Meghan Markle’s Christmas Gift To The Queen Left Her Majesty In Hysterics

With Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s wedding less than four months away, the future royal is quickly getting herself acquainted with her fiancé’s family.

When Queen Elizabeth II invited Markle to Sandringham for Christmas, she broke a precedent even Kate Middleton was unable to accomplish. In the past, only spouses of the royal family were welcomed to celebrate the holiday at the Queen’s private home, and when the Duchess of Cambridge was engaged to Prince William she was no exception.

As reported, Markle’s first Christmas with the royals went off without a hitch, with Harry even claiming they have become the “family she never had” – much to the chagrin of Markle’s half sister, Samantha Grant.

But as we all know, one of the most challenging parts of the holidays is finding the perfect gift for those we care for, and even more so for the ones we are trying to impress.

While details of what kind of gifts the royal family exchanged were scarce, we found out Middleton gifted the Queen with her homemade “marrow chutney,” a family recipe passed down from her own grandmother.

“I think such a simple gesture went such a long way for me and I’ve noticed since she’s done that on lots of occasions and I think it just shows her thoughtfulness, really, and her care in looking after everybody,” the Duchess of Cambridge said.

Now a fortnight later, Markle’s gift to the Queen has become public knowledge, and it did not disappoint.

Woman Nearly Blinded By Eye Herpes Discovers It Was Just Christmas Card Glitter

Now that the holidays have come and gone and things are back to normal, can we talk for a second about Christmas cards?

Card Treasures

Don’t get me wrong, we love Christmas cards. Y’know what we don’t love though? Christmas cards with glitter on them. People, it’s seriously time to stop with these things. I understand that they look pretty and shiny when you see them in the store, and you get all excited for someone to open them up to revel in your card-shopping skills, but that’s not what happens.


What DOES happen is that our hands and just about every other surface in a ten mile radius gets coated in the glitter that’s already been knocked loose from the card being in the mail. Now we not only have to go on the impossible journey of not only washing this crap off of our hands, but vacuuming every surface of the house that’s somehow just been coated in the shiny madness.

This picture is a lie. There is no love here.Ebay

Still don’t see what I’m getting at? Well it turns out that Christmas card glitter can actually cause health problems: a woman from Wales was diagnosed with herpes and suffered a cornea lesion because of a stray piece of glitter…

Father Gives His Son A Toy That Lets Him Hear His Deceased Mother’s Voice

The holidays are an emotional time for everyone, because of the joy that comes from being around your loved ones, and the grief from remembering those who aren’t with us any longer.

For one family, this was an especially painful time of the year. Only six months before, Antonio Vargas Sr. lost his wife, leaving him and his son Antonio Jr. on their own.

This was going to be their first Christmas without her, but they weren’t alone. The two of them had other loved ones around them while they were opening presents in order to keep everyone happy and to bring out that feeling of togetherness.

But Antonio Sr. had a surprise in store for his son. He knew that the year had been hard for him, and that no amount of toys or presents could fill the void in his son’s heart for his mother.

This father went above and beyond to give his son a unique experience that only he would understand.

Luke Bryan’s Exotic Christmas Gift For His Wife Will Leave You Yelling “Crikey!”

Luke Bryan is a thoughtful, but still fun-loving guy. For someone who has been through as much tragedy as he has, it’s always great to watch him live life to the fullest.

Seventeen years ago, Bryan lost his older brother, Chris, in a car accident. He put his musical aspirations aside in order to stay with his family, but his dad, Tommy, pushed him to pursue.

“I said, ‘You know, if you’re going to pursue your music career, you need to pack your truck up and move to Nashville,'” Tommy said.


Seven years later, Bryan’s sister, Kelly, died unexpectedly in her home. Then, seven years after that, Kelly’s widower, Ben, died, leaving behind their three children. Without hesitation, Bryan and his wife, Caroline, stepped in to take the kids into their home.

“We never thought twice about it,” Caroline said. “You know, it was never something that he and I had to sit down and talk about. ‘Should we take this on?’ We just did that.”

In 2017, Caroline’s niece, Brett, died when she was just seven months old. As a way to honor her, Caroline “hijacked” one of Luke’s barns, naming it “Brett’s Barn”, and filled it with llamas, ponies, and other animals for kids with illnesses to come and visit.

This year, as a gift for both Caroline and Brett’s Barn, Luke decided he wanted to add some exotic pets to the group.

Garbage Truck Driver And 2-Year-Old Boy Are Fighting Terminal Cancer Together

It’s hard enough to be a garbage man on most days. You spend your mornings going from house to house, having to pick up the trash from peoples driveways, hoping that everything is in its right place and that nothing will leak today.

For Rick Neatherlin, it’s much harder. When his wife and mother were diagnosed with cancer, he must have thought he was the unluckiest person in the world. But then he met Isaac.

Isaac Williams is no ordinary boy. With stage four cancer of the nervous system, his family has exhausted many of the traditional forms of treatment, and he will be starting radiation therapy soon. He also loves to watch the garbage trucks come up and down his block.

For many, it’s a day that requires extra chores, but for Isaac, it’s a reason to get excited. When Neatherlin found out that Isaac was also fighting this disease, it shook his understanding of the world.

“Man, he’s two years old; never had that chance to even be a kid yet, you know, and to see him go through this…” Neatherlin said. “That hit home.”

So he talked it over with his crew and they decided to do something for this strong boy.

Barack Obama Surprises Christmas Carolers On Vacation

Former President Barack Obama has been keeping a relatively low profile since leaving the White House. It’s to be expected, of course, as he just spent eight years as the most powerful man in the country, so no one can blame him for wanting to take some time away.

Barack Obama on vacation in 2017. SCMP

Currently, the father of two is on his annual holiday visit to Hawaii, where he was born. Obama was hosting a Christmas party at the Paul Mitchell estate in lanikai, where he and his family were staying. A women’s rights group, the Windward ReSisters, heard that their former president was in town, they decided to stop by.

The Windward ReSistersPEOPLE

“We got our group together on Saturday and went with our […]Santa hats and proceeded to Christmas carol in front of the estate,” group member Darlene Mandel said. “We sounded terrible.”

The group figured that someone would eventually come out and tell them to stop, but instead, Barack Obama himself emerged from the estate.

Kardashians Have Not Yet Explained Glaring Omission in Christmas Card

Every year, the Kardashian family releases a Christmas card, much like any other family. Unlike any other family, the card is sent to millions of people and is more elaborate than most wedding photos.

NY Daily News
NY Daily News

This year, the famous family decided to tease their Christmas card kind of like an advent calendar. Every day, Kim Kardashian-West would release a teaser picture of the photo shoot, only dropping subtle hints.

“It’s women and children this year,” Kardashian-West said. “This year’s Christmas card is shot really casually. We’re kind of doing [a] jeans-and-T-shirts vibe. Really cute. All the kids are so hard to put together.”

But when husband Kanye West made an appearance, it seemed that this year’s card would be an entire family affair.

Kardashian Family
Kardashian Family
Kardashian Family

Fans speculated that this Christmas card would be what revealed Kylie Jenner’s pregnancy, as sister Khloé confirmed hers just days before.

However, when the Christmas card was finally revealed on the 25th, fans noticed not one, but two glaring omissions from the final product.

When Their Flight Got Delayed, A Flight Attendant Decided It Was His Time To Shine

Let’s face it people: nobody likes flying if they can help it. It’s stressful, it’s crowded, the whole process takes forever, and it often results in a ton of discomfort and possibly even lost possessions. And that’s just when things go well!


Pretty much everybody who’s ever flown anywhere has encountered delays before, and it’s pretty much the worst thing ever. You’re tired and just want to get wherever you’re going, and whether it’s because of weather, issues on the tarmac, or even just one person having something in their luggage that they probably shouldn’t, delays can sometimes mean that your flight doesn’t leave for HOURS after it was supposed to.


It’s hard to stay patient during these situations, especially since half the time the airline staff just give you the same generic responses that everybody else is. I mean, I know they don’t know when you’re going to take off any better than they do, but could they not at least try to do SOMETHING to make the experience less awful?!


Well, on a recent United Airlines flight that was stuck on the tarmac because of a snowstorm, one flight attendant decided that the passengers needed a way to blow off some steam and pass the time. Fortunately, he had just the thing to entertain the entire crowd…

Watch The Holiday Dance That Brought One Utah Family Together

What started as a joke in 2012, has turned into a holiday tradition witnessed by millions.

To the eight Orgill siblings (plus their parents, spouses, nieces and nephews), the annual dance became a way to reconnect in spite of their busy lives.

When the siblings were young their parents “would have us put on funny little plays and then videotape us just for fun. With eight young children, they were always looking for ways to keep us busy,” Ammon Orgill said.

Starting with a silly dance to Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas Is You” in 2012 soon had the family internet famous.


Then in 2013 the family embraced their inner Mariah again, with “Santa Claus Is Comin’ To Town.”


By 2014 they had almost half a million views on their take of Justin Bieber’s “Drummer Boy.”


Now they have taken it up a notch, and you have to see this year’s video!

Mom Reports Her Young Son Missing, But He Was Secretly Making Money For Something Special

The spirit of Christmas seems to be most alive in the hearts and souls of young children around the world.

Children are taught some of the most important values during the holiday season, such as to celebrate love, bond as a family, think of others before thinking of yourself, being grateful, and spreading Christmas joy.

What’s beautiful is that they take these values to heart and work hard to spread joy in their community.

One boy went through great lengths to make sure his family would have a wonderful Christmas, but his plan didn’t go accordingly.

An Oklahoma mother frantically reported her 13-year-old son missing after he didn’t come home at the time he was supposed to.

Sophia Reed asked her daughter, Deneisha, if she had any idea where her brother might be, but she bit her tongue, knowing well that if she told her mother the truth, Christmastime could be ruined for her whole family.

The story of the “missing” boy will warm you heart.

How Long Can You Keep Your Leftovers In The Fridge After Christmas? Experts Weigh In

The most wonderful time of year consists of a table filled with some kind of poultry and meat, mashed potatoes, gravy, cranberry sauce, vegetables, carbonated drinks, wine, and delicious desserts like pumpkin or apple pie.

If that doesn’t make you salivate and make you love Christmastime I don’t know what will.

It’s nearly impossible to not make enough food to feed everyone with all those options on the table.

You can have a handful or dozens of people over and somehow you are always left with a lot of leftovers.

Once everyone is stuffed on the Christmas feast, it’s time to pack everything in the fridge and freezer.

But how long will these leftovers last in the fridge before they’re putting your family at risk for contamination and food poisoning?

One expert weighs in on the safest storage times for each food.

Girl Leaves Hilarious Message For Santa In The Snow

When Christmas season rolls around, kids work furiously to write their letters to Santa. The requests can range anywhere from a new video game to baby siblings (yikes!), but rarely do kids ask Santa to take something away from them.

Irish Mirror

One girl in Canada must have been pretty tired of her older sibling, because when she began writing a message to Santa, it took a pretty hilarious turn.

Nine-year-old Jennifer Murphy was spray painting a message in the snow banks for the Big Man before the big day, when her mom noticed her message included a strange request.

Regular Customer Shows Christmas Spirit By Tipping Diner $3,000 On $39 Check

A diner’s regular customer stunned the restaurant when he tipped the staff $3,000 on only a $39.60 check.

When the 12-person staff at Encounter Café in Bellevue, Washington received the generous gratuity, they originally thought it was a joke, until they saw the note left on the bill.

“You guys do a great job! When I was 7, I washed dishes and my mom cooked in a diner like this. We were dirt poor and didn’t have money for Christmas. Hopefully, this will help all of you have a better Christmas,” the customer wrote.

Eventually the diner’s owner Melanie Bard figured out who the mysterious tipper was.

Restaurant Offers Free Meals To The Homeless Over The Holidays

While the frustrations many of us face during the holidays usually consist of things like trying to find the perfect gift for somebody, or having to struggle to get everything under the tree in time for the 25th, for others the early winter is much more difficult.


Winter is an especially tough time of year for the thousands of homeless people who live in this country alone, thanks to increasingly cold and inhospitable weather conditions, fewer and fewer places for them to sleep outdoors, and a shortage of shelters with long-term care available. Not only that, but most of them don’t even have warm enough clothes to actually deal with how cold the winter can ultimately be.


While there are several organizations dedicated to providing relief to the homeless year-round, these organizations only have so many resources available to them, and the rate of homelessness is only increasing by the year. As a result, it’s all the more important for members of the community to pitch in where they can in order to help out.

Charity Club

Well, one Amir Shawarma franchise owner in the city of Montreal, Canada has decided to do just that, and has offered up a safe place for the area’s homeless population to get a hot meal over the holidays…

Deaf Children Finally Get To Hear Santa When They Discover He Speaks Sign Language

For parents nationwide, one of the biggest Christmas traditions has easily got to be taking your kids to meet Santa Claus in the weeks leading up to Christmas. While not every child necessarily reacts all that well to it, it can be a pretty magical event to meet the man in the red suit himself, listen to his cheerful voice, and tell him what you want more than anything in the world for Christmas.

Nashville Downtown Partnership

Of course, meeting Santa isn’t necessarily going to be the same experience for everybody. While some kids have a laundry list of toys they want to get, others come from households where they’re lucky if they get even one present, which can easily make meeting the man in red a bittersweet experience. On top of that, kids with significant disorders or disabilities can often have a drastically different experience of meeting the man, if they even get to at all.


Which is what makes the moment that a little deaf girl gets to meet Santa Claus all the better, because as it turns out, she and Santa share a few things in common…

Father Trying To Give Kids Happy Christmas After Mother Eaten By A Cougar

A Californian dad is begging for help this holiday season in order to help his children deal with the grief of losing three family members this year, including their mother.

Michelle ‘Yin’ Wong, was found mauled by a mountain lion after her puzzling disappearance earlier this month.

The young mother, only 33-years-old, had apparently left the children alone at home one night to go walking in the Californian wilderness with no shoes and only a light dress on.

Her sudden death comes as a shock to her three surviving children, who were still grieving the loss of their grandparents earlier this year.

Their father, Santino, is doing his best to raise his children on his own, but fears he won’t be able to afford to give them the holiday they need right now.

“Our goal as a family is to take the children’s minds off of the horrible tragedies for just a moment and provide them with the best possible Christmas that we can,’said their uncle, Ricardo DeCarlo.

They have set up a GoFundMe page asking for a modest amount of $1000 to pay for extra gifts, and the response was immediate.

Meghan Markle Set To Spend Christmas Morning with Prince George and Princess Charlotte

Now that Meghan Markle is officially settling in with her fiance Prince Harry in the UK, their first Christmas together will no doubt be a special one.

The former Suits actress is said to be celebrating the holiday at Queen Elizabeth II’s country estate, Sandringham, in spite of not officially being wed to Harry yet.

Hello Magazine

It has now been said that Meghan will also be spending some quality time with her future niece and nephew.

Mother Doesn’t Hide That She Loves Her Dog More Than Her Son At Christmas Time

Sure, we all love our pets, some of them like they are our own children. But our children will always be that much closer to our hearts than anything else.

This is strangely not the case with one mother, who openly admits she has a personal favorite, and it’s not even close.

“I love Lola more than my son,” said Helena Mueller, speaking of her two-year-old Cockapoo that she lavishly spoils, especially around the holidays.

Helena said she can’t imagine spending any time away from her curly-haired pooch, but doesn’t feel as warmly to her own son, Harry.

“This year, she’s definitely getting more gifts than Harry,” she said. “I tried to hide that from Harry last year, but this time it’s so obvious because there’s so many.”

She got Lola when Harry, an only child, was four-years-old. Since then, her love for the dog has verged on the fanatical.

Not only does she spoil the dog more than her son, she spoon-feeds the canine every day, wears matching outfits with her, and has even opened up a bank account for Lola to the tune of $100.

And that’s just the start of it.

A Perfect Party Favor for Christmas Get Togethers

Are you hosting a holiday party this year, and you’re thinking about what to give as the perfect party favor? Mini cookie snowglobes is the answer for you! These adorable Christmas cookie’s are so delicious and come in their very own snowglobe looking container. The perfect addition to any party!

  • sugar cookie mix
  • icing
  • cookie cutters
  • gel food coloring
  • empty baby food jars
  • candy melts
  • sprinkles

1. Begin by washing out, drying, and removing the label from your baby food jar. Set aside.

2. Roll out your sugar cookie dough and using small cookie cutters, cut out your desired shapes and circle platform for your shape to be “glued” to.

3. Bake as directed on package.

4. Using your icing and gel food colors, decorate your shaped cookies then set aside to dry.

5. Melt your candy melts in a microwaveable safe dish, and then place a dollap on the inside of the baby jar lid to use as a glue for your platform cookie. One in place, add another dollap of melts to glue your cookie shape on. Set aside to dry.

6. Fill your jar with white sprinkles to make it look like snow, and then screw on the lid of the jar and flip it over. Mini Cookie Snowglobe!

After A Drunk Threw Up In A Box Full Of Charity Toys, His Community Pulled Off A Christmas Miracle

A Grinch loaded up with eggnog almost ruined this Christmas for some of Chicago’s neediest kids.

The man was taking part in the city’s annual “T-Box” bar crawl, also known as the “Twelve Bars of Christmas.” By the time he reached the Nisei Lounge he must have been a little over-served, because shortly after arriving he puked in the bar’s Toys for Tots charity box.

Holiday revelers at the Nisei Lounge during T-Box.Fox 32

Bar owner Brian Pistorius says the box of toys for underprivileged children was about three quarters full, but none of the toys could be saved.

“Unfortunately after that happens we can’t really give those to the kids,” he said.

The drunk ruined an entire box of Christmas toys.Mix941

But a bartender and a bouncer at the Nisei Lounge didn’t want the kids to go without their toys, so they volunteered their tips from the bar crawl to buy replacements. Then, they shared their pledge on social media, asking others to give as well.

Before they knew it, the entire community was rallying to fill the bar’s new box, and they wound up doing even better than that.