classic.


In his five-decade long career, Sir Elton has sold more than 300 million records, making him one of the best-selling music artists in the world. He has also had over fifty Top 40 hits including seven consecutive number 1 U.S. albums.

It’s safe to say that anything Elton wants to do in the industry, he should get. But what about a remake of one of his hits that brought him huge success?

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Olivia Newton-John’s Missing Ex-Boyfriend Found After 12 Years

Olivia Newton-John’s former boyfriend has reportedly been found after going missing twelve years ago.

Patrick McDermott, an American cameraman, who was the on-and-off boyfriend of Olivia Newton-John, disappeared in 2005 while on a fishing trip. The 48-year-old left on the fishing boat “Freedom” from San Pedro Mariana on June 30 but mysteriously disappeared with all his personal items, including his wallet, left on the boat.

Daily Mail

Newton-John and McDermott had been reportedly dating for nine years when he vanished.

His ex-wife Yvette Nipar, however, was the first person to report McDermott missing as he didn’t show up to see their son when he was expected.

Nipar and McDermott married in March 1992, but divorced shortly after Nipar became pregnant with their son in June 1993.

McDermott’s death meant that his son, however, would be the sole beneficiary of the $100,000 life insurance policy.

Newton-John reportedly never made a public mention of his disappearance until 50 days after he went allegedly missing. She had been on a promotional tour in Australia when he vanished.

Newton-John had previously expressed grief of her former boyfriend’s disappearance.

The Grease star married her second husband, John Easterling, in 2008 and shared her thoughts on her missing ex.

“It’s human to wonder but you know, those are the things in life you have to accept and let go. Because whenever you go through difficult times, there’s always those concerns.”

She added: “But, I live on and of course questions come up, always, it’s human.

In 2008 the U.S. Coast Guard released their investigation saying that McDermott likely drowned, but the circumstances surrounding his disappearance lead people to believe that he faked his own death.

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A Perfect Decoration for Your Childs Room!

This adorable craft is the perfect edition to your childs room! It’s so simple to make and the best part is that you can have your little ones join in on the fun of creating it. Pick your favorite color and shapes and start gluing away!

  • 8×10 picture frame
  • Construction paper
  • Hot glue gun
  • Buttons
  • Pencil

1. Cut construction paper to fit frame

2. Use a pencil to trace the letter your are going to button.

3. Start gluing on your buttons.

4. Allow to dry completely, and then place into your frame.

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This Easy Emergency Coffee DIY Will Brighten Your Morning While You Sip on Your Cuppa Joe

I don’t know about you, but at my house and office, coffee is an emergency necessity every morning!

This easy DIY is the perfect addition to your kitchen, and it only takes a few simple steps to make! This hilarious frame will brighten your morning while you sip on your cuppa joe!

Shared Food
  • Picture frame
  • Coffee beans
  • 1 “In Case of Emergency” printable
  • Clear packing tape
  • Bowl of warm water
  1. To make the “In Case of Emergency” sticker, place some packing tape over the printable, pressing down to make sure the text really sticks well. Cut out a rectangle around the text, then place in a bowl of water, letting it soak for a few minutes. Use your finger to rub away the paper from the tape. Let the sticker completely dry, then move on to next steps.
  2. Open picture frame and place sticker in center.
  3. Fill with coffee beans and put back of the frame on.
  4. Hang near a coffee machine!
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Bourbon Drinkers Are Boycotting Jim Beam Because Of Mila Kunis

In 2014, Mila Kunis became the face of Jim Beam when she released three commercials on behalf of the iconic whisky brand.

“Anyone would want to share a Jim Beam with Mila,” the company’s senior vice president, Kevin George said. “We love that about her, and couldn’t be happier to have her join the Jim Beam family.”

US Weekly

The whiskey company, which has been around since 1795, sought out the Bad Moms actress for several reasons including, her love of bourbon, her warm personality and for the global relevance that she can bring to the brand.

“As a fan of bourbon and a huge proponent of making history, I am thrilled to be the newest member of the Jim Beam family,” the Ted star added in the statement.


But after her recent statement with talk show host Conan, they may have to rethink their marketing strategy.

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