Rescue Dog Steps Up To Agility Course, But His “Skills” Leave The Crowd Laughing

Each year, the Crufts dog show judges crown one pet “Best in Show” out of dozens of purebred competitors.

Unlike human beauty contests, they don’t hand out a congeniality award.

But if they did, a feisty four-year-old mixed breed named Kratu might walk away with this year’s.

The rescue dog, who’s full name is “Baron Kratu von Bearbum,” became a viral sensation after running the contest’s agility course in his own special way.

Kratu’s owner and trainer, Tessa Swan, says he was rescued from an abusive home as a puppy.

Since then, Swan has raised him to be an emotional support dog, and an ambassador for other rescued animals.

In fact, Kratu competed at Crufts this year to raise awareness for the charity that saved his life, Wood Green.

But his performance left something to be desired.

Watch the full video here.


Kratu managed to impress the audience, but mainly because he came up with new and creative ways of using the obstacles.

When he somehow pulled a 180 degree turn inside the plastic tube, the announcer was flabbergasted.

“He couldn’t care less, could be?” he asked, as Kratu ran off the floor for the second time to greet volunteers on the sidelines.

Despite losing the competition, Swan is enjoying all the attention Kratu attracted, and says his silly antics are just like him.

“He’s the reason I get up every day,” she told the announcer.

But Kratu isn’t the only dog who refused to follow the rules this year…

Zoos Started “Reviewing” Their Animals, And The Results Were Too Funny


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Minnesota Zoo

Movie Magic: See How Your Favorite Films Look Before They Add Special Effects

Entertainment | TV Shows/Movies

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Walt Disney Pictures

Harsh Truths About You Based On Your Zodiac, And We’re Not Holding Back

All that lovey-dovey stuff about your zodiac sign is cute, but it’s not really helpful. Oh, Geminis love a man who can cook? We all do. Capricorn’s are the best people to be in a relationship? Unlikely.

Listen, I’m not saying you shouldn’t read about your zodiac (obviously). But I think it’s important to take the bad with the good. We did some research and found out the harsh truths about each zodiac sign.

Buckle up.

Ever notice how people shy away from you? That’s because your ego is off-putting. You’re selfish, independent, and demanding of everyone around you. You only talk when you need something done for you, and people hate it. Your aggressive and impulsive nature alienates you, and it’s your own fault.

Your attitude changes from one moment to the next, but it just goes from rude to volatile. People can only handle you in small doses, and even then they really don’t want to.

Your laziness overtakes everything. That piece of mail that’s been sitting on your counter for three weeks has yet to make it to the mailbox. People don’t like asking you to do things because they know it won’t get done until months later. You’d rather pay someone to do it than do it yourself, and that’s not a good thing.

Oh, you’re also greedy and materialistic. You’d sell your own mother if someone was offering the right price. You expect people to buy you extravagant gifts, but you’ll be Christmas shopping at the gas station when there’s a 2-for-1 sale on air fresheners.


No one tells you secrets because before the words even come out of their mouths you’re already texting it out to all your friends. Your need for gossip and drama is insatiable, and yet somehow you don’t see what’s wrong with that. “I don’t understand why I’m surrounded by all this drama!!” Because you started it, you lunatic.

You are as two-faced as it gets, and you know how to work it. Your manipulative nature gets you what you want, no matter how much it hurts someone else. You have the gift of the gab and will make sure it’s used to your advantage.

Those emotions you’re feeling? It’s driving everyone away. Your incessant whining about everything happening in your life makes you almost unbearable to speak with when you’re in a bad mood. You can hold a grudge for an eternity, all because the clerk at CVS accidentally called you sir instead of ma’am.

You also hate spending money, even though you’re loaded. While you clip coupons, you’re also whipping out your Visa Black Card to pay for the whole grocery order. It irritates people when you complain about finances, because we all know that you have more than us but just aren’t willing to spend it.

If You Haven’t Seen The Queen Crack Jokes, You Haven’t Lived

Queen Elizabeth is the very image of royalty and nobility, but she’s also a big jokester. You’d never think it from looking at her, but she’s actually hilarious.

And this video is proof!

How Eddie “The Eagle” Edwards Became An Unlikely Olympic Hero, And What Happened Next

The Winter Olympics are here again, and that means the world is being introduced to a new group of young and inspiring athletes.

But some of the most memorable Olympic stories aren’t about triumph and gold medals. Take the story of Eddie “the Eagle” Edwards for example.


Edwards was a construction worker from Cheltenham, England who failed to qualify for the Olympics as a downhill skier. Instead of giving up on his Olympic dream, Edwards switched to ski jumping.

Ski jumping is a highly competitive sport, but at the time Edwards was the only British athlete competing in it. After placing 55th at the world championships, he automatically qualified to represent Great Britain at the 1988 Olympics in Calgary.


Edwards wasn’t just an unlikely Olympic athlete, he was the very definition of an underdog:

When he learned he had qualified for the Olympics, he was living in a mental institution in Finland – the only place he could afford to stay.

Edwards had to wear six pairs of socks to fit into his borrowed ski boots, and he was 20 pounds heavier than the other ski jumpers.

He also funded his journey to the Olympic games himself, but the biggest difference between Edwards and the other ski jumpers was his eyesight.

CTV News

Edwards was so nearsighted he had to wear his coke-bottle glasses underneath his bright pink ski goggles, and they were constantly fogging up before his jumps.

In spite of all these setbacks, Edwards made it to the Olympics. But his story was about to take another strange turn.

13 Outrageous Olympic Moments That Made History For All The Wrong Reasons

The Olympic Games are the world’s biggest sporting event, and that means two things: they feature the world’s best athletes competing on the highest stage, and something is bound to go wrong. Really wrong.

The cameras were rolling when these 13 downright weird events stunned the world. Which is good, because otherwise we wouldn’t believe they happened at all.


Gymnastic fans who tuned in to the 2000 Summer Games in Sydney, Australia were stunned to watch one competitor after another miss their vaults.

[embedded content]

Australian gymnast Allana Slater was the first person to spot the problem: the vault block was five centimeters too short, which had a huge impact on the jumps. The block was reset, but many competitors were too shaken by their falls to recover.


Ethiopian marathon runner Abebe Bikila has two claims to fame: he’s incredibly fast, and he has really tough feet. When he couldn’t find a pair of running shoes that suited him, Bikila ran the 1960 marathon in Rome barefoot.

[embedded content]

And – of course – he won and set an Olympic Record. He’s just lucky there weren’t any Lego pieces along the race track.

[embedded content]

Doves, the universal symbol for peace, have always been an important part of Olympic opening ceremonies. But live doves haven’t been used since the Seoul games in 1988. The plan was for the doves to fly off from the Olympic torch during its lighting, but many of the poor birds were roasted alive instead.

The South Korean crowd storms the boxing ring.Gusts Of Popular Feeling

Olympic referee Keith Walker was just doing his job when he gave Korean boxer Jong-il Byun a penalty for headbutting. But when Byun lost the match, the South Korean crowd broke out in a riot.

Even South Korean officials and stadium security guards attacked Walker. “I was very concerned at the time,” the judge remembered about the scary moment.

[embedded content]

Mundo Deportivo

Eric “the Eel” Moussambani from Equatorial Guinea had never even seen an Olympic-size swimming pool before the games in Sydney. So how did he win a race against the world’s best swimmers?

They eliminated themselves with false starts. Moussambani won his race just by finishing, and even though his time was too slow to advance to the next round, there’s no denying he made Olympic history.

[embedded content]

Daily Mirror

There’s no single moment that sums up the strange face-off between figure skaters Tonya Harding and Nancy Kerrigan at the 1994 Winter Olympics. After a violent attempt to sabotage Kerrigan failed, the two women competed in an event full of tears, dramatic re-dos, and a surprise ending that saw Harding finish in eighth place.

It was enough drama to inspire a Hollywood film, which of course it did.

An Exploding Coconut Is The Latest Strange Thing Left In A Coffin Meant For Cremation

One of the biggest questions that just about everybody has to face at some point is this: what exactly do you want done with your body once you pass on?

The Independent

It’s a question with plenty of feasible answers, and the reasoning behind just about any of them is equally valid. Do you want a religious ceremony in the place of worship of your choice, with a solemn burial to accompany it? Maybe you want to donate your organs to those who need them most first? Or maybe your wish is to be dressed up like Elvis in Blue Hawaii and shot out of a canon into a volcano? We’re not here to judge.


A very popular method of body disposal is cremation, as it means your burial is much easier (or even preservation should you want to be kept in a ceramic jar), and your ashes can be scattered at a place of your choosing should you want (although you’re technically not REALLY allowed to do that anymore).


However, one thing that people often forget about cremation is that, well, your coffin-housed body has to go into an incinerator. Why is this a problem you might ask? Well, it turns out that some people like sending off their loved ones with items that really, really shouldn’t get put into an incinerator…

15 Valentine’s Day Cards From The Past That Will Make You Question The Loved Up Holiday

Once again, Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and if you have a special someone, you’d want to make this day as memorable as possible.

While everyone is out searching for the perfect gifts, it’s important not to forget the Valentine’s Day card. While presents are nice, cards are a great way to put your feelings into words without having to come up with them yourself.

That being said, it’s important not to grab just any old card from the shelf, but to search for one that accurately represents your feelings towards your significant other.

But in the case of these 15 cards, it would be for the best to put these back to where you found them.

1. What are you planning on using the ropes for?

2. Has anyone ever received an impure boob grab?

3. Stay standing up!

4. This took a very dark turn

5. That’s not how the court of law works

6. Why does the cow look like she’s enjoying it?

7. Why is he looking at us?

Daughter’s Brutally Honest Obituary For Her Dad Has The Entire Internet Laughing

71-year-old Terry Ward passed away after suffering a stroke in January. But the mild-mannered telephone company employee is getting more attention for what happened after he died.

In an obituary that has since gone viral, Ward’s daughter said he left behind “32 jars of Miracle Whip and 17 boxes of Hamburger Helper, and multitudes of other random items that would prove helpful in the event of a zombie apocalypse.”

Terry WardJean Lahm

The memorial explains that Ward was preceded in death by “a 1972 rambler and a hip,” and recalls when Ward married his wife Kathy, “between the Summer of Love and the Winter of Regret.”

It also lists his many loves, including but not limited to “hunting, fishing, golfing, snorkeling, ABBA, hiking Turkey Run, chopping wood, shooting guns, Bed Bath & Beyond, starlight mints, cold beer, free beer, The History Channel, CCR, war movies, discussing who makes the best pizza, The Chicago White Sox, old Buicks, and above all, his family.”

Terry and his wife, Kathy.Jean Lahm

Ward’s daughter, Jean Lahm, says the hilarious tribute to her father “matches his personality,” but it also recognizes some of Ward’s impressive accomplishments.

Hilariously Weak Criminals Fail Spectacularly At Kicking Down A Door

In what has to be one of the funniest examples of poor planning, a group of would-be thieves founds themselves struggling to get into where the money was stored in a Scotland-based restaurant. While they were able to enter the building itself, getting into the office was another matter entirely. As you can see in the video, they just weren’t prepared for the challenge they’d face.

Melania Trump Was Once In An Insurance Commercial And It’s Hilarious

While hosting business executives at the White House, President Trump told his guests about a funny commercial his wife once starred in. The First Lady was portrayed as a bride of Frankenstein with duck-like qualities.

Before becoming the wife of the President of the United States, Melania had a successful modeling career. She has been modeling since she was five years old and has been in many high-profile shoots which led to her starring in the commercial.

The video is hilarious on its own, especially when Melania looks down at her feet! Watch it for yourself and see!

These Slick Criminals Are No Match For The All-Seeing Google Earth

Have you ever seen the Google Earth van go by? It’s a large vehicle, usually with a ton of camera equipment strapped to the top of the roof, and very obvious to see coming.

Over the past decade, Google has sent out hundreds of these teams to take pictures of over 5 million miles of roadway in over 39 countries. Their maps are the most up-to-date and offer an intimate view for anyone looking through to see exactly where they are going.

This means that they end up capturing much more than just road signs as they make their way through neighborhoods.

Unfortunately for these criminals, Google Earth was there to take their picture, and it wasn’t their best side!

This picture led police to the right suspect in a stolen bike case. Not the only law he was breaking either; where’s your helmet?!

When the Google Earth satellite flew over top of this forest in Oregon, officials noticed something strange about the way these trees were lined up. They tracked the farm down to someone with a licence to grow 30 plants, but was definitely over-producing.

When Greece was cracking down on tax evaders, they matched addresses with aerial shots of neighborhoods of suspects. Quite a few people said they didn’t have a pool, and yet, a blue rectangle was found in their backyards…

A land-owner curious about his property was looking at Google Earth to survey the area one day, when he thought he spied an illegal hunting cabin on his land.

When he investigated he found an SUV, and when the police showed up, he was surprised to find he had just located a stolen car!

A trailer home was stolen out of a driveway in the UK several years ago with no leads, until Google Earth offered this image of an unknown man on the property of the victims. Two years later, it led to his arrest and the recovery of the stolen caravan.

The maps service has led to the solving of much worse crimes than this, and it’s hard to believe that some of these culprits didn’t see it coming!

Siblings Recreated Their Childhood Photos, And Things Got Really Weird

They say you can’t relive your childhood, but that didn’t stop these families from trying their best. Thankfully for the rest of us, they shared the “before and after” photos of them recreating the best shots from their family albums.

Maybe these pictures will give your own family some ideas. Your pictures couldn’t be any weirder than these ones.

1. They grow up so fast

2. Nothing to see here, just a couple of t-rexes

3. Can’t fit in there anymore

4. That doesn’t look comfy

5. Both of these photos need an explanation

6. That’s a big baby

7. Graduation day… take two

8. Still a messy eater after all these years

9. Christmas morning always puts a smile on their faces

10. They must be really itchy by now

11. The more things change, the more they stay the same

12. Look at the missing tooth, that’s dedication

13. They taught the dog how to look at the camera

14. Staying cool, no matter what year it is

15. Everyone in the shower

Check out the bottom right corner of the photo…they nailed this one.

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Photos Of Early Hair Dryers Prove The Beauty Salon Has Changed A Lot Over 100 Years

The quest for beauty drives us to do some really crazy things.

Alexander Godefrey’s clients must have been a little worried when the French hairstylist asked them to put their heads into a sack attached to a chimney. It didn’t look like it at the time, but Godefrey had just invented the first hair dryer, way back in the 1890s.

A primitive hair dryer.Wikimedia

The inventor was trying to save time while preparing the elaborate hairstyles his clients loved, but his design had a few kinks. He had to add a steam valve to keep the machine from roasting the women’s heads.

Many early hair dryers were just vacuum cleaners.Emil Strassberg

Other inventors improved on Godefrey’s rough design, eventually making over-sized vacuum cleaners that sprayed air on your head.

Movie stars sporting short, clean hair created a demand for hair dryers.Women in Film Pioneers Project / Gajitz

But in the 1920s, the first handheld hair dryers hit the market, and revolutionized the beauty industry. Yes, they were solid metal and weighed a hefty two pounds, but perfect, clean hair was worth developing tennis elbow.

An electric perm machine.Glamour Daze

But the beauty salons weren’t done improving on the hair dryer.

Camels Disqualified From Beauty Contest Because Of Prohibited Use Of Botox

Beauty contests are a positively massive industry worldwide, and despite some very heated outcry over their nature recently, they still rake in money, viewers, and sponsorships like few other events that aren’t professional sports can.


All over the world men and women alike (but mostly women) compete against one another through displays of talent, beauty, and intelligence in elaborate pageants, with the winner ultimately being crowned as the most beautiful, and often going on to do paid advertisements and appearances. Children can even get in on the action nowadays, which is an entirely different conversation (especially considering this practice has landed some participants in jail).


Of course, pageants like this can get pretty competitive, and as a result there are more than several instances of contestants doing ANYTHING in their power to win, including breaking the rules in big ways. Whether it’s altering their looks in ways that are against the competition, or even straight-up interfering with the other contestants, it can be a pretty cutthroat world.


As it turns out, even animals aren’t exempt from this, as when a beauty contest for camels was held in Saudi Arabia, many of the entrants had to be disqualified for the illegal use of cosmetic surgery…

6 Types Of Tattoos That People ‘Ragret’ Getting The Most, And How To Avoid Them

As tattoos become more and more commonplace and popular in our world, we get to see all the amazing creations that artists and their clients come up with in order to express themselves.

However, sometimes people get tattoos that are less of a personal expression and more of a glaring, awful mistake. In particular, there are six kinds of tattoos that people statistically regret the most, and knowing what they are is the first step to avoiding similar regrets yourself.

Ugliest Tattoos

We’ll start off with the easiest thing to avoid first. Look folks, if it’s worth getting on your body permanently for the rest of your life, it’s worth spending the money to make sure it looks good. There’s nothing wrong with shopping around for a reputable shop that’s also affordable, but 90% of the time this is a field where the old adage of “you get what you pay for” is very true.


There’s nothing wrong with wanting a quote or a line of text as a tattoo, but if you’re going to go that route, you need to be very, VERY careful that you don’t accidentally end up with a total mistake permanently stuck on your body. Do a thorough search on the quote you’re looking to get: don’t trust that the first result you see on Google has gotten it right. Also, make sure your artist can actually spell worth a damn.


Getting a tattoo with someone you love can be a wonderful, heartwarming experience, but be realistic for a second: things can always change. A partner one day can be an ex the next, and if that time comes, do you want one of their features to be visibly on you forever? At the very least, get a symbol or something that’s meaningful to the two of you but isn’t their name or face.

Think you can guess what the other three tattoo regrets are?

11 Undeniable Perks Of Being The Youngest Sibling

If you grew up being called the “baby” of your family, then you know there’s something that sets you apart from your other siblings.

It’s not just your age. Youngest siblings have a habit of breaking the mold, and it turns out science can explain why.

1. We get away with everything

Parenting Today

There’s no deeper meaning behind this one. Of course, we’re just the youngest and cutest person in the house, so it’s impossible for anyone to stay mad at us. Besides, if we annoy one parent or older sibling, we can always get another on our side. Genius.

2. We’re more creative

Project Nursery

While older siblings get higher average results on IQ tests (I know, I can’t believe it either), younger siblings are usually more creative. Researchers guess that we develop more “diverse interests” because the pressure to succeed from our parents isn’t so strong.

A survey by the website CareerBuilder found that youngest siblings are drawn to creative jobs (art, design, writing, etc).

3. Your parents have given up before you were born


Curfew? Being grounded? An allowance? Those sound like the kind of things older kids had to deal with. Luckily for us, by the time we were born our parents had lowered their expectations. That makes them a lot more relaxed, and easy to get along with.

4. We’re just as easygoing as our parents


It seems like being spoiled and waited on by everyone in our family has a positive effect on us. A survey by YouGov found younger siblings were more likely to describe themselves as “relaxed,” while oldest siblings see themselves as “serious.”

5. You always have someone to help you out


Need a ride somewhere? Just call your chauffeur – I mean, your sibling. Have a big science project due next week? Luckily your older brother did the same one last year, and you can borrow his notes. Having older siblings gives you a big boost that they missed out on at your age.

Pope Francis Greets Cloistered Nuns The Only Way He Knows How: Hilariously

Ever since he was elected to the position of Pope back in February 2013, Pope Francis has been one of the most consistently beloved and impressive people nominated to the position. Between his humility and down-to-earth nature (often considered a trademark of the Jesuit order that he previously belonged to), it’s easy to understand why people who were previously disenfranchised with the Catholic Church are now flocking to him.

Catholic News Agency

His Holiness has used his position several times to encourage other people to treat each other with respect and love, and he’s even commented that the church needs to relent on issues that it historically has opposed avidly if they want to be able to modernize and stay relevant. It’s an impressive stance, and one that not everybody could pull off.

Catholic Herald

However, above all else, what’s especially impressive is the man’s sense of humor. The internet, of course, has run wild with (loving) jokes about how Francis always looks like he’s about to drop the year’s hottest new rap album:


But what stands out even more is the man’s own sense of humor; whether it’s admitting that he falls asleep during prayer, or poking fun at himself in general, he seems to love a good joke.

Case and point: while presiding over a service in Lima, Peru, he addressed a reclusive set of cloistered nuns with jokes and advice, not preaching.

15 Crazy Pictures Of People Getting Stuck That’ll Have You Laughing In Disbelief

Remember the scene in The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh when Pooh Bear gets himself stuck in the door to Rabbit’s house, and he’s there for so long that Rabbit begins to decorate around him? That scene is endlessly funny to me, and I’ll bet I’m not alone.

Similarly, it seems like every day real-life people find new and interesting ways to get themselves stuck somewhere, and the results are often hilarious.

It all starts at a young age.


But some people just never grow up.


You definitely need to be careful with long dresses.


And maybe just wanna avoid doing anything stupid in general.


Trying to recapture your youth can have some drastic consequences.


Sometimes the animal kingdom gets in on the fun too.


In fact, cats are REALLY good at it.


Keep going for more ridiculous pictures of people getting stuck.

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