The Famous Light Bulb Brain Teaser Is Seriously Puzzling – See If You’re Bright Enough To Solve It

From time to time we like to share a really tough riddle with all of you, and this one captured our attention recently.

It managed to divide everyone in our office as we argued over how to solve it, but we promise there is an answer, and it can be solved.

See if you have the mind to un-puzzle this one, then share it with a friend to challenge them.

Here’s the brain teaser:

“Mr. Bright was doing some renovations on his home when he ran into an unusual problem.

Like a lot of renovation problems, it involved his home’s faulty wiring.

In Mr. Bright’s basement, there was a set of light switches.

A note from the home’s former owner explains that the three light switches are connected to three different light bulbs in the house’s attic.

a_roesler / Pixabay

Mr. Bright can’t see which light bulb turns on in the attic when he flips a switch in the basement.

While each switch is connected to just one light bulb, all three light bulbs and switches look exactly the same.

Because Mr. Bright is getting older, he doesn’t want to walk back up and down his stairs. He will flip as many switches as he needs to, then walk upstairs just once to identify how the switches and light bulbs are connected.

To be clear, there’s no way to turn the lights on or off once Mr. Bright walks out of the basement to check on them.

And no, Mr. Bright can’t use a dimmer switch, or ask someone else to help him.

So here’s the puzzle: how can Mr. Bright identify all three switches and lights in just one trip from the basement to the attic?

Take a guess, then see if you were right on the next page.

A New Christmas Tree Is in Town!

A new trend is popping up and instead of decorating a big spruce tree for Christmas, people are decorating PINEAPPLES! Yup, you read that right…Pineapples! Is this something you can see yourself taking part in doing one year?

  • pineapple
  • christmas bulbs
  • tinsel
  • candy canes
  • mini lights

1. Decorate your pineapple with whatever you’d like!

Small Town Catches Grinchy Squirrel Wrecking Their Christmas Lights

There are less than 2,000 people in the small town of Sea Girt, New Jersey, and last week all of them became suspects in a bizarre vandalism case.

City workers were testing the town’s Christmas tree before the lighting ceremony on Friday, when they realized the lights weren’t working at all. A closer investigation revealed the wires had been “sliced and cut.”

An officer shows off a damaged section of Christmas lights.ABC 7

Soon, the townspeople were on the hunt for a Christmas vandal, and news reports blamed naughty kids for the damage. “Somebody is trying to steal the spirit of Christmas,” one local complained.

City workers were forced to scramble to keep the lights working until the ceremony, and to watch the tree carefully in case the Scrooge who wrecked it came back.

A close-up view of the vandalized wires.ABC 7

Meanwhile, the police were baffled by the crime, and hoped that news coverage would help them identify the holiday display vandal. In the end, they were right: someone had wrecked the display, and they were caught thanks to the extra attention.

But nothing else about this case turned out the way police imagined.

15 Incredible Christmas Lights That Are So Good We Can’t Even Feel Jealous

While putting up Christmas lights can be one of the most stressful parts of the holidays, it’s all worth it to be like Clark Griswold and see your entire place light up with festive colors and cheer. However, some people take this VERY seriously, and often put people like us to shame. These 15 are especially awesome.

I love the archways and the trees in this one.


Great use of color here.


This impressive tree.

Got Game

This looks like something straight out of a movie.


I wanna ride the Twinkle Bus!


Amazingly pretty trees.


Flashy, but tasteful.

Kansas Travel

The lights get crazier from here…

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Town Full Of Grinches Try To Shut Down Family’s Elaborate Light Display

For almost 20 years, the Halliwell family of Fairfield, Connecticut have lit up their town with a special Christmas tradition.

Beginning the night after Thanksgiving, the Halliwell family home transforms into “Wonderland at Roseville,” a holiday display that attracts thousands of visitors each year. The Halliwells deck their halls with more than 300,000 lights, a model train, life-size Christmas figures and other decorations. They also play Christmas music to set the mood.

Wonderland at Roseville / Facebook

There’s a small fee to admire the sound and light show, and all the proceeds are donated to a local Shriners Hospital. It’s hard to imagine a more wholesome way to celebrate the holiday season, but Wonderland’s neighbors are saying “bah, humbug” to this year’s display.

A petition signed by 45 neighbors from 28 nearby households says that the wonderland display puts children and the elderly in danger. The Halliwell family’s neighbors complain that the surge of cars on their street around Christmas is a risk and a nuisance.


“During the time that Wonderland at Roseville operates, the constant noise, the flow of people walking in the streets and many walking across our lawns, and the litter left behind are all a serious nuisance to our residents,” the petition reads.

The Halliwells say they’re “not happy” about the complaint, and are telling their side of the story.