Can You Help This Boy Make History With His Invented Word?

Did you ever come up with a new word as a kid? It was a creative time in our lives, and I’m sure among all the babbling that we did, there were a few words that had never been heard before.

What would have been really cool is if that word had a meaning that nothing else could cover, and so people actually started using your word!

Well one little boy is living in the lap of lexicon luxury, with his word which is taking the world by storm!

Levi Budd, age six, came up with the word “levidrome” which refers to a word that has a different meaning when spelled backwards.

For instance, the word ‘stop’ means to “come to an end,” but backwards is ‘pots’ or a collection of containers.

Levi submitted his new word to the Oxford English Dictionary, but while they liked his word, it needed to be commonly used in the world in order to be accepted into their collection.

So Levi decided he would make that happen.

Here Are 8 Of The Most Relatable Sign Language Words You Can Learn

There’s a world of languages you can learn to speak, including French, Italian, Japanese, and even Icelandic if you really wanted to! But one that you can quickly get a grasp of in no time is sign language!

There’s nearly half a million speakers of American Sign Language, which is only one of many sign languages that you can learn. They are constantly adding new words to their vocabulary as our own language evolves, and it’s incredible to see what they are coming up with!

Here are eight of the most relatable signs that you can start using in your everyday life!

This little guy was not all that excited to see Santa Claus this year! He coyly “told” his parents that he wanted out of there!

This is one that you can use a lot for the next week! Not sure if Mr. Claus would be too happy with them really accentuating the “bowl for of jelly” here!

In case you run into anyone filled with Humbug instead of the holiday spirit, you can fill them in on this adorable Christmas tale!

This one makes a ton of sense, I’m sure your relatives will be able to figure this one out fairly quickly!

These next few are really interesting and good to use the whole year round! Just make sure it’s in the right context…

10 Things We Guarantee You Didn’t Know Before Reading This

We know that we don’t know everything, but it’s nice to know a little more than we knew yesterday.

Here are 10 facts that will turn your world upside down. Don’t forget to impress your friends afterwards.

1. A car’s rearview mirror has a daytime and a nighttime mode.

2. Adult bodies have two to nine pounds of bacteria.

3. Pirates wear eye patches so that they can see in both the light and in the dark.

Eye patches allowed pirates to see in areas with poor lighting without having to wait for their eye to adjust.

4. Mosquitoes have 47 teeth.

These sharp edges help them to cut through skin and layers of clothing.

5. Bees sting other bees; and when a male bee climaxes their testicles explode, which eventually leads to their death.

These next five will surprise you the most!

She’s The Only Person Living In this Town, But She’s Keeping It Alive

When the census bureau got the records back from Monowi, Nebraska in 2010, they must have been pretty surprised.

While other unincorporated towns have just one person, Monowi is America’s only official one-person town.MessyNessyChic

The town officially became America’s smallest recognized municipality, with just one single, 76-year-old women living in Monowi’s only occupied dwelling. Seven years later, Elsie Eiler is now 83, but she’s still the last person left in Monowi.

Eiler is the town’s mayor, bartender, and librarian.Alyssa Schukar

The town was always on the small side, but in the heyday of the Missiouri Valley railroad there were up to 150 people living in the town, mostly working in the cattle business. Over time, as jobs dried up, people moved to the city. There were only 18 people in Monowi by 1980, and soon Eiler’s own children moved away to find work.

Eiler and her husband Rudy grew up in Monowi, and while they lived in Omaha (the nearest big city to Monowi) they left the hustle and bustle for their childhood home, where they opened up a tavern.

A run-down old store stands next to the Monowi Tavern.Alyssa Schukar

In 2000, Rudy and Elsie were the last residents of Monowi. When Rudy passed away in 2003, Elsie became the only person in town.  “I get lonely for my kids,” she explains, “but I don’t get lonely. I have too many interests and old friends.”

There were two people in Monowi, until Rudy passed away.MessyNessyChic

Monowi itself is a 0.2 square mile ghost town, with just a handful of buildings still in use. The nearest community is 7 miles away, and the nearest Walmart is 60 miles away. There was a post office, but it closed in the 1960s. Even so, letters still find their way to Elsie.

Alyssa Schukar

It’s not easy being the only person in town, but it’s not as hard as you’d expect either. Eiler is the town mayor, and so she pays taxes to herself. Eiler grants herself a liquor license when hers runs out, and she draws up a street plan every year, so the state of Nebraska keeps the power running to Monowi’s four street lamps.

Alyssa Schukar

For pretty much everything else, Eiler depends on her “neighbors,” who could live as much as 20 miles away. And for a town of one person, her work sure keeps her busy.

These Are The Most Popular Books From The States They Were Based In

They always say “Write what you know”, so it’s no wonder that some of America’s best writers came up with their most successful works after setting them in places they spent a long time in.

Here are the most popular books from six states that have been immortalized in the written word!

This is the classic story of a young boy growing up along the Mississippi River and all the mishaps that happen along the way. It has become a staple of schools everywhere in the world for showing us the difficult lives of a different time in America, with a humorous perspective!

This now iconic story of a mysterious man who refused to give up on his lifelong desire while mixing with New York socialites serves as a cautionary portrayal of the American Dream. It was the most successful work that author, F. Scott Fitzgerald, ever released. It came at a time of economic and political upheaval, perfectly capturing the essence of the country’s transformation.

8 Totally Bizarre Tourist Attractions That People Actually Pay To See

The world will never have a shortage of man-made oddities.

These unforgettable eight tourist attractions around the world will leave stunned, and possibly intrigued.

It’s amazing how people think of worn bras attached on a fence as a tourist attraction. Couldn’t you go and see bras in some lingerie store? Maybe that would be creepier.

Yet, it’s always the strangest sights that capture the most attention.

This controversial tourist attraction dates back to the late 90s, when bras randomly appeared on a rural fence in Central Otago, New Zealand. It started with a handful, then thousands of women flocked over to contribute to the fence. They even made a statue of a women’s naked torso.

MTV helped to make this giant piece of furniture a sight to see for those visiting North Carolina. The world’s largest chest of drawers was built in 1926 to prove that the town of High Point was the ‘home furniture capital of the world’. That’s a pretty big deal, right?

The museum’s motto is “discover the painful past.” The Middle Ages had some dark times and in that darkness emerged unbelievable torture techniques.

Tourists flock to Amsterdam to see the limb-dislocating rack, the “skull-cracker,” and the inquisition chair. And that’s only a few of them! The museum also provides education tours for those who just can’t get enough of all that ‘skull-cracking’ information.

Those who suffer from pediophobia, a fear of dolls, would not last a day at this island in Mexico. There’s hundreds of severed dolls hanging from trees that make Annabelle look like a nice doll to play with.

Isla de las Muñecas is located outside of Mexico City and was dubbed a tourist attraction after the death of its owner, who collected dolls from the trash. Not weird at all. Now people go see the strange things he did to them. Again, not bizarre at all.

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8 Tell-Tale Signs Perfectionism Is Negatively Affecting Your Life

You’ve got a job interview and they ask you about your strengths and weaknesses. So which one does perfectionism fall under? To your dismay, it’s usually the latter.

But why is that? Perfectionism means that you complete your task impeccably without any sign of error. The only problem is that you never seem to be able to reach that goal of perfection.  

Take a look at these five signs on how being a perfectionist is affecting your mental and physical well-being.

You just can’t seem to let things go. For example, you’ll be lying on your bed, ready to go to sleep, when you remember that new ingredient you added to the pasta dinner that everyone complained about yesterday. You don’t recall all the things you did right that day or all the amazing previous dinners you’ve made, you only fixate on that one thing you did wrong for hours and hours until your brain decides to slip into unconsciousness without your effort.

Fixating will only make things worse, giving you the feeling that you’re going crazy, and it usually exacerbates the next thing on the list.

It’ll never be finished to your standards, so what’s the point? You’ll be working on a project but nothing seems to be coming together the way you envisioned it’d be. Also, you won’t stop until you reach that desired outcome. Sometimes you’ll purposely scrap the project you’re working on so you don’t have to deal with the flood of doubt that’ll come after.

Procrastination is the byproduct of the next sign of perfectionism on this list.

The reason why you can’t get anything done is because you need someone to tell you it’s good enough. Seeking constant approval can be tiring and frustrating, but its one of the remedies to put your thoughts of doubt at ease.

You must remind yourself that everyone has a different idea of “perfection.” So even if you think you’ve come close enough to it, it may not be what someone else envisioned. And that’s okay, trust me. It’s a world full of different ideas that makes life more interesting.

It’s not only you who needs to sculpt perfection, you require others to adhere to your ‘perfect’ standards as well. The only reason you feel that way is because you want the job to be done right. Fair enough, but, as mentioned before, everyone has a different idea of perfection.

This constant battle of demanding people to be on the same page as you will only frustrate you further and make you feel like the world is against you.

This leads us to the next sign …