Elvis Presley’s Only Grandson Looks Exactly Like Him

When Elvis Presley died in August 1977, he left behind a wife, Priscilla and their only child, daughter Lisa Marie, to carry his legacy.

Lisa Marie was only nine years old at the time of her father’s demise, so the King of Rock and Roll never had the chance to meet his grandchildren. However, if he did, he would do a double take because his grandson looks just like him!


For most of her younger years, Lisa Marie spent a lot of time in the limelight. She was a fixture on the Hollywood social circuit throughout the 80s, and that’s when she met the men she ended up marrying, including Michael Jackson, Nicholas Cage, and musician Danny Keough.


Keough, was Lisa Marie’s first husband and the father of the two oldest children. The pair got married in 1988, and welcomed their first child, actress and model Danielle Riley, the following year. The couple’s son, Benjamin, was born in 1992, just two years prior to their divorce.

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Knowing the pressure and lack of privacy that comes with living under the watchful eye of the public, Lisa Marie opted to give her children a different upbringing by raising them out of the spotlight.


The children would occasionally be spotted in paparazzi photos alongside their mom, grandmother or Lisa Marie’s husband at the time, Michael Jackson. So we didn’t always get a chance to properly gauge what Elvis’s grandchildren actually looked like.


It wouldn’t be for another few years until Danielle, who goes by Riley, and Benjamin started to make public appearances.

More recently, 28-year-old Riley has been in many blockbuster films, including Mad Max:Fury Road, The Girlfriend Experience, and Magic Mike. She even earned a Golden Globe nomination for one of her roles.

Benjamin, on the other hand, has been working on making music, and even scored a $5 million record deal at one point, however, there is something else about him that has people turning their heads: his uncanny resemblance to the late Elvis.

Diana Ross’ Grandson And His Killer Dance Moves Steal The Show At The AMAs

This year’s American Music Awards ceremony was full of surprises from start to finish, but only one performer managed to completely steal the show: Diana Ross’ eight-year-old grandson.

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Ross was at the show to receive a lifetime achievement award, and it was well-deserved because she’s spent a literal lifetime in the music business. Starting her career 60 years ago in the girl group The Supremes, Ross branched out into a successful solo career of her own in the 1970s.

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Ross has sold more than 100 million records around the world, including hits that are still beloved to this day like “Stop! In the Name of Love” and “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough.”

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This year was the perfect time to pay tribute to her success, because Ross’ own daughter, Blackish star Tracee Ellis Ross, was hosting the awards show. But when Ross took to the stage to perform a medley of her classic songs, her own grandson stole her thunder. Now, the hilarious clip is going viral.

Rumors Have Always Swirled Around Joan Crawford, But Now Her Grandson Is Setting The Record Straight

In 1978, a year after actress Joan Crawford’s death, Christina Crawford released a memoir titled Mommie Dearest. In the tell-all book, Christina exposed her adoptive mother as an abusive alcoholic, and tarnished the socially-conscious actress reputation that the late actress had built during her lifetime.


In 1981, the book was turned into a movie (starring Faye Dunaway and Diana Scarwid) that left little to the imagination. Christina took advantage of her fame and went on to publish five subsequent books on the relationship with her mother. The latest one, Survivor, was released as an e-book in 2017.

More recently, Crawford’s life has once again become a topic of conversation after her portrayal in the FX TV series Fued.

Many people who were close to the actress, including her first husband, actor Douglas Fairbanks Jr. and her two youngest daughters, Cathy and Cindy, denied the allegations brought against Crawford.

Now, another family member has been speaking out about the actress in hopes to set the record straight.

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Casey Lalonde, Crawford’s grandson from Cathy, has previously stated that while the TV show doesn’t paint his grandmother in the best light, it is still a much more favorable depiction than Mommie Dearest.

He claims that his grandmother, whom he called “JoJo,” was nothing like the monster that Christina wrote about and he has personal experiences to back it up.