Just when you thought it’s time for the garbage…..there’s a hack for that!

You’ve showered, your hair is styled, makeup is on, and the perfect outfit is picked out! You’re just about to walk out the door and then BAM! You look in the mirror and all you can see is white deodorant stains on your perfect black dress. Don’t stress…….we got a hack for that and so many other simple solutions!

  1. Put your jeans in a plastic bag and stick them in the freezer at night to remove bad odours. The freezer will kill most of the odour-causing bacteria, and you don’t have to worry about the dye in your denim fading from overzealous washing.
  2. Remove deodorant marks with your jeans. Rubbing the spot with a pair of light-wash jeans.
  3. Spray a small amount of vodka on your clothes to eliminate strong odours. If you don’t have time to wash a shirt before wearing it again but it has a strong, lingering smell, just spray on some vodka and let it dry. The alcohol will kill odour-causing bacteria.
  4. Fix foundation stains with a little bit of shaving cream. If you take off your shirt and accidentally smudge your makeup on the collar, just wipe a dollop of shaving cream on the spot to pretreat it before tossing it in the wash.
  5. Use hairspray to remove a lipstick stain. Spray the fabric (make sure it’s not dry-clean only) with hairspray, and let it sit for a few minutes. Dab the stain, and then toss it in the washer.
  6. Fix underwire that’s poking out of your bra with a patch of adhesive moleskin.
  7. Paint clear nail polish over a loose button thread to temporarily stop it from unraveling. No need to learn how to sew on a button just yet.
  8. Remove red wine stains with white wine. Soak the spot in white wine for a few minutes to pretreat the stain before washing.

Blake Lively’s Daughter Calls Her Mom Out For Leaving The House Without Pants

Maternity clothes are no longer restricted to be worn during your pregnancy thanks to the fashion-forward Blake Lively.

The mom-of-two is married to Ryan Reynolds. The couple are parents to 3-year-old James and 16-month-old Inez.

Lively recently revealed that she lost the 61 pounds that she gained during her second pregnancy.

“It took me 14 months, but I fit in PVC now,” said said, referring to the bright red trench-coat she wore to the Michael Kors show during New York Fashion Week. “But, it’s also okay if you don’t. If that’s not a priority or a goal of yours, then that’s fine, too.”

She spent the last 14 months with her trainer Don Saladino to work hard at getting her body back after the birth of Inez.

“Turns out you can’t lose the 61 lbs you gained during pregnancy by just scrolling through instragram and wondering why you don’t look like all the bikini models. Thanks @donsaladino for kickin my A double S into shape. 10 months to gain, 14 months to lose. Feeling very proud 💪😁💪,” she captioned her Instagram post.

Now that she has slimmed down, she is not shy about showing off her figure again.

“After I had a kid I thought, ‘Okay, this is what my body looks like. This is amazing — I earned this body,’” she said in 2016. “‘And it’s not as good as it was before I had a kid, but, oh well.’”

The 30-year-old actress stepped out of the house wearing a top as a dress and skipping the pants, as a “lampshading” trend.

But not before her daughter had something to say about it.

Buttless Jeans Were Just Introduced And They Are Horrible

The internet is going absolutely crazy over the new buttless jeans just released by Ragged Priest on ASOS, but not in a good way.

2017 was the year of the thong jeans and now, in 2018 we are continuing on the classy direction we were on, by introducing the buttless jeans, which are in fact exactly what you pictured.

They are essentially an extreme mini skirt on the top (with the entire back gone except for the waist band,) and about six inches below the top, the jeans continue as normal. The top and bottom of the jeans are held together with silver chains. The pants are priced at $125.

I’m not sure what kind of reaction they wanted by releasing these jeans, but they sure got a lot of attention around them on Twitter.

The Sun UK went as far as sending a brave model on the streets of London to get the public’s reaction to the crotch-less pants. Where obviously, she got some dirty looks.

After the whole internet “ripped apart” these jeans all over Twitter, ASOS took the product off of their website, with no comment why or if they intend to re-introduce them in the future.

Just when we had high hopes for 2018, it has let us down and it’s not even February yet.

Would you ever be caught wearing these jeans? Share with a friend you want to see walk down the street with these on.

Can You Figure Out Who Is Going To Make Meghan Markle’s Wedding Dress?

We are officially only four months away from the next royal wedding, and there is so much to prepare for the big day! We can only imagine that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will be busy enough picking and choosing what they want included when they finally walk down the aisle together.

While we know that Meghan plans on having her mother walk her to the altar (as opposed to her estranged father) one secret that is being kept well under wraps is what she plans to wear on the walk towards her future-husband.

It has been suggested that this may be one of the hardest decisions that Meghan will have to make, and may take the longest to assemble.

Christine Ross, a blogger who dedicates her time to analyzing the bride-to-be’s fashion choices, says there is likely a lengthy interview process.

“I imagine Meghan has reached out to designers she loves and admires and has spoken with them about design options and their design process,” she says. “From there, she would choose a designer who she clicks with to create the perfect bespoke gown.”

But who is on the list of potential candidates?

4 Basic Fashion Tips Every Man Will Wish They Knew Earlier

As men, we don’t often like to ask for help in our day-to-day lives, especially not when it comes to our appearance.

A man’s image is his own, and should be cultivated through experience, likes, and via the environment that one lives in. However, we do not live in a static world, and looking our best can be tricky when the role we play changes as often as our clothes.

While you may have crafted your style over many years, truth is, many of us second guess some of the basics that we assume everyone knows.

So here it is, the guide for the fashionable modern man! Whether your days are spent at the office, on a job site, or you’re headed out for a night on the town, these tips and tricks will keep you looking dapper no matter what your style!

First things first, the one tool every man should have in his arsenal; the tie. There are many knots that you can learn, and they’re definitely easier than you would think.

However, every man should know how to tie a simple (oriental) knot.

[Note: the image is reversed so you can follow along.]

1. Begin with the tie hung over your neck facing upside down, with the wider side on the right and the smaller end on the left. Generally, you want the smaller end to reach an inch or so above your belly button.

2. Pull the wide end under the smaller end.

3. Then back over top of the smaller side.

4. Bring the wide end up underneath the collar loop, without twisting it.

5. Now pull the wide end through the knot you have formed at the center of the collar.

6. Tighten by pulling the wide end down, and the knot up.

With great shirts come great responsibility. If you’re going to invest in a nice button-up, or just want to make sure you’re comfortable in your functional work outfit, then make sure these tips are up to code!

There are several areas to watch out for here. First, make sure your collar isn’t too loose or too tight, too high or too low. Let it sit comfortably just above the collar bone.

Next, you’ll notice the shoulder lining is different in each of the above pictures. Too small and the lining is on top, with the bottom of your shirt pulling above the waist. Too large and the linin droops down the biceps, and you get a “muffin-top” above the pants.

If the shoulder lining matches the curve of your arms, and the bottom tucks in your pants with room to move around, then you’re set!

Victoria Beckham Faces Serious Backlash Over New Ad Campaign

Victoria Beckham, former Spice Girl-turned-fashion designer, is no stranger to controversy, especially when it comes to the topic of body size.

Celebrity Family

Beckham, who took a break from work over the holidays, announced her return to the fashion world by unveiling new eye wear designs from her brand’s Spring/Summer 2018 collection.

“Back to work!,” Beckham tweeted. “Start the year with new frames from the Spring Summer 2018 #VBEyewear collection inspired by 1970s retro classics and updated for a feathery-light, fresh and modern look.”

Unfortunately, not everyone welcomed the designer back with open arms. Many social media users found Beckham’s use of Lithuanian model Giedre Dukauskaite to be problematic, and it has stirred quite the backlash over the last couple of days.

So what is it about the photos that has people so riled up?

Meghan Markle Shows Up With A New Hairstyle That Breaks Royal Protocol

When you’re a member of the royal family, there’s a strict guideline on how you’re supposed to present yourself.

From how you accessorize your outfit to which brand names you wear, everyone has all eyes on the royals when it comes to their fashion choices.

The royals have many fashion protocols to follow, including not wearing colorful nail polish, showing cleavage and wearing wedge shoes in front of the Queen.

But occasionally they make slip ups.

Not even the the Queen herself is flawless when it comes to attire. In December, she accidentally matched her guests, Nigerian High Commissioner George Oguntade and his wife Modupe Adewemimo, when they arrived for a meeting at Buckingham Palace.

The trio all wore a similar vibrant purple attire, which is a color that has been long associated with royalty.

And the color coordination didn’t go unnoticed.

“Same colours… is that an Oooops?” one person comment on Instagram.

“I love the color coordination. Beautiful,” another commented.

Princess Diana, Harry’s late mother, was known for breaking royal protocol and disregarding the rule to wear gloves in public. She felt like the accessory made interactions less personal and opted not to wear the garment.

“She liked to hold hands when visiting people or shake hands and have direct contact,” Eleri Lynn, the curator of a fashion exhibition on Princess Diana, told Hello magazine. “She also stopped wearing hats because she said, ‘You can’t cuddle a child in a hat.'”

The newest addition from the royal family could be taking queues from Diana.

While she isn’t becoming a part of the royal family until later this year, Meghan Markle isn’t letting the rules slow down her style.

She Billed Her Friend Over $500 Because Her Daughter’s Boots Got Dirty

After returning home from a play-date with a friend, three-year-old Isabella has her mom, Sarah Bryan in a tizzy.


The fashion designer immediately fired off an angry email that demanded her friend, Nicola Gibbs pay for a new pair of boots for her daughter, or face further action.

The 28-year-old single mom of 2 was fuming when she saw the state of her daughter’s shoes.

“If your child comes back with scratches on their body, you’d be like ‘what’s happened?’ It’s the same with her shoes. She’s not supposed to go outside with them,” she said. “Wherever she goes, she goes with a bag of other shoes.


The fashion designer claims that her daughter is a model and her clothes usually come from a Spanish boutique.

“These boots are important for her modelling work because they match her outfits,” she said.

Sarah admitted that her daughter owns about 60 pairs of shoes and only wears designer labels.

So why was she so upset?

Would You Wear A Matching Outfit With Your Dog? Because Now You Can

There are people who love their dogs, and then there are others who are completely obsessed with their dogs. Their dog is their best buddy, their constant companion, and their snuggle buddy. They are always there for you, whether you want to go on an adventure or just curl up on the couch. Well, now your cuddle time just got a heck of a lot cuter!

Fab Dog Inc has found a way to make sleeping animals even cuter. They developed a line of adorable pajamas for dogs that  are not only perfect on their own, they come with a matching pair for you as well.

You get a comfy pair of flannel pants while your precious pooch can curl up in a full one piece outfit. There won’t be any ruff dreams in one of these!

These will be in stock on November 25th and honestly would make the perfect gift for anyone you know who loves their dog. The matching set costs $50 and is one of the greatest investments you could make in your dog.

They aren’t the only company out there who is helping you and your pet become even more closely bonded…

How To Wear A Blanket Scarf

Blanket scarves are a super popular cold weather accessory…and for good reason! Not only do they keep you warm but they’re stylish and look great with any outfit. Below are some ways that you can wear yours. Let us know how they turn out!

Take your scarf and fold in half so that it forms a triangle.

Wrap the ends around your neck and back around to the front. Tuck ends underneath scarf and you’re done!

This is very similar to the basic triangle. Fold your scarf in half so that it forms a triangle.

Wrap the ends around your neck and tie in a knot at the front.

Fold your scarf in half so that it forms a triangle.

Twist the scarf, wrap around neck and tie in front.

Fold scarf in half to form and triangle and twist.

Form a loop, wrap around neck and pull the end through the loop.

Fold scarf into a triangle and twist.

Wrap around neck. Bring one end to the front and one to the back and you’re done!

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fhUH4iOidTU?feature=oembed]

138-Year-Old Pair of Levi’s Jeans Proves Things Used To Be Built To Last

If you’re anything like me, you love jeans but jeans don’t always love you back. Whether it’s the bottoms fraying after being outside for a bit, the back being woefully unprepared to support your badonkadonk, or your thighs chafing right through them, it feels like we’re having to buy new pairs just about every year, especially if you wear them often.

Fashion Nova

Of course, like many things, it wasn’t always like this with jeans. Originally patented back in 1873, denim jeans were built for cowboys and miners, and were equipped to take fair amount of punishment before ultimately giving out. However, as they became fashionable to more and more groups of people, the demand for more pairs at a cheaper price meant that quality had to decline, and today jeans just aren’t the same.


However, it turns out that the company that patented jeans in the first place, Levi’s, hasn’t forgotten the roots of their business by any means. In fact, they have a piece of their history locked away in their archive; a 138-year-old pair of jeans that dates back to the formation of the company!

The details behind this thing are pretty incredible…

France Completely Changed Their Laws Around Photoshop, Should The U.S. Do The Same?

People have always felt squeamish about the standards for beauty that are presented in things like fashion magazines and ads, and the 21st Century has only added to that thanks to the rise of digital photography and photo editing.


Over the past few years, the appearance of Photoshopped images of models has become increasingly common in the fashion industry, to the point where it’s almost expected. However, that’s not to say that the public is exactly happy about it; there have been several prolific cases of activists, the models themselves, and even celebrities expressing outrage and disgust at the practice.

Vanessa Hudgens made a point of labeling that her photoshoot for Bongo was untouched and unalteredBongo

It’s easy to understand what people see as the issue here; the fashion industry has long been under fire for presenting an increasingly self-conscious world with an “unrealistic” standard of beauty. This of course only gets more contentious with the practice of photoshopping models, as these images are now setting a beauty standard that is quite literally impossible for many, including the models, to achieve.

Redbook Magazine

On the other hand, some people have argued that these publications are under no obligation to cater to everybody, and that people should be able to understand that an image in a magazine isn’t meant to be representative of real-life expectations.


Well, apparently France feels that photoshopping is an issue, as they’ve just introduced a law requiring all publications to be more diligent in highlighting when a picture has been edited.

The details about the new law are interesting, and we’re curious what you think about it…