Bus Full Of Children Crashes On The Way Back From Disney World, Multiple Casualties Reported

At least one person was killed when a bus filled with multiple students crashed into a ravine in Baldwin County, Alabama.

There were 45 passengers from the high school’s band on board, and 20 have been taken to the hospital after sustaining serious injuries. One person is reported dead.

The company that owned the bus used, First Class Tours, released a statement, where they confirmed the driver had died.

“Our prayers are with the injured and their families at this time. We pledge our assistance in cooperating with local authorities in the investigation,” the statement read.

According to WKRG-TV, this is the fourth crash the bus company had been involved in during the past two years.

The chartered bus was leaving Disney World in the early morning of March 13, and en route to their homes in Houston, Texas.

“The students are from Channelview High School,” ┬áMark Kramer, spokesman for the Channelview Independent School District, said. “At this time, details are limited. We are in contact with law enforcement in Alabama trying to obtain further information.”


Baldwin County Sheriff Huey Hoss Mack said the crash was “in the dark of night, and we are down in a ravine next to a creek. He added that “it was a large scale effort,” with a significant amount of emergency dispatchers arriving on the scene to evacuate all of the passengers.

Jimmy Kimmel Shaken Up After Wrong Turn Leads To A Head-On Collision

The late night talk show host is usually a pro at making segues on his show, however things took a turn for the worse when the TV personality made an error in judgement that nearly cost someone their life.

Jimmy Kimmel was set to host the Academy Awards this March, but now this could be in jeopardy as he finds himself seemingly at fault for a head-on collision on the famous Los Angeles highway.

Police officials and firefighters were on the scene to examine the damage and determine how the accident could have occurred.

Kimmel was driving in his BMW when witnesses say he attempted to make a left hand turn onto the Sunset Strip, however the exit was “right turn only” in this case.

While the host is usually very active on his Twitter account, he has made no mention of the accident that left his car in a mangled heap.

TMZ released footage of a frantic Kimmel making calls with the victim of the crash as police arrive on the scene.

School Bus Full Of Students Slides Dangerously Out Of Control

As a kid, I always looked forward to my morning school bus rides. It gave me the chance to get a little bit of extra shut eye or some more time to finish the homework I was supposed to have had done the night before (shhh)!

It was also a great opportunity to hang out with friends and maybe pass messages back and forth, along with the occasional paper airplane. If we ever got out of hand, we knew the bus driver would settle us down to keep everything running smoothly.

Unfortunately, there is only so much a driver can do when Mother Nature starts working against them.

That was the case in Massachusetts, when a bus carrying 20 students tried driving up a hill in a residential neighborhood. The roads were clearly not salted properly, and as it reached the top of the sloping road, it began to stall, and then, drift backwards.

Passengers Miraculously Saved As Plane Dangles On Edge Of A Cliff

A lot of people are nervous to fly, especially with all the stories in the last year that tell us that we are never truly safe when traveling through the air.

While it isn’t quite as dangerous as the media makes it seem, those who harbor doubts about this form of travel now have a new reason to be afraid of the runway.

The 168 passengers on a Boeing 737-800 were in for a bumpy ride as their flight touched down in Turkey. What was supposed to be a controlled landing for the commercial airplane turned into a chance at life or death.

As Flight PC8622 was coming in to land, something was definitely wrong. Some people on board managed to document the crash with their cellphones, seen below.

The airplane would hit the ground hard, but level, and then continue to slide before skidding off of the runway – right off of the cliff side.