Rescue Dog Steps Up To Agility Course, But His “Skills” Leave The Crowd Laughing

Each year, the Crufts dog show judges crown one pet “Best in Show” out of dozens of purebred competitors.

Unlike human beauty contests, they don’t hand out a congeniality award.

But if they did, a feisty four-year-old mixed breed named Kratu might walk away with this year’s.

The rescue dog, who’s full name is “Baron Kratu von Bearbum,” became a viral sensation after running the contest’s agility course in his own special way.

Kratu’s owner and trainer, Tessa Swan, says he was rescued from an abusive home as a puppy.

Since then, Swan has raised him to be an emotional support dog, and an ambassador for other rescued animals.

In fact, Kratu competed at Crufts this year to raise awareness for the charity that saved his life, Wood Green.

But his performance left something to be desired.

Watch the full video here.


Kratu managed to impress the audience, but mainly because he came up with new and creative ways of using the obstacles.

When he somehow pulled a 180 degree turn inside the plastic tube, the announcer was flabbergasted.

“He couldn’t care less, could be?” he asked, as Kratu ran off the floor for the second time to greet volunteers on the sidelines.

Despite losing the competition, Swan is enjoying all the attention Kratu attracted, and says his silly antics are just like him.

“He’s the reason I get up every day,” she told the announcer.

But Kratu isn’t the only dog who refused to follow the rules this year…

Your Dog’s Food Bowl Is Making Both Of You Sick

When you think about the dirtiest place in your house, you probably think about the toilet, right? Surprisingly, there are way more germ-infested places throughout your household than your toilet. This especially true if you’re a dog owner.

If you feed your dog dry food, you probably don’t think to wash his bowl too often, I know I don’t.

Pet food bowls are actually one of the most germ infested places throughout your entire house. This is because dry foods actually do leave residue, and are the perfect home for mold and yeast. These can both result in bacteria like E. coli and Salmonella living in the food bowls.

It is incredibly sad thinking that our pups are licking these mold-infested bowls covered with all this bacteria. It’s not just our dogs that are affected. These germs can cause illnesses in both animals and humans from just being exposed to the bacteria.

This information was found when a study was done by NSF International. They examined 30 everyday items from 22 different households, and pet food dishes ranked 4th in the final list of germ hot spots. The top three were kitchen sponge/dish rag, kitchen sink, and toothbrush holder.

Wrongfully Convicted Man Reunites With The Dog He Raised While In Prison, Now Both Are Free

After 38 years, a wrongfully convicted man was released from prison, alongside the dog he raised from behind bars.

In 1980, Malcolm Alexander was 21 years old when was sentenced to life in prison for a rape he did not commit.

After spending nearly four decades incarcerated, Alexander walked out of the Louisiana State Penitentiary at Angola a free man, after DNA evidence proved his innocence.

But he wouldn’t walk out alone. The day after his release, Alexander was reunited with his canine companion.

“I named her Inn because I was innocent and she was innocent,” Alexander told CBS New York.

Alexander had been receiving aid from the Innocence Project since 1996 and had just been absolved of his crime less than a month ago.  

“The stakes in this case couldn’t have been higher for Mr. Alexander who faced a mandatory sentence of life without parole, yet the attorney that he entrusted with his life did next to nothing to defend him,” said Vanessa Potkin, the post-conviction litigation director at the Innocence Project.

“Thirty-eight years is unimaginable. He survived 38 years of anyone’s worst nightmare,” Potkin added. “Being so removed from society, isolated in essentially hell.”

Luckily, Alexander was able to get through his unjust incarceration, attributing his willpower for survival to his black lab, who never left his side.

Homeless Man Stands In Front Of Walmart With A Heartbreaking Sign, Until One Woman Stops To Help

If you live in or around a big city, chances are you walk by homeless people holding signs every day.

As generous as we can be, most of us just ignore the requests for help and charity that we see on the sidewalk. But when Wilma Price saw a homeless man holding a heartbreaking sign outside of her local Walmart, she took action.

Something made Wilma Price stop and help the man.CBS News

The woman from Huntsville, Texas noticed a scruffy-looking man with a cardboard sign outside the store. Written on it in big, black letters were the words “DOG IN POUND NEED HELP.”

Price had just $8 in her pocket, so at first she just walked right by the man. But something made her stop and turn around. Price runs her own animal shelter, and she can never turn down an animal in need.  

Patrick had no money to get his dog out of the shelter.Wilma Price

After speaking to the homeless man, Price learned his sad story. His name was Patrick, and after being arrested for trespassing and sent to jail, his dog, Franklin, had been taken to a nearby animal shelter.

They would release the animal to Patrick, but only after he paid $120, which of course he didn’t have.

Price agreed to help Patrick, but first she made him take a special test.

70-Year-Old Woman’s Dog Adoption Rejected Because She’s “Too Old”

The classic saying is that “an old dog can’t learn new tricks,” but we’ve never heard of a person too old to adopt a dog.

But that’s why a 70-year-old Wisconsin woman only identified as Mary says her adoption application for a homeless dog was rejected. Mary had seen a listing for a one-year-old Yorkie mix who was being fostered near her home.

Mary says this one-year-old Yorkie mix was the perfect dog for her.TMJ4

The dog seemed like a perfect fit for Mary, who was looking for a small animal that could follow her on vacations around the world. But when she applied to adopt the dog, she was stunned by the animal shelter’s response.

Mary is 70 but says she’s not too old to adopt a dog.TMJ 4

The Fluffy Dog Rescue animal shelter explained that they have  “a philosophy of ‘adoption for life'” before adding “we feel there are other dogs that may be more suitable for you. In your case it would be a dog aged three or older.”

The decision was especially painful for Mary, who has been looking for a new companion since her husband passed away three years ago.

“I think they made a very poor judgment,” she told  TMJ4, “in the fact they don’t know me.”

Mary’s daughter Melissa called the decision “really upsetting.”TMJ4

Mary’s daughter Melissa fired back at the animal shelter in an e-mail, and now more animal rescue groups are weighing in on Fluffy Dog’s unusual decision.

A Look Back At Our Happiest Moments From 2017

It’s still early into 2018, but by now we’ve had time to acquaint ourselves with the new year and breathe a collective sigh of relief that we are no longer in 2017.

It was a difficult year, with trials and tribulations, heartbreaks and scandals, and more than enough tragedy to fit inside a mere 365 days. But alongside those hard times, there were also brief moments of love and compassion.

These instances gave us hope when they happened, and even though we have a lot to expect from 2018, let’s take a look back at our happiest moments from last year and remember the good times as we move forward!

When one man found himself heartbroken over a recent breakup, he thought that his life was effectively over. As he dragged himself around the house, he came across someone hurting more than he was.

A sick, starving cat had found its way inside his home and into his new owners arms. The man took in the kitten and nursed him, and his broken heart, back to health. There really are everyday heroes out there!

A dance troupe of girls on the popular Britain’s Got Talent had big dreams to win the competition, but unlike most contestants just looking for fame, they had a heartfelt reason for reaching the top.

One member, 15-year-old Julia Carlile, had lived with scoliosis since she was six, and was going to use her prize money to pay for a surgery to correct her spine.

Unfortunately, the girls ended up finishing 9th in the final round, but their dream wasn’t over. Show host Simon Cowell decided that no one should be denied their good health, paying for her surgery out-of-pocket.

It was a deadly situation that only quick thinking could solve. When nine people were swept out to sea in a riptide, other swimmers could only watch helplessly as they were carried further away from shore.

The bystanders knew they had to do something, but couldn’t risk swimming out into the tide themselves. So instead, they linked their arms and waded themselves out to rescue the stragglers.

From there, expert swimmers paddled out to the drowning people and passed them back to shore. None of them died that day, thanks to their selfless efforts!

Meghan Markle Distraught After Scary Accident Involving Her Dog

Meghan Markle faced quite the scare when her beloved beagle broke two of his legs.

While it’s unknown how Markle’s dog, Guy, sustained his injuries, he’s under the care of renowned veterinary surgeon Noel Fitzpatrick, Daily Mail reports.

Sources close to Markle have said while she’s been “distraught” and “very upset” by her dog’s turmoil, Prince Harry has been by his fiancée’s side while she’s been making her hospital visits.  

During the couple’s engagement interview, Markle said she moved Guy into their new home in England earlier this year, while her other dog, a labrador-shepherd mix named Bogart, stayed behind.

“I have two dogs that I’ve had for quite a long time, both my rescue pups. And one is now staying with very close friends and my other little guy is – yes, he’s in the UK, he’s been here for a while,” Markle said. “I think he’s doing just fine.”

Mother Doesn’t Hide That She Loves Her Dog More Than Her Son At Christmas Time

Sure, we all love our pets, some of them like they are our own children. But our children will always be that much closer to our hearts than anything else.

This is strangely not the case with one mother, who openly admits she has a personal favorite, and it’s not even close.

“I love Lola more than my son,” said Helena Mueller, speaking of her two-year-old Cockapoo that she lavishly spoils, especially around the holidays.

Helena said she can’t imagine spending any time away from her curly-haired pooch, but doesn’t feel as warmly to her own son, Harry.

“This year, she’s definitely getting more gifts than Harry,” she said. “I tried to hide that from Harry last year, but this time it’s so obvious because there’s so many.”

She got Lola when Harry, an only child, was four-years-old. Since then, her love for the dog has verged on the fanatical.

Not only does she spoil the dog more than her son, she spoon-feeds the canine every day, wears matching outfits with her, and has even opened up a bank account for Lola to the tune of $100.

And that’s just the start of it.

Paw & Order: Cop “Arrests” His Own Dog After Christmas Elf Is Decapitated

In the holiday justice system, dogs are represented by two separate yet equally important groups: The police, who investigate the naughty, and the district attorneys, who put them on time-outs. These are their stories…

When the undersheriff of New Mexico’s San Juan Country heard about the horrific tragedy that involved a beloved member of the Christmas elf community, he had no idea that the culprit would be right under his own nose.

In a hilarious video released by Shane Ferrari, said undersheriff, he documents the discovery of the “grisly crime scene” that was his house, after his 2-year-old Boston Terrier, Josie, sunk its tiny teeth into one of his holiday elves.

“I’ve been a cop for 20 years, and I’ve seen a lot of ugly, gruesome scenes, but this was probably the worst,” he outlines in the video.

The pictures show a horrifying mess of stuffing and strewn body parts. And the investigation was not easy for this officer of the “paw!”

This Year’s 100 Most Popular Dog Names Show We’re Not As Creative As We Think

For the fifth year in a row Rover, a social network for pet sitters and dog walkers, has unveiled their list of America’s 100 most popular dog names.

Defying the odds, classic dog names like Rover, Rex and Fifi didn’t make the top 10 this year, while new and unusual names like Tucker and Bailey are climbing the charts.  

Principals Page

The biggest trend singled out by the website this year is the huge number of dogs with typical “human” names. Out of the top 20 dog names, 11 also made the list of 100 most popular baby names, and in total Rover says 44 percent of the most popular dog names work for humans as well.

Here are the 10 most popular names for boy dogs:

  1. Max
  2. Charlie
  3. Cooper
  4. Buddy
  5. Jack
  6. Rocky
  7. Oliver
  8. Bear
  9. Duke
  10. Tucker

While they didn’t reach the top of the list, pop culture names were very popular this year. Star Wars characters like Finn, Luke, Leia and Rey were common choices.

Game of Thrones character names like Khaleesi, Arya, Sansa and Jamie were also 12 percent more popular this year.

Meanwhile, when naming girl dogs, celebrities seemed to provide the most inspiration for pet owners.

She Has No Legs But She’s The Perfect Service Dog For This 10-Year-Old

The best of friends can be made in the worst of situations, and sometimes there is a greater purpose at work than we can know.

That seems to be the case with these two adorable buddies, who are finding ways to have fun even after terrible tragedies.

Owen Mahan is a young boy from Indiana, who unfortunately lost his both of his legs after a tragic accident when he was only two-years-old. He fell into a hot water bath and suffered burns on 98% of his body. At the time, doctors did not expect him to live.

Luckily for him, he was soon after adopted by his new mother, and she has done everything to make his life happy.

Now ten, he had been through many surgeries over the years, and recently had both of his legs amputated. It has been hard for Owen, but one thing that got him through the pain were videos of a dog found in a trash bin, rescued, and then needed all four legs to be amputated.

The dog, whose name is Chi Chi, was a source of inspiration to Owen, and when the owners found out about Chi Chi’s biggest fan, they decided to act.

Police Dog Followed His Nose To Rescue A Pair Of Kittens Freezing To Death In The Snow

Move over Lassie, there’s a new top dog in town and his name is Hix.

The police dog works with cops in Manitoba, Canada, helping them track down crooks and missing people. Earlier this year, Royal Canadian Mounted Police Constable Taylor Burns shared a photo of him and his four-legged partner for “Take Your Dog to Work Day.”

RCMP Manitoba

Normally cops get a pat on the back from their partners after a job well done, but Hix is getting lots of belly rubs this week, after his sharp nose helped rescue a pair of lost animals.

Hix and his partner were doing training exercises on a remote dirt road, when something distracted Hix from his drills. The pooch’s partner trusted him enough to follow his lead, and quickly discovered what had distracted Hix so badly.

A pair of lost little kittens were wandering around in the snow near the training area. Thankfully, Hix led his partner right to them, and it turned out his impromptu rescue came just in the nick of time.

Two Years After His Dog Went Missing, Man Receives The Best Call From Over 100 Miles Away

Any pet parent can tell you that the thought of losing their pet is one of the worst things they could be faced with. Animal lovers know that our pets are an important part of our family and most of us can’t imagine our days without them.

Peter Johnson experienced this heartbreak when his sweet dog, Sammy, went missing. “She went outside to go to the bathroom like she did every other day with my other dog. The other dog came back, she didn’t,” said Johnson.

The search began using flyers and Facebook posts being sent out while they looking in cornfields and shelters but there were no sightings. “We searched about a 6-mile-square radius,” he said. “To me, it was like the dog just vanished. You would think somebody would have some sort of idea where she was.”

People would report sightings, but when Johnson would look into them, it was never Sammy. He started to lose hope. It wasn’t until two years later that he started to received a bunch of messages from the people he knew saying, “I think this is your dog.”

When he opened it, he couldn’t believe his eyes. There was a dog who was almost “an exact match” but she still looked wrong. “At first, I didn’t even think it was my dog. She’d lost so much weight, but the markings were the same.” He knew he had to investigate it, so he drove 100 miles to go check it out.


He was nervous about going to see the dog, especially having had his hopes crushed before, but he had to try…

Jeffrey Dean Morgan Shows His Softer Side With A Very Meaningful Tattoo

Actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan, is best known for his role as the villainous Negan on The Walking Dead, but his off-screen persona is a far cry from his character on the show.

While Negan is menacing, manipulative, and cruel, Morgan has been described by his co-stars and loved ones as a big teddy bear.

If you had any doubts then the story behind the big tattoo on his arm will convince you.

Morgan got “Bisou,” the French word for “kiss” inked on his right arm, and while it may appear like it’s a random choice, it really is not.

The actor revealed the extremely bittersweet story behind the word, and it will make you see him in a new light.

Husky Helps Man Detect Cancer In The Most Unsual Way

There are plenty of very good reasons why dogs are known as man’s best friend. In many instances these loyal animals have helped their owners evade danger, provide therapy, and even help them get through everyday situations.

For Michael DiZoglio, a dog saved his life.

CBS Denver

The 28-year-old Denver resident is no stranger to receiving a warm welcome from his father’s husky, Mickey, whenever he walked through the door. Mickey is a big boy, so naturally, DiZoglio felt a little sting every time the friendly dog jumped on him. So when he didn’t feel anything after Mickey climbed on him one day, he immediately knew something was wrong.

“One time he jumped on me from the right and I didn’t feel any pain … and I thought it should have hurt,” DiZoglio told CBS Denver. “I didn’t feel anything.”

The lack of feeling on that side of his body was alarming enough for DiZoglio to schedule an appointment with his doctor.

CBS Denver

He completed a few rounds of many different tests, and on his 28th birthday, he received the dreaded phone call. The doctor informed him that he had testicular cancer.

“I didn’t cry, laugh, I didn’t overreact,” he said. “I felt dumbfounded. I never anticipated that kind of news.”

Intead, DiZoglio maintained a positive outlook, even telling his mother that “it’s all about perspective.”

But that’s not where his and Mickey’s story ends…

Dog Undergoes “Sex Change” Surgery To Save Its Life

Every day we come across dozens of stories about abandoned or sheltered animals being given a second chance at life after being on the brink of death, but the story of how doctors saved Bishop the German Sheppard’s life is like no other.

The 7-year-old dog became extremely ill while living in a shelter in Chicago. When his condition started to worsen, he was taken to a veterinarian, who found stones in his bladder.


The vet informed staff at the Chicago Care and Animal Control that Bishop will require surgery to remove the stones, but the procedure would set them back $7,000. Unfortunately, the shelter couldn’t afford to cover this expense, so they scheduled an appointment to euthanize him a few days later.

That’s when the Wisconsin-based Woof Gang Rescue of Racine stepped up to the plate.

“They’re not disposable to us and if we have the option to save them, we’re going to do it,” Jodie Hoffman-Ruffalo, executive director of the organization, told WISN-TV.

The organization heard the shelter’s plea, and decided to take matters into their own hands, and help Bishop get the treatment he needed.

Marine’s “Shady” Story About Rescuing A Dog From Afghanistan Is Totally Adorable

We tell ourselves that we would do anything for our pets, but Marine Sergeant Craig Grossi actually put his career and life on the line for his dog.

Craig Grossi

Grossi met Fred, a “goofy-looking” Afghan hound, when he was serving in a remote part of Afghanistan in 2010. For more than a week, Grossi and his team were fiercely attacked by the Taliban, but the Marine kept his eye on the stray dog until it was safe to approach him. When he did, he felt an intense connection.

“As I got closer to him, I could see he was covered in bugs, he was uncomfortable and his fur was matted,” Grossi said. “And as I got a little bit closer he started to wag his tail, and that really just froze me, because that is the last thing I thought he would do.”

Dave Moran

Grossi tempted the pooch out of his hiding spot with pieces of jerky, and quickly became determined to rescue him. But it wouldn’t be easy. Grossi needed to sneak Fred onto his base (where he wasn’t allowed in the first place), then find a way to send him home.

The first step in Grossi’s “shady” plan to bring Fred home involved a leap of faith. The dog had to hide in a duffel bag during a helicopter ride back to the base. “I had a little conversation with Fred. I said ‘Look this is risky man, if you really want this, I just need you to follow me to the helicopter.’”

Dave Moran

Fred got in the bag, but that was just the start of his journey back home.

Nurses Help Sneak Dying Man’s Dog Into Hospital To Say Goodbye And Their Reunion Will Break Your Heart

The bond you share with your dog is one that will last a lifetime. They want to be there for you no matter what it is you are going through. Whether it’s happy or sad, your pets want nothing more than to be by your side for all of life’s big moments. Having to be away from your animal for any reason is upsetting, but it’s even worse when you don’t have the choice.

David King had been in the hospital battling cancer, but he was not doing well. King’s granddaughter, Ellie Miguel, came up with a brilliant plan to try to bring him a little bit of joy in his final days, planning to sneak his beloved dog Lil Fee into the hospital.

She was going to have to be sneaky, but it was well worth the effort. Miguel knew that seeing his dog one last time would mean the world to her grandfather, but when the nurses heard what they were going to do they knew they had to step in…

The ‘Happiest Dog’ Has Lost His Tail After Wagging It Too Much

If you have a dog, you know how crazy excited they can get over the most mundane things, like you returning home every day, or even the mention of a W-A-L-K. They frantically run around and, of course, wag their little tails in the universal sign for dog-glee!

But tragically, this can go too far. That was the case for Buster, a Staffordshire Bull Terrier from Scotland. The happy-go-lucky pup had been with the SPCA for two years, and was known by his carers as an overjoyed member of their shelter for pets looking for a forever home.

Unfortunately, his high energy levels, and cheerful demeanor did not mix too well. After some time, his violent outbursts of rump wagging took their toll and Buster needed to have his tail amputated because of the damage.

Our hearts were broken when we heard the news, however, there was an amazing stroke of luck coming to this poor pups future!

Little Girl Was Heartbroken Over Her Dognapped Puppy, But The Thieves Had A Change Of Heart

Ryan Hood and his wife Elena Sardi were living every parent’s worst nightmare when they discovered their home had been broken into.

Elena and her daughter Maia were just returning home from a doctor’s appointment when they discovered their house had been burgled. A team of thieves managed to steal the family’s iPad, a laptop, and some of Elena’s jewelry. But, shockingly, they had also taken the family’s pet dog.

Sasha had only been with the family for a week before she was stolen.Victoria Police

Sasha, an eight-week-old Labrador, had only been living with the family for a week when she was dognapped. She had been sleeping in the family’s backyard during the home invasion and was apparently taken by the thieves. While the entire family said they were “heartbroken,” four-year-old Maia took the news the hardest.

Maia was “devastated” to learn Sasha had been dognapped.ABC News

“She’s an only child and the only addition to the family would be a pet and we picked the dog, we picked Sasha and Sasha picked us,” Ryan explained. Soon the pet theft was national news in Australia, and Maia’s parents pleaded on TV for little Sasha to found safe and sound.

The family pleaded on TV for Sasha to be returned.ABC News

The family also worried about Sasha’s safety, since she has a serious medical condition and isn’t supposed to interact with other dogs.

“I don’t care about the rest but the dog, we want her home as soon as possible,” Elena said. Luckily, someone out there was listening to her.