New York City Is About To Have The World’s Longest Building

The New York City skyline is filled with massive skyscrapers. For as far as you can see, these beautiful glass covered buildings dominate the view, and for a time New York had boasted one of the world’s tallest buildings in the Empire State Building (which is currently number 28 on that list).


With massive buildings going up all across the globe, it’s nearly impossible to hold onto the title of world’s tallest building anymore. But New York has decided that it doesn’t really care because they are planning on building the world’s longest building in the coming years. The building is still waiting for its final approval from the city, but when it’s up, it will be a marvel of architecture.

Designed by architecture firm Oiio Studios, the “Big Bend” as it has been named will change the New York City skyline forever.

To Save A Haunted Church They Filled It With Actual Ghosts

Haunted buildings have a certain feel about them. They are creepy, cold, and they always give you that feeling that someone is watching you even if you can’t see them. But how would you feel if you could actually see the spooky ghosts?

There is a church located in Czech Republic called St. George’s Church and it has been thought to be haunted for decades. It was built all the way back in 1352 and had to be rebuilt several times because of fires.

Even though there had been multiple fires in the building, the congregation didn’t flee. The final straw came in 1968, when the entire roof collapsed into the church. The congregation finally gave up on the haunted building.

Instead of ever going back inside, the entire congregation would meet outside. Seeing as how no one would enter the building, the church fell into disrepair. Vandalism and looting became incredibly prevalent and no one could afford to restore it to its formal glory.

It wasn’t until years later that an artist would use the ghosts that haunted the church as inspiration to help save it…

10 Photos Of Abandoned Places That You Won’t Want To Believe Exist

Abandoned buildings and areas are probably one of the most fascinating things you could find. It’s completely insane that people could spend all that money and time building something unique and special, only to have it get left completely barren and empty.

Sometimes the circumstances that led to the buildings getting run down are out of the owner’s control, but either way, it’s still interesting to look at these abandoned places that used to be filled with so much life. They do have a hauntingly beautiful quality to them, but some are super creepy. Check them out!

Gil Koplovitz

The entrance to this underwater building was above water with a simple staircase down. It was a restaurant for a little while before it was changed into a strip club.

It was called the Nymphas Show Bar but closed down years ago, taking most of the furniture with them.

Gil Koplovitz

The British Royal Navy built these sea forts as a way to protect themselves from air rids.

Fred Guenther

This underground station was shut down in 1945, but recently it was reopened for one night as part of an exhibition.

It was called Valley of the Mills and it was used hundreds of years ago to process wheat. The humidity became too unbearable to work there so the mill was abandoned.

The former airstrip in Antarctica is no longer used, but the remains of the Pegasus airplane that crashed in 1970 are still peaking out of the snow.

A lot of really unique places are abandoned including mines and theme parks…

When You See The Incredible Two-Story “Playhouse” This Dad Built, You’ll Wonder If He Could Adopt You

Every dad finds a way to stay involved in his daughter’s life. Some dads drive their daughters to ballet practice, and others volunteer to coach their soccer games.

Then there are dads like Adam Boyd who just make the rest of us look bad. Last year, the 39-year-old from Highland, Michigan started to build his daughters – 5-year-old Avery and 2-year-old Violet – a small wooden playhouse where they could have tea parties.

Since then, the project has outgrown even his wildest expectations, and now it’s safe to say all of the other little girls on Boyd’s street are jealous of Avery and Violet. Looking at the final result, it’s no surprise that this dad runs a remodeling company called ATB Building.

On the outside, the two-story playhouse features a bridge, a rock wall, a slide, and a pair of swing sets. Oh, and a wrap-around porch of course. But what little girl didn’t have that when she was growing up?

His daughters also helped him build their new playhouse, by sweeping up debris, carrying wood and helping to paint the walls. “It gave me some daddy-daughter time and I was able to teach her my skills, and that was pretty cool,” Boyd told People.

If you’re already impressed brace yourself, because Boyd added lots of stunning details inside the playhouse too.