4 Ways To Stop Your Jeans From Bleeding Dye

The other day I was wearing a relatively new pair of dark wash jeans at work when all of a sudden I looked at my hands and they were blue. I panicked for a minute, wondering if my circulation had cut off or if my pen had exploded, but then it clicked: my hands were dyed because of my jeans. I usually stand with my hands in my pockets, giving the dye ample time to rub off.

A similar situation happened years ago when I was at my grandmother’s house and was sitting on her light-colored sofa. When I stood up, there was a blue stain all over the fabric. Needless to say, she was not happy.

The dye in darker wash jeans has a tendency to bleed, whether it’s on your skin, your furniture, or even onto other articles of clothing. But there are ways to limit the amount of bleeding from the dye, and even stop it altogether!

This may sound simple, but how many of you actually read the washing instructions on your clothing? Dark wash jeans all have specific washing instructions, and most will give you directions like “wash before wearing,” “wash inside out,” or “wash separately.” However, washing your jeans separately isn’t always an option.

Did you know they make dark wash detergents? I didn’t! They’re made to lock in dark colors without fading them over time.

“They really do work,” says Carolyn Forte, director of the Cleaning Lab in the Good Housekeeping Institute. “They have ingredients to help fabrics hold onto dyes and to deactivate the chlorine in the water that can fade colors. We recommend Tide Plus ColorGuard and Woolite Dark.”


Vinegar has also been known to help, if you use it correctly.

Just when you thought it’s time for the garbage…..there’s a hack for that!

You’ve showered, your hair is styled, makeup is on, and the perfect outfit is picked out! You’re just about to walk out the door and then BAM! You look in the mirror and all you can see is white deodorant stains on your perfect black dress. Don’t stress…….we got a hack for that and so many other simple solutions!

  1. Put your jeans in a plastic bag and stick them in the freezer at night to remove bad odours. The freezer will kill most of the odour-causing bacteria, and you don’t have to worry about the dye in your denim fading from overzealous washing.
  2. Remove deodorant marks with your jeans. Rubbing the spot with a pair of light-wash jeans.
  3. Spray a small amount of vodka on your clothes to eliminate strong odours. If you don’t have time to wash a shirt before wearing it again but it has a strong, lingering smell, just spray on some vodka and let it dry. The alcohol will kill odour-causing bacteria.
  4. Fix foundation stains with a little bit of shaving cream. If you take off your shirt and accidentally smudge your makeup on the collar, just wipe a dollop of shaving cream on the spot to pretreat it before tossing it in the wash.
  5. Use hairspray to remove a lipstick stain. Spray the fabric (make sure it’s not dry-clean only) with hairspray, and let it sit for a few minutes. Dab the stain, and then toss it in the washer.
  6. Fix underwire that’s poking out of your bra with a patch of adhesive moleskin.
  7. Paint clear nail polish over a loose button thread to temporarily stop it from unraveling. No need to learn how to sew on a button just yet.
  8. Remove red wine stains with white wine. Soak the spot in white wine for a few minutes to pretreat the stain before washing.

New Survey Suggests The Age When You Should Stop Wearing Jeans

As we get older, we hear more people tell us what we can no longer do. It’s like when we hit retirement age, instead of having the freedom of not having to go to work every day, we have more restrictions on our movements and what we should and should not wear.

Society seems to always be telling us that we are too old to do certain things. From the way we dress, to getting tattoos, even when to cut our hair, there is a time for everything according to a new study.

One study surveyed 2,000 people, and even though it’s based on popular opinion, people responded with judgmental answers that really have us fired up.

People believe that you’re too old for tattoos by the age of 38, so I guess inking your grand kids names on your arm isn’t a thing. We’ll see about that!

We all enjoy listening to music, but apparently the cut off age for attending music festivals is 45. Whether it’s the heat exhaustion or the excessive amounts of beer consumed, this is no longer the place for you to be. I guess even if it’s a band that’s older than us, there’s no exception?

There’s also a cut-off for when you should be cutting off your locks. Apparently by age 46, you’re officially too old for long hair and you should be looking at a shorter more “age-appropriate” style. I think I will stick with my giant hippie braid, thanks!

So apparently you should be kissing your bikini body goodbye once you hit the age of 46. Which is completely ridiculous because who wants to deal with tan lines!?

The apparent cut off to wear skinny jeans according to society is 47, but what about jeans in general?

Apparently when we should ditch the denim, however, is way before we even are considering retirement.

Buttless Jeans Were Just Introduced And They Are Horrible

The internet is going absolutely crazy over the new buttless jeans just released by Ragged Priest on ASOS, but not in a good way.

2017 was the year of the thong jeans and now, in 2018 we are continuing on the classy direction we were on, by introducing the buttless jeans, which are in fact exactly what you pictured.

They are essentially an extreme mini skirt on the top (with the entire back gone except for the waist band,) and about six inches below the top, the jeans continue as normal. The top and bottom of the jeans are held together with silver chains. The pants are priced at $125.

I’m not sure what kind of reaction they wanted by releasing these jeans, but they sure got a lot of attention around them on Twitter.

The Sun UK went as far as sending a brave model on the streets of London to get the public’s reaction to the crotch-less pants. Where obviously, she got some dirty looks.

After the whole internet “ripped apart” these jeans all over Twitter, ASOS took the product off of their website, with no comment why or if they intend to re-introduce them in the future.

Just when we had high hopes for 2018, it has let us down and it’s not even February yet.

Would you ever be caught wearing these jeans? Share with a friend you want to see walk down the street with these on.

The Little Metal Pieces On The Pockets Of Your Jeans Serve An Important Purpose

Have you ever wondered why many of your jeans are adorned with tiny metal round things?

They seem like little useless bits of metal that should have been removed after the turn of the century, but these button-like objects are still commonly found on many jeans.

Once you know why jeans have these circular bits, you’ll never want to buy a pair that doesn’t have them!

Jeans are the go-to wardrobe essential for both men and women. It’s nearly impossible to meet someone who doesn’t own a pair of blue jeans.

Looking back through history, everyone wore them, from cowboys to celebrities.

Although jeans have changed over time, the basic design still remains the same.

Miners wearing jeans in the mid 1940s.CNN

Known as “rivets,” these metal pieces have actually led to the creation of jeans, and when you look back into history, you’ll uncover the reason why these rivets have stood the test of time.

138-Year-Old Pair of Levi’s Jeans Proves Things Used To Be Built To Last

If you’re anything like me, you love jeans but jeans don’t always love you back. Whether it’s the bottoms fraying after being outside for a bit, the back being woefully unprepared to support your badonkadonk, or your thighs chafing right through them, it feels like we’re having to buy new pairs just about every year, especially if you wear them often.

Fashion Nova

Of course, like many things, it wasn’t always like this with jeans. Originally patented back in 1873, denim jeans were built for cowboys and miners, and were equipped to take fair amount of punishment before ultimately giving out. However, as they became fashionable to more and more groups of people, the demand for more pairs at a cheaper price meant that quality had to decline, and today jeans just aren’t the same.


However, it turns out that the company that patented jeans in the first place, Levi’s, hasn’t forgotten the roots of their business by any means. In fact, they have a piece of their history locked away in their archive; a 138-year-old pair of jeans that dates back to the formation of the company!

The details behind this thing are pretty incredible…