Jamie Oliver “Devastated” After Almost All His Restaurants Collapse

For years, Jamie Oliver has been one of the top chefs in the world. His shows, cookbooks, and restaurants are basically household names, and his feud with Gordon Ramsay is always good for some entertainment.

However, on May 21, it was announced that Oliver’s UK restaurants went into administration, which is a form of bankruptcy. It was the collapse of an empire. All but three of Oliver’s locations will be closed, and more than 1,000 jobs will be lost. Most employees learned about the closures on Tuesday, the same day as the announcement. Others were sent an email by Oliver. That email has been released, and Oliver made it clear he didn’t take the decision lightly.

I’m absolutely devastated that we have had no choice but to put our much-loved UK restaurants into administration.

I appreciate how difficult this news is for everyone affected and I want to assure you that i have explored every possible avenue available and exhausted all options over the past months to try and save this business. I have personally invested everything I could to try and turn things around.

You guys are the best in the business and I know you will move on to great things in no time at all. I’m truly sorry and give you all my love, gratitude and most importantly wish you all the luck in the world. Today is a really sad day. Big love as ever.

Oliver also posted about the closures on Twitter.

“I’m devastated that our much-loved UK restaurants have gone into administration. I am deeply saddened by this outcome and would like to thank all of the people who have put their hearts and souls into this business over the years,” he wrote.

When Oliver says he invested as much as he could, he really meant it. He previously poured nearly $10 million of his own money into his restaurant group, just mere hours before it was going to be bankrupt.

“We had simply run out of cash,” he shared. “I honestly don’t know [what happened],” Oliver went on to explain. “We’re still trying to work it out, but I think that the senior management we had in place were trying to manage what they would call the perfect storm — rents, rates, the high street declining, food costs, Brexit, increase in the minimum wage. There was a lot going on.”

The restaurant group’s CEO, Jon Knight, also pointed out the location of the restaurants wasn’t ideal.

“We were opening too many restaurants, too quickly, in the wrong places. We were opening in places that weren’t university towns and didn’t have enough of a tourism element,” he said.

KPMG, the firm appointed to act as the restaurant group’s administrator, released a statement of their own. They acknowledged that paying the employees is a top priority. It’s been noted that all employees will be paid their full salary up to the date of the restaurant closures.

Both Jamie’s Italian restaurants and Jamie Oliver’s Diner at Gatwick Airport will continue to trade in the short term while the joint administrators explore options for the site.

The current trading environment for companies across the casual dining sector is as tough as I’ve ever seen. The directors at Jamie Oliver Restaurant Group have worked tirelessly to stabilize the business against a backdrop of rising costs and brittle consumer confidence.

Our priority in the coming hours and days is to work with those employees who have been made redundant, providing any support and assistance they need.

It’s upsetting to see his restaurant’s collapse after years of hard work, but that’s the risk you take when you grow your businesses so quickly, and in such an unstable market.

What do you think of the restaurant closures?

Skittles To Release New Limited-Edition Flavors For Summer

When it comes to classic candy choices, not many options rank above Skittles. The fruity, chewy candies have been around for years, and you know exactly what you’re getting when you buy them. Over the years, there have been a couple of new flavors launched by the company, like Wild Berry and Sour, but it usually all comes back to the classic fruit flavors.

Maybe Skittles saw how successful M&Ms have been with their flavors, though, because they’ve unveiled three new flavor runs for summer, but you’ll have to make sure to get them quick…they’re only around for the summer!

Freeze Pop

Nothing says summer like a nice freeze pop, and Skittles knows that. They’re unveiling a combo of flavors that’s sure to hit your nostalgic nerve. You’ll be getting Blue Raspberry, Lemon, Grape, Orange and Strawberry flavors, but you’ll only be able to get them at Dollar General stores in 2oz bags.

Sour Wild Berry

Why mess with a good thing, right? Skittles already had Wild Berry and Sour combinations, so putting those two together is a bit of a no-brainer! The flavors will be Sour Strawberry, Sour Berry Punch, Sour Wild Cherry, Sour Melon Berry and Sour Raspberry, and you’ll be able to get them at Dollar General Stores in 12 oz bags.


Who doesn’t love a good mystery? While the flavors for these Skittles are known, what you don’t know is which Skittle will give you that taste. Usually, the color of the Skittle matches the flavor, but that’s not the case for this batch! Try and see if you can figure out which colors are Alter Ego Orange, Cryptic Citrus, Sneaky Strawberry, Undercover Apple and Raspberry Ruse. Hint: it probably won’t be what you think! Skittles imposters will only be available at Walmart stores in 4oz and 14oz bags.

Everyone loves a good handful of Skittles, and now you can love them in even more flavors!

Which Skittles do you want to try?

9 Healthiest Starbuck Drinks To Order

When you go out to eat, it can be hard to keep your calorie counts low. Even though you think drinks and coffee beverages from Starbucks might have fewer calories than a slice of cake, they’re actually packed full of sugar.

You can’t always avoid going out, though, so it’s important to know which drinks are the healthiest options to order when you’re at Starbucks. Obviously, the healthiest is water…but for when you want something else, here are some choices for you!

1. Iced Peach Citrus Green Tea

With summer coming, a good iced tea is necessary. This citrus drink using Teavana Green Tea only has 48 calories, so you won’t be screwing over your calorie count for the day!

2. Coffee Light Frappuccino

A blended coffee drink is delicious, and there’s really no replacing it. Combining espresso, skim milk, and ice gives you an 83 calorie delight.

3. Cappuccino

Cappuccinos are great because you can add many different flavors to keep things changing. Vanilla, cinnamon, or even cocoa can be added to your drink and you’ll still keep the calories low. Just make sure you’re asking for sugar-free syrup.

4. Iced Mango Black Tea Lemonade

Mango and lemonade make for a tropical adventure in your mouth. In a tall, you’re looking at 83 calories.

5. Matcha Tea Latte

Matcha is all the rage right now, but you don’t have to miss out just because you’re watching your calories. It’s only 89 calories, and you’ll be in for a silky, milky delight.

6. Iced Strawberry Black Tea

Strawberry season is just around the corner, so get your fix with this delicious drink. It’s black tea sweetened with strawberry, lemonade, and ice. Perfection.

7. Mocha Light Frappuccino

Another Frappuccino to satisfy your craving! Get yourself a mocha light frap, which has iced coffee made with mocha-flavored sauce, blended with milk, and topped with whipped cream (yes)! All that for under 100 calories when you order a tall.

8. Nitro Cold Brew Coffee

This is one is new, and pretty popular. Take cold brew coffee, infuse it with nitrogen, and here we are. It’s naturally sweet, and just 4 calories. You can also get this with caramel cold foam, which infuses milk with smooth caramel, and only amounts to 28 calories.

9. Skinny Vanilla Latte

A skinny latte uses a sugar substitute and has 15 grams of protein in a grande version, so you can definitely feel guilt-free about one of those. Plus, it’s only 120 calories, so that’s always a plus.

Which drink will you be ordering?

The 4 New Oreo Flavors Coming This Summer

It’s hard to remember a time when there was just one Oreo flavor, isn’t it? Remember when it was just the classic chocolate wafers with a vanilla filling? It almost feels like those were simpler times. Now, every single holiday seems to require a new flavor of cookie, and sometimes they even manage to stick around for good.

Don’t get me wrong, I think some of the new flavors have been real winners. The carrot cake ones? Unbelievably good. But, at what point are they going to stop? The answer is probably never, so I guess I should stop whining and just get exciting for the new flavors that are set to be released this summer from the cookie company.

1. Marshmallow Moon

This new flavor also includes three new designs on the cookie itself. Oreo is paying tribute to the 50th anniversary of the moon landing with these ones, and they’ll be the classic chocolate wafer filled with purple marshmallow creme. Odds are, it will be the same creme that was in the seasonal Peeps cookies, but that’s really not that big of a deal.

As a little added bonus, these limited edition cookies will feature glow-in-the-dark packaging and limited edition stickers, as well.

2. Latte

I think of all the new flavors coming this summer, these ones are the most intriguing to me. These cookies, set to be released in June, will be a permanent addition to the cookie lineup, so hopefully they’re a big hit.

Coming in the format of the Thins, these Oreos will be a chocolate wafer filled with a latte creme. In theory, they’ll be the perfect addition for any morning cup of coffee, or as a sweet treat in the afternoon. Or, if you’re like me, you’ll be shoveling them into your mouth at midnight when you really want a snack!

3. Mint Chocolate Chip

I know what you’re thinking: these cookies already exist, don’t they? Not quite. While Oreo does have a mint-flavored cookies, these ones are in honor of Basking Robbins, and will be hitting the shelf in mid-July.

The cookie is going to be one of the more elaborate ones Oreo has ever produced with both mint and dark chocolate cremes inside, as well as chocolate chips. These cookies are limited edition, but something tells me if they’re a hit, there might be more collaborations with Baskin Robbins right down the road.

4. Golden Maple Creme

I’ve got some family that live in Canada, and they’ll often send down these delicious maple-filled sandwich cookies that I absolutely love. Now, it looks like I’ll be able to get my own version here!

Coming to stores in August, the Maple Creme Oreos will feature golden wafer cookies with a maple-flavored creme in the middle. Sign me up!

Which of these flavors are you most looking forward to trying?

This Peanut Butter Pie Is the Best Thing You Will Ever Put In Your Mouth

When you think of making ice cream the task can seem daunting. This no churn ice cream makes thing so easy, all you need is a loaf pan and a freezer. The best part is that you know exactly what’s going into the recipe and that my people, is real cream. We chose a classic bubble gum flavor because the kids love it. I mean bubble gum ice cream is pretty much a childhood staple.

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I think we can all agree that chocolate and peanut butter is the most delicious flavor combination! These yummy squares not only satisfy your sweet tooth cravings, but they’re easy to whip up when you’re short on time – which means you can enjoy chocolate and peanut butter whenever you want!SharedIngredients1 cup peanut butter1/4 cup unsalted butter2 cups chocolate chips , milk or semi-sweet1 1/2 cups rice krispies cereal3 cups mini marshmallowsDirectionsLine an

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Do you ever mix up a full batch of cookie dough only to hesitate before baking it? Because let’s face it, raw cookie dough the best treat ever! Right? The temptation is almost too much, but just knowing about the risks of salmonella, e-coli and tapeworms is enough to stop us from mowing down on a bowl of uncooked batter. This edible cookie dough recipe lets you enjoy your cookie batter worry free. The trick

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Attention cookie lovers everywhere in case you didn’t know Dairy Queen has a new flavor. It is exclusively released for the month of April and it is literally what dreams are made of.  Everyone’s favorite ice cream chain announced earlier this year that they will be releasing limited – edition flavors each month. Last month they honored March with its successful Mint Oreo Blizzard. What a way to celebrate St. Patty’s Day.

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All of these cookie recipes have no flour, no eggs, and no added sugar! They’re perfect for cookie lovers who want something healthier – yet still delicious – to snack on. No matter what type of cookie you’re craving we have all the recipes for what you want to munch on. They’re a healthy alternative to the sugar loaded treats we know and love, and make tasty little snacks to nibble on at work, or

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It’s time to get creative with your desserts and bring some ocean magic to your next party! Host a kid’s birthday party or a beach themed summer get-together with these adorable ocean delights. Each recipe is delicious and totally unique, and will leave all your guests in awe of your culinary talents.Fish CupcakesSharedIngredientsCupcakes FrostingFood ColoringM&M CandiesCandy EyesDirectionsAdd your choice of food coloring to your frosting. Feel free to get creative with the colors

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Krispy Kreme Has A Nutella Stuffed Donut, But Don’t Get Your Hopes Up

Listen up, Nutella lovers! Krispy Kreme has decided to simultaneously grant your wishes and break your heart all at once!

The announcement of the famous donut chain’s new treat has traveled quickly, as people lost their minds upon hearing that a Nutella stuffed donut was in existence. That’s right, the original glazed donut is now stuffed with the hazelnut spread, and it’s causing a lot of hysteria. It’s not like a jelly donut, though, where it’s a little bit of filling at the center. No, it’s a classic ring donut encasing a crazy amount of Nutella. Think of it as a stuffed-crust pizza, except a donut.

Krispy Kreme

Now I know what you’re thinking…how do I get my hands on one of these donuts and does it come with a shot of insulin to counteract the insane amount of sugar? I’ve got the answer to both questions, and you’re not going to like either of them.

The Nutella-filled donuts are currently only available in the Dominican Republic, and they don’t come with the aforementioned insulin shot. It’s a little disappointing, but if the donut does well in the Dominican Republic, or if people complain enough, odds are it’ll be making its way to North America.

But this donut controversy (don-troversy?) got us thinking…what other flavors are we missing out on because we’re in North America?

The Truth Behind The Mascots You Thought You Knew, And Which Ones Aren’t What They Seem

We see their faces in our pantries and fridges every single day, but how often do you really think about the namesakes and faces behind your favorite products?

Sure, we could all sing the Oscar Mayer wiener song, we’ve eaten more Betty Crocker cakes than we’d like to admit, and yes, I honestly do prefer Aunt Jemima syrup over the fresh stuff, but if you asked me if I knew which one of those people were real and which were fake I wouldn’t be able to tell you.

The fact of the matter is that the face of the company isn’t always who created the product, and it’s interesting to see the truth behind this false image we’ve been given all these years.

While Debbie is technically a real person, she had no idea that she was was going to be the mascot of a mega corporation. The little girl is actually the granddaughter of O.D. McKee, and he was struggling to name his new snack company when he saw a photo of Debbie and decided that she would be the perfect choice.

He didn’t even inform her family that their daughter was about to have her face plastered all over every snack cake in the country. They only found out when they saw the boxes in stores.

There is a real-live Chef Boyardee, except that isn’t how you spell it. His name was Ettore Boiardi, and he was from New York. He was an amazing chef who was credited with providing a lot of food to the troops during World War II.

The spelling of his name was changed to the phonetic spelling but the picture is actually him.

Uncle Ben is a bit of a mystery. The rice was made by a chemist named Erich Huzenlaub, so who was this “Ben” character?

Well, there are a few theories out there, one being that the character of Uncle Ben was based on a maitre de in Chicago named Frank Brown, while others say that he was a drawing of a rice farmer from Houston.

The company used to have people distribute samples of their product, and while the other girls were wearing blue bonnets, Lorraine Collett Petersen wore a red bonnet. She stood out to the company and so they had her sit for a portrait.

10 Unlikely Foods That You Should Always Keep In Your Fridge

There’s not too much debate on what should be kept in or out of your fridge. We all know meat should always be kept in the fridge to prevent spoiling, but what about some of those items in your pantry? Are all of them safe in a warmer environment?

Here’s a list of eight unlikely foods that you should always keep in your fridge:

Medication is not food, but it since you digest it and it keeps your body functioning normally, it might as well should be. Practically everyone I know stores all their medication in their medicine cabinet. The storage area in your bathroom is called that for a reason, but there’s actually certain types of medication that will last longer if it’s stored in the fridge.

For example, any type of medication containing probiotics need to be kept in the fridge to prevent heat and moisture from killing the good bacteria.

Insulin, penicillin, aspirin, and amoxicillan are other popular medications that you need to make some room for in the fridge.

If you want to enjoy the sweet taste of corn on the cob, store it in the fridge right when you get home to slow down the chemical process that works to change the flavor.

Experts recommend storing olive, sesame, and walnut oil in the fridge to extend its shelf life.

If you’re like me and buy beef jerky in bulk, keep packets of the cured meat in the fridge if they’re not going to be consumed in a couple days.

Jerky stays fresh when no oxygen gets to it, so once you open that package, make sure you put it in the fridge before it spoils.

Store your mixed nuts in a sealed bag in the fridge to prevent them from becoming stale. The healthy oils will start to taste unpleasant if they’re left out for too long.

These next ones need to go in your fridge immediately, if they’re not already there!

7 Foods That Will Fight Wrinkles And Make You Look Younger

Wrinkles are the most frustrating part about getting older. Your body might change as you get older, but at least you can hide that. Your face is always in the open and you wrinkles show exactly how old you are.

I began to get wrinkles at a young age making me always looking older than I am. I can’t imagine how young I would look without wrinkles on my face. Trust me, I have tried every cream in the book. Surprisingly, foods provide the best fix. Here are seven foods to make your skin look young again.

1. Honey.

Usually sugar is bad for you skin, but the natural sugar in honey can actually help it because even though it’s sugar, it doesn’t cause inflammation in your body and skin the way regular sugar does. Honey is anti-viral, and it’s an antioxidant, which both of which are great for the skin. The best part is that you can choose to ingest it, or use it as a face mask.

2. Berries.

Eating berries can create cell regeneration for new skin. They also contain flavonoids, polyphenols, vitamins, probiotics, and tons of antioxidants. All of which are great for your skin.

3. Leafy greens.

Any leafy green vegetable helps keep your skin healthy and hydrated. These greens are like a super vitamin full of antioxidants. You can even drink your greens in a smoothie as an easy way to help absorb the nutrients quicker. Any leafy greens contain the antioxidants but broccoli, kale, and spinach might give you the best results.

4. Tomatoes.

Tomatoes contain a ton of Vitamin C. Vitamin C helps build collagen which makes your skin firmer. They also have lycopene, which protects your skin from UV damage and improves your vascular system. Tomatoes work so well that you will notice glowing skin after just six weeks of regularly eating them.

This next one not only gets you better skin, it can also slow down development of some cancers.

Some Breakfast Cereals Are Magnetic, And It’s A Good Thing

Growing up, I always begged my parents to buy me breakfast cereal…but the good kind. My five-year-old self determined the “goodness” of cereal based off two things.

  1. Is the box colorful?
  2. Does it mimic the taste of candy?

That’s it. That’s all I cared about. Lucky Charms, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Cookie Crisp, and any other cereal that was 98% sugar was all I wanted in the mornings. My parents, of course, never obliged which is probably for the best. When we did get cereal, it was the “healthier” stuff like Shreddies, Corn Pops or Chex. Boring, yes. But at least I got to have cereal which is all I wanted.

Another staple we got in our household was Corn Flakes. It was pretty boring, honestly, but that was actually why they were invented. When Dr. Kellogg invented them, he was looking for a way to suppress the desire to masturbate (yes, really) and felt like certain foods encouraged such activities.

“He thought that meat and certain flavorful or seasoned foods increased sexual desire, and that plainer food, especially cereals and nuts, could curb it,” reported Mental Floss.


Obviously they turned into a household staple, but more because of their relatively nutritious benefits compared to other cereals. But some people started to worry about the consumption of cereals like Corn Flakes after it was found that they actually respond to magnets, aka they’re magnetic.

Seems like something you’d want to avoid eating, right? Think again.

You Really Are What You Eat, Here’s What Your Favorite Food Says About You

Ever heard of the saying, “you are what you eat?” Well, that can actually be right. No, if you like a good burger that does not make you a cow. Your favorite food can actually say something about your personality. Is your favorite food right about you?

1. Hot dogs

Your ideal Saturday afternoon is probably catching the game or having a barbecue with your closest friends. You’re easy to get along with and probably have a lot of friends. You’re the type of person that has no enemies and knows how to have a good time.

2. Bacon

You don’t like to recognize veganism as a real thing. To you, people that don’t eat meat are absolutely crazy. You consider yourself a carnivore, and live for the weekends so you can have bacon for breakfast.

You don’t cheap out on the thin stuff either, you splurge for the thick bacon. You’re probably hilarious and very easy to get along with. You’re also probably a great cook, even though you may not always love cooking.

3. Pizza

You love to have a good time and hanging out with your friends is your favorite way to spend any free time you have. Fridays are your favorite day of the week. Not only does loving pizza say something about your personality, the toppings you choose also say something.

If you like plain cheese, you like to play it safe in life but when it comes down to it, you know what’s important. If you like anchovies you’re a hard worker, and don’t settle for not striving to be your best. If you like pepperoni, you’re the ultimate team player who gets along with everyone.  

4. Burger and Fries

You live the all American dream. You probably have an American flag outside of your house. You’re a really reliable person and everyone goes to you first when they need help. You’re known to be tough on the outside with a soft heart willing to help anyone.

You are a pretty simple person, which is a good thing. People know what to expect from you and that’s what they love about you. You hate surprises and love tradition.

5. Lasagna

You are a home body, which works out great for you because everyone loves to be at your house. You’re the ultimate host, and are looked at as everyone’s second mom. Your number one value is family, and you would do anything for them.

You don’t like to stray from tradition and probably will teach every tradition or lesson your mom taught you, to your own kids. You are fantastic cook and you definitely know it, you host all the holiday dinners, as well as Sunday night dinners.

6. Salad

Not to sound stereotypical, but your body is your temple. You enjoy salad so much because it makes you feel good. You strive to better yourself in every aspect of your life and are sometimes too hard on yourself.

Good isn’t enough for you, you have to be the best. You are extremely independent and don’t need anyone’s approval except for your own. You are confident and aren’t afraid of new and scary challenges.

This next one is my absolute favorite!

You Can Make Wine In Your Instant Pot

Instant Pots are the coolest new kitchen appliance ruling the Internet. They’re like a slow cooker, pressure cooker, and mini-oven all in one! These things are hard to find in stores, as people are buying them whenever they come in stock. Even finding one online is a bit of a hassle.

They’re preferable to slow cookers because they take a fraction of the time to produce the same results. They’re also preferable because they probably won’t burn your house down like in This Is Us (okay we can’t actually confirm that, but I guarantee that Jack Pearson would still be alive if they hadn’t accepted that ratty hand-me-down appliance).

The Instant Pot can be used for a myriad of recipes! Some of the ones we’ve made are:

Double Chocolate Cheesecake made in the Instant PotShared

But one Instant Pot owner, David Murphy, noticed there was a niche left untapped when it came to the appliance, and he decided to test it out.

Your Dog’s Food Bowl Is Making Both Of You Sick

When you think about the dirtiest place in your house, you probably think about the toilet, right? Surprisingly, there are way more germ-infested places throughout your household than your toilet. This especially true if you’re a dog owner.

If you feed your dog dry food, you probably don’t think to wash his bowl too often, I know I don’t.

Pet food bowls are actually one of the most germ infested places throughout your entire house. This is because dry foods actually do leave residue, and are the perfect home for mold and yeast. These can both result in bacteria like E. coli and Salmonella living in the food bowls.

It is incredibly sad thinking that our pups are licking these mold-infested bowls covered with all this bacteria. It’s not just our dogs that are affected. These germs can cause illnesses in both animals and humans from just being exposed to the bacteria.

This information was found when a study was done by NSF International. They examined 30 everyday items from 22 different households, and pet food dishes ranked 4th in the final list of germ hot spots. The top three were kitchen sponge/dish rag, kitchen sink, and toothbrush holder.

New Peeps Flavors Revealed, And Where You Can Actually Find Them

Peeps are a classic Easter treat, and while I don’t personally see the appeal of a marshmallow covered in sugar, apparently people actually enjoy eating them. I’d take a bag of Mini Eggs over Peeps any day, but I digress.

Usually, Peeps come in three flavors: pink, yellow, and blue. YES I am attributing color to flavor, because that’s the only defining factor between the treats. Last year at Easter, they tried to revamp their popular snack by teaming up with Oreos to make a Peeps flavored cookie.

The new flavor of cookie hit in March 2017, just in time for the Easter season. Because nothing says Easter like an artificially flavored cookie that uses artificial flavor to replicate an artificial flavor. They looked like a child’s bubble-gum flavored glitter toothpaste between two cookies, but people still ate them.


The cookies reportedly turned one customer’s poop bright pink, while others had pink spit.

“My roommate ate a whole pack of Oreo Peeps and left a pink stain in the toilet,” claims one Twitter user.

“My spit looks like Pepto-Bismol,” said another, hours after eating the cookies.

“This is the type of food dye where an hour later, when I went to brush my teeth, IT TURNED MY TOOTHBRUSH PINK,” said an online food reviewer.

So let’s hope that they’ve learned their lesson when rolling out these eight new flavors.

8 “Unhealthy” Food And Drinks That Are Actually Good For Your Health

When it comes to what constitutes as a healthy diet, there are a number of conflicting point of views shared by food and health experts.

There are certain foods products, like sugar, that we can all agree are bad for our health, but the verdict is still out for lot of other foods we consume frequently, like chocolate, alcohol and red meat.

The thing is anything can be “bad” for you if you eat too much of it, so the key is moderation. So if you were thinking of cutting out some of your favorite foods from your diet, check out this list first before you make up your mind:

Savory Olive

Before you get a little too excited and go on a chocolate binge, let me clarify that not all chocolate is considered good for your health. However, dark cocoa has some wonderful benefits, including improving your overall heart health and providing your body with antioxidants. If you really aren’t a fan of dark chocolate, opt for milk chocolate that contains low sugar and at least 50% cocoa.

There’s a misconception that cheese is bad for you because it has a high saturated fat content, however, according to registered dietitian Abby Langer, this is simply not true. She explained that the saturated fats in dairy isn’t nearly as harmful as the ones found in beef.

“Really, the only problem with cheese is that most people can’t control themselves when they eat it,” Langer said. Adding that cheese is a good source of calcium and dairy overall has anti-inflammatory properties.

As with everything else in life, if you don’t over consume, you’ll be able to reap the benefits of whiskey. The liquor contains high levels of “ellagic acid, an antioxidant that helps destroy cells that can cause illnesses such as cancer and heart disease,” according to Daily Mail.

A study carried out by Harvard’s School of Public Health also found that drinking alcohol, like whiskey, in moderate amounts can help raise the good cholesterol levels in your body. This will protect you from developing heart disease.

McDonald’s Removing Iconic Happy Meal Items

McDonald’s has been making a push to provide a healthier menu for their customers for some time now. With the addition of salads, wraps, and more chicken options, the iconic chain restaurant is slowly but surely making their food choices a little more calorie-friendly.

The Golden Arches are also planning on encouraging kids to read, after facing backlash for promoting their Happy Meals with toys…because apparently that was an issue. The company is planning on offering books as replacements for kids who would rather that than a toy. Coupled with healthier choices, it seems like McDonald’s is trying to become a more family-oriented restaurant.

The Spruce

However, as many will point out, if you’re going to McDonald’s then you’re probably not worried about the calories you’re consuming. Growing up, going to McDonald’s was an absolute treat. My parents made it clear that fast food was not our best option for nutritious food, but that meant that when we did go to McDonald’s, it was even more special.

My favorite treat was the cheeseburger Happy Meal. I felt so grown up, don’t ask me why, to be eating a cheeseburger. I mean COME ON! That’s definitely adult food right there.

But unfortunately for my inner child, McDonald’s is making some changes to their Happy Meal menu, and it’s seeing two fan-favorite items taken completely off the menu. But don’t worry, there’s a way around it.

Quiznos and Chuck E. Cheese Want To Give You Free Food On Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day can be expensive for a holiday that isn’t even a real holiday. From the flowers, the gift and the dinner, it gets crazy. There are now fast food chains that want to make it easier for you by giving you free food on and around Valentine’s Day.

This is also perfect for you single folk that couldn’t care less about this day.


They want to give you a free Lobster & Seafood sub throughout the month of February, starting Valentine’s Day. All new or current members of Quiznos’ Toasty Points loyalty app program will receive one free, eight-inch Lobster & Seafood Scampi Bake or Lobster & Seafood Classic sub with any purchase.

Chuck E. Cheese

If you go here on February 14 you will get one free brownie square (per guest) from 6 to 8 p.m. Some may say that Chuck E. Cheese is not where they want to spend Valentine’s Day, but those people are crazy because I would do anything for a free brownie.


This is one for the single people! Shred, burn, or bury a picture of your ex and receive a coupon for buy one get one free wings to use on Valentine’s Day. This is for all you bitter people out there, or even you non-bitter people that are okay with lying for some free wings!

This next one made me change my plans for Valentine’s Day evening..

10 Foods That Will Soothe Your Heartburn

We’ve all had instances where we eat a pound of spicy wings and regret it 30 minutes later when were dealing with heartburn. For some people this happens everyday, and they get such bad acid reflux that they can’t sleep at night. No one should have to suffer through this uncomfortable symptom.

Most people opt to take medication as soon as they feel it, which isn’t a bad thing. Medication can definitely make a difference, especially if you get heartburn regularly, but medication tends to be less effective the more you use it. Luckily, there are a number of foods that can soothe your heartburn, that you probably already have in your house.

1. Bananas

Bananas have a pH of 5.6 so they’re usually great for people with heartburn. Eating foods with a high pH balances out acid reflux because acid has a pH of 0, so when you have acid reflux the best thing is to raise the pH to get rid of it.

2. Ginger Tea

Ginger is known to be a great remedy for any digestive problems. It’s an effective anti-inflammatory and it’s one of the best foods for acid reflux. You can buy ginger tea or make it by peeling or grating an inch or so of ginger root and steep in boiling water.

3. Oatmeal

Oatmeal is great for heartburn because it will coat and buffer your stomach lining. It’s also a very healthy breakfast because it’s filled with fiber. Just avoid using heavy creams because anything with a high fat content can prompt heartburn.

4. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera has a number of healing benefits and relieving heartburn is one of them. It is available as a living plant, but the leaves or liquid form are sometimes sold separately in grocery and health-food stores. Aloe vera can be used in recipes as a thickener.

10 Foods That Will Soothe Your Heartburn

We’ve all had instances where we eat a pound of spicy wings and regret it 30 minutes later when were dealing with heartburn. For some people this happens everyday, and they get such bad acid reflux that they can’t sleep at night. No one should have to suffer through this uncomfortable symptom.

Most people opt to take medication as soon as they feel it, which isn’t a bad thing. Medication can definitely make a difference, especially if you get heartburn regularly, but medication tends to be less effective the more you use it. Luckily, there are a number of foods that can soothe your heartburn, that you probably already have in your house.

1. Bananas

Bananas have a pH of 5.6 so they’re usually great for people with heartburn. Eating foods with a high pH balances out acid reflux because acid has a pH of 0, so when you have acid reflux the best thing is to raise the pH to get rid of it.

2. Ginger Tea

Ginger is known to be a great remedy for any digestive problems. It’s an effective anti-inflammatory and it’s one of the best foods for acid reflux. You can buy ginger tea or make it by peeling or grating an inch or so of ginger root and steep in boiling water.

3. Oatmeal

Oatmeal is great for heartburn because it will coat and buffer your stomach lining. It’s also a very healthy breakfast because it’s filled with fiber. Just avoid using heavy creams because anything with a high fat content can prompt heartburn.

4. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera has a number of healing benefits and relieving heartburn is one of them. It is available as a living plant, but the leaves or liquid form are sometimes sold separately in grocery and health-food stores. Aloe vera can be used in recipes as a thickener.

Woman Preparing Food By Chewing It In Her Mouth First Has Us Wanting To Say Goodbye To Food Forever

People feel queasy when someone vomits, and that’s for good reason. Food should only go down, not up. That’s just the way the world works, literally. It’s called gravity, and one woman is defying it on purpose.

Riva Godrey, a YouTube personality, is garnering a lot of attention for preparing food by chewing it in her mouth first. So far she has two episodes on her page called “Cooking With Your Mouth,” where she teaches people how to make delicious recipes (that don’t become so delicious anymore) “by using the safety and comfort of your own mouth.”

She doesn’t have a care in the world about what it is that she chews. If it’s part of the recipe, she will prepare it in her mouth. That includes raw meat…

What’s her secret ingredient you may ask? It’s her spit. (We’re joking of course.)