8 Almost Too Good To Be True Costco Perks You Had No Idea Existed

It’s no secret that Costco offers some of the best deals on everything, including groceries, household items, books, electronics, and even gift certificates.

But did you know that in addition to the competitive prices, food court deals, free samples, and flexible return policy, the warehouse chain has plenty of other lesser-known perks you can take advantage of as a member?

Check them out:

Bet you didn’t know Costco’s Hearing Aid Centers offer free hearing tests as well as complimentary follow-up appointments and hearing aid cleaning. If you do end up purchasing a product from one of the store’s Hearing Aid Centers, you’ll also receive free check-ups and loss and damage coverage.

The Krazy Coupon Lady

Travelling can get expensive, so if you’re considering taking a trip this year, visit Costco’s travel website or chat with an agent because they can help you lock in the best deal. Members can enjoy discounted trips to popular all-inclusive destinations, Disney World, and Europe.

Custom Printing Deals

Although you can obtain a stack of personal checks from your bank, Costco can get them printed for you for a fraction of the cost. Plus, you have the option to personalize your checks by adding your favorite design or image on the background.


If you have a bottled water dispenser at your home or office, you can sign up for Costco’s water delivery service. Choose from spring, purified, or artesian, and have the H2O delivered to your door starting at $6 for a large bottle. You’re also able to rent a dispenser starting at $1 a month, depending on your membership level.

Costco Cashier Had The Perfect Reaction When Sisters Said He Looks Like A Disney Character

They say you can find anything at Costco, and at the big box store’s Kapolei, Hawaii location that includes demigods.

Radio host Rella Rivera says her daughters Ryley (eight) and Rylyn (five) can’t wait for their weekly grocery trip to Costco after discovering that one of their favorite Disney characters works at the checkout line.

The girls couldn’t hide their excitement.Rella Rivera

Rivera captured the adorable moment when her daughters freaked out over their favorite cashier, asking them “Who’s that?”

“It’s Maui!” they shouted back.

If you have children or grandchildren you’ll definitely see the resemblance between Costco cashier Va’ana and Maui, the tattooed demigod with attitude from Disney’s Moana.

The resemblance is striking.Rella Rivera / Disney

Va’ana has the hair, the looks, and even the tattoos to be the spitting image of Maui. And apparently this isn’t the first time customers have pointed it out to him.

When he saw Ryley and Rylyn’s reaction, Va’ana invited them to join him on the other side of the cash register for a totally adorable moment.

Dr. Oz Uncovers Some Interesting Details About Costco’s Rotisserie Chicken

If you hold a Costco membership, then you’ve most likely left the wholesale store on more than one occasion with a rotisserie chicken in hand. But even those of you who don’t have the store’s card, you have probably eaten their famous chicken at some point.


If you did, then you may have noticed that there is something special about Costco’s Kirkland brand seasoned rotisserie chicken that sets it apart from other grocery store varieties.

For years, fans have wondered if it is the chicken itself that’s different, or perhaps it’s the seasoning or the fact that it is slow roasted in a spit in the store. Some even wonder if the $5 price tag makes you think that the three-pound bird tastes better than it actually is.


Well, after years of back and forth, we finally have answers that can help us explain why the chicken is so addictive.

On a recent episode of The Dr.Oz Show, the medical expert joined forces with food journalist Mark Schatzker to uncover the truth, and they made some interesting conclusions.

15 Crazy Things You Can Buy At Costco

When you absolutely need to pick up enough toilet paper, dish soap, and creamed corn to last until next year, Costco is the best place to shop.

It can be a little confusing wandering around that giant warehouse, but shoppers who know what to look for can find great deals. And Costco stocks items that you would never find in other stores.

Here are the 15 craziest things you can buy – if you have a membership, that is.

1. Cars

If the weight of all those 10-pound ketchup bottles you buy at Costco messes up your car’s transmission, rest assured that you can buy a new one and be home in time for dinner. Costco offers discounts to members through local car dealerships. It won’t fit in your cart, but a bargain’s a bargain.

2. Johnnie Walker 1805 Blue Label

Don’t put this on your shopping list, because you’ve already missed your once-in-a-lifetime chance. Only 200 bottles of this special reserve were ever made, and while most were distributed by Johnnie Walker, one found its way into a Costco with a shocking $20,000 price tag. If I saw that price, I would just keep on walking.

3. A wedding dress

You can find everything you need for a lavish wedding inside the bargain store, and if you’re not picky you can get married there too. That’s what a pair of Costco fanatics from Australia did, saying “I do” in front of 90 guests inside a Costco warehouse.

4. Four liters of hot sauce

We all know someone who pours on a little too much of the spicy stuff, but this is ridiculous. Right now it’s only available through Coscto’s Business Centre branches, but customers say they’ve spotted these huge containers in the regular stores.

5. A $900 cheese wheel

Yes, we know that it’s aged parmigiana imported from Italy, but isn’t Costco supposed to be a discount retailer?

6.  A chicken coop

Costco is actually eating into their own business with this one: once customers realize they can get their eggs at home, nobody will be buying them at the store. These coops come in a range of colors and styles to suit your tastes (or your chicken’s, if they’re demanding).

7. Coffins

A Saturday afternoon spent enjoying free samples with your family isn’t the best time to contemplate your own mortality, but you never know what’s around the next aisle. If you insist on picking out your own coffin, you might as well enjoy a hot dog (or two) at the same time.

Costco Is Now Offering A Free Online Delivery Service

Anyone who has ever shopped at Costco will attest to the fact that they have the best deals on EVERYTHING, from household products and groceries, to electronics and books. If you don’t believe it, this list might convince you.

Aside from the obvious, there so many other perks to owning a membership, including travel discounts, free tech support, an open return policy, free samples, and cheap eats ($1.50 hot dog and soda combo).


Nowadays, as more people turn to the internet to do their shopping, Costco has decided to get in with the times. The wholesaler has introduced a new online delivery program so you’ll never again have to worry about carts bumping into you during the Sunday rush at your local Costco store.

Dubbed CostcoGrocery, CFO Richard Galanti announced the news about the new service recently during the company’s fourth-quarter financial meeting according to bizjournal.com.

Now let’s get into all the exciting details you’re dying to know about CostcoGrocery.

Impromptu Costco Duet Leaves Everyone Speechless

Shopping at Costco can be extremely stressful. There’s people everywhere, lines for everything, and trying to find what you need is almost impossible.

Of course, there are tips and tricks to shopping smart at Costco, but nothing can really calm the storm.

But what we will say about Costco, is that their employees are always friendly and doing things to make the experience better for everyone. This includes the independent sales people who they bring in to advertise products.

One piano salesman was at a local Costco when he sat down to demonstrate how wonderful the sound is. Little did he know, he was about to go viral.